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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stretching Law and Reality To Expand Illegal, Aggressive War

Ref Yep, do more of what was done with the AUMF after 9-11: Twist it into something new, and attempt to use it as the legal foundation to engage in war crimes, expand illegal warfare, and destroy the Constitution.

"Congress won't do anything," as it should.

* * *


Recall the checklist of things the US leadership was expected to do to justify expanding an illegal war of aggression from Iraq into Iran: [ here ]

For laughs and giggles, compare this speculation with these plans in the context of the Japanese-like US war of illegal aggression.

Wish I'd thought of that. LOL

* * *

Unlike some discussion suggesting the White House and Congress are replaying the events of the Iraq WMD in Iran, the broader principle is at play: Addington and Cheney's selective twisting of the law to expand Executive power to do things without responding to Congress, the statute, or international law.

You need only look at the Iran-Contra Affair Minority report.

* * *

Congress Refuses To Interrupt Illegal Pattern

Notice the non-sense we've heard about rendition, FISA, and the prisoner abuses with the familiar legal strategy in the public:

1. A long string of delays;

2. Asserting the activities are classified and can't be reviewed by a court;

3. Suppressing evidence;

4. Lengthy court battles;

5. then, after losing a legal battle, changing the position and saying the issue is moot.

Ideally, it would be nice to more quickly move from 1 to 5. Oh, wait -- that's called oversight. Not allowed any more. It's been taken off the table. [/snark]

* * *

This is a very reckless way for the DoJ Staff and White House counsel to advise the President.

___ What happened to protecting the Constution?

___ Why is the DoJ Staff putting the President's legal defense against war crimes before their duty to end the illegal activity?

___ How many DoJ and White House counsel need to be disbarred to end their active involvement with war crimes planning?

___ Do we need to list by name the White House counsel involved with the Geneva violations before the US government decides it might take Geneva seriously?