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Monday, February 12, 2007

American War Criminals Making Things Up Day by Day

TPM On The Vice President's Kool Aid?

Ref Notice what's happened -- the issue has shifted from reality -- whether there is or isn't evidence -- to whether Iran's alleged actions do or do not make a difference.

Congratulations: The White House has their foot in the door.

* * *

Remember who we're dealing with: White House staffers who are complicit with war crimes.

Never give them any respect. They are liars.

The appropriate approach is to throw the information in the trash, and focus the attention of the Congress and American public on the cause of this problem: The President.

* * *

The errors are multiple:

___ Accepting the US premise as true without looking at the larger US illegal activity which others may lawfully oppose:

___ Presuming that "this conduct" is or is nt new information about Iran. That's irrelevant. The issue is the US leadership war crimes. The success is to divert attention from the White House to Iran, which is irrelevant.

* * *

Using TPM memo argument, presuming that there might be an Iranian invasion takes it one step further: Debates the wrong issue.

Rather than focus on whether the US should or should not be lawfully attacked for engaging in war crimes; the focus shifts to what the US should or should not do in Iran.

Again, this does nothing to address the White House reckless defiance of the laws of war.

Think broadly: The ruse of Iran is not narrowly to shift blame from Iraq to something else; but to focus the debate on Iraq and Iran, instead of the Oval Office.

Congress isn't debating impeachment; its looking at old, irrelevant information about Iraq and Iran.

Score one point for the White House, more confident it can distract a majority-opposition party with non-sense.

Again, the GOP are not leaders, but criminals.

* * *

Every day the US Congress is distracted from the White House, that is one more day the war criminals in the White House and DoD can secure their hold on power which they abuse.

There is no big plan. There is an incremental, day-by-day approach to delaying Congressional oversight.

The White House wins if the Congress agrees to embrace the White House non-sense, and divert attention from the Oval Office.

One day at a time. They're going to keep doing this because despite losing Control of Congress, the White House can -- on a daily basis -- distract Congress with more ruses.

Why? Because the US congress is scared of doing what needs to be done: Focuse attention on the President.

This is non-sense. The voters support the DNC, they have the mandate, and the DNC fears what?

Quit thinking about what may or may not happen in 2008; the issue is what will be done today, 12 Feb 2007. It doesn't matter what may or may nt happen in November 2008.

We the People already support a confrontation with the President. The question is whether Congress will defend or confront the President.

We the People may legally ask the Russians and Iranians to do what Congress refuses to do: Confront the President.

* * *

There are two forums: The legal forum of courts and the US government; or the battlefield.

This President prefers battle. Then invite the Russians and Iranians to put the cards on the tables:

___ How many US civilians is the US government willing to sacrifice to avoid containing its illegal war of aggression?

American citizens needs to find out exactly what the White House is agreeing to, how many civilians they plan to sacrifice, and what their plan is once the world military community deploys their combat forces at the American war criminals in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland.

If Congress will not end this, foreign fighters under Russian and Iranian guidance, working in concert with the Chinese may legally invade the United States and decapitate the American government's civilian leadership.

This is what is being actively planned not in a theoretical basis, but reality:

___ Which streets can foreign fighters enter;

___ Where are the safe zones where foreign fighters can position resources;

___ Which fuel lines need to be destroyed to isolate the Capitol;

___ The times and locations where DoJ Staff and Members of Congress travel;

___ How will the food supplies supporting the Members of Congress be obstructed;

___ How will the Naval ports supporting contractor resupplies to the Atlantic fleets be destroyed in Virginia;

___ The method by which transport aircraft can land at remote air fields, and extract American civilian leaders for delivery to The Hague;

___ The means to enter the Potomac using small craft, and conduct water-based raids along the Washington Mall to distract the Capitol Police;

___ The method to meet with foreign fighters, detain military commanders in Virginia, and lawfully detain them for extraction to The Hague for prosecution.

This planning is going on all over the country, complete with diversions, surveillance, and with the intent of ending the American war crimes. This is legal action by foreign fighters to do what Congress refuses to do: Stop unlawful support for this President's war of aggression.

If Congress doesn't end this, the American public and all fifty [50] states may legally support the foreign fighters to lawfully end what Congress and the President are illegally doing -- waging an illegal war of aggression; leading an unlawful rebellion against the American people and US Constution; and defying the laws of war.

* * *

Wake up, America. Your government is no better than the Japanese and German goverments during WWII.

The question is whether Congress is going to lead the support for the Constitution and end illegal warfare; or become the lawful target for sustained combat operations by foreign fighters. Either way, things are going to change. Either through law, or by open combat.

The American public spoke on November 2006. We the People are not required to support a government that defies its oath; and ignores the laws of war and Geneva. We may legally ask for assistance from foreign powers to protect, defend, and preserve the US Constitution. If Congress wants to be legally transformed through either combat or a New Constitution, it should continue to do what it is doing: Not asserting its oath.

The citizens of the District of Columbia are advised to reconsider your summer travel plans and leave the Potomac area. Soon.