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Monday, February 12, 2007

WA Senator Eric Oemig Putting Impeachment On Table

Ref Congress daddles about the Iran-Iraq smokescreens. Real leaders are throwing impeachment on the Table.

FYI: Here is a list of the other states using House Rule 603 to issue state proclamations calling for the House to investigate and impeach the President and Vice PResident.

[ Visit to Test ]

* * *

Senator Oemig of Washington got the ball rolling on the State Proclamation for impeachment.

The President already illegally invade Iraq. What is Congress doing? Redrawing the line.

"you better not invade Iran, or we'll impeach you."

Funny, Congress made that threat before and it doesn't stop the President.

Why would an impeachment threat mean anything? The GOP isn't interested in accountability, why would the President listen?

He didn't listen before the invasion of Iraq; there's no reason to believe he'll listen to legal consequences from Congress.

* * *

No, this Congress keeps making new threats, and isn't serious. Hopefully more states will have impeachment proclamations: They will tie up all business in the House.

The House won't do the business of protecting the Constitution; no reason We the People should let the DNC or GOP engage in any other business.

How's that table looking, Congress?

This could be solved if one Member of the House dared to go to the well of the House and charge the President with a crime.

Not this Congress. They're too lazy. The DNC Controls the agenda, but it won't assert the agenda.

What's worse than a GOP war criminal? A DNC Member of Congress complicit with illegal warfare.

* * *

Even if the House Judiciary Committee cannot agree on what is or isn't a crime -- as is expected -- the Swayne precedent of 1903 forces the House to vote on the articles of impeachment.

This Congress likes to do things the hard way. We the People can make life very annoying for this Congress.

___ New political parties outside the DNC and GOP;

___ New Constitution;

___ Multiple impeachment proclamations tying up all the House business;

___ Lawfully delegating to foreign fighters the power to wage lawful war against the US Congress.

One blog did all this. How you liking this, Congress?