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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rendering CIA Officers, Contractors

The error was for American contractors to believe they would not be tracked down.

Foreign fighters have information about interesting things. They may use this information to impose like abuse on US civilian contractors supporting illegal war crimes.

CIA Officer, contractors targeted -- identity, travel details confirmed: Discuss ( h/t )

* * *

Foreign fighters using rudimentary techniques including databases, access to GCHQ, legal motions, and credit card statements, are able to identify CIA personnel worldwide.

This comes as a surprise to CIA agents who regularly use non-secure phones when calling Europe to confirm they will not be arrested.

Recent lawsuits have raised concerns CIA contractors could be detained if they traveled Europe. Rendition investigations are broadening.

There are hundreds of flights being studied, each with an aircrew, ground support, and contracting assistance.

The problem for the contractors isn't just whether they travel to Europe. Foreign fighters, when they learn the real identifies of the CIA agents and contractors, may legally detain and render the US citizens to foreign courts for prosecution.

The teams are in the United States. CIA contractors have no reasonable assurance that they will be above arrest in the United States, then transported to other jurisdictions.

All abuse which the US government, contractors, and associates imposed on prisoners may legally, under the laws of war, be imposed on the US civilian contractors.

* * *

Next time you have a chance to talk to the air crews, CIA contractors, and support personnel for these war crimes, ask them:

___ Do they enjoy wearing diapers while being stuffed into sleeping bags;

___ What is their view while they are wrapped in turbins?

___ Do they enjoy having their bibles and flags burned before their eyes?

* * *

CIA agents who have discussed legal issues with attorneys may wish to consider under the laws of war whether they have a legal claim against the US government. The Constitution assures all citizens that they shall be free protected from invasion or illegal activity.

The problem was the original illegal activity committed by the United States CIA contractors. The laws of war permit foreign fighters to impose like violations on US civilians associated, supporting, and putting into effect this illegal activity.

IF the US government does not want to participate in the trial phase, foreign fighters have the option -- under the laws of war -- to take this dispute to the battlefield.

* * *

There are means to identify all US personnel calling to intelligence associates and making inquiries about arrests.

The CIA contractors location, personal habits, and schedules can be easily complied into a target dossier. Their driving habits are known. Their vehicles are identifiable. Their travel routes are understood.

Their homes have been under surveillance. Personnel have been inside their homes.

Family members who claim there there is "nothing wrong" are meaningless. These are war crimes.

The same planning that the US used to illegally violate the law abroad can be applied against US citizens.

* * *

The Us likes to put at risk people's personal interests.

___ How many family pets might foreign fighters make disappear?

___ What is going to happen if your favorite shirt is placed in an interesting location by foreign fighters engaged in lawful retaliation?

* * *

The US likes to seize, abuse, and mistreat the family members of Iraqi insurgents.

___ How many family members of US citizens might foreign fighters detain?

___ How many homes might foreign fighters invade to retaliate for the US abuse of power in Iraq?

___ How many photographs will foreign fighter take of US civilians being mistreated, then place those photos on the Internet?

* * *

Personnel have visited their homes. Their hobbies are known. We know the types of childhood toys you played with. The pictures are shared. Your stories are understood.

___ Do you like being interrogated, shown pictures of your parents being abused?

___ What is this little childhood toy of yours that we were able to present to our friends in Baghdad?

___ Do you enjoy jumping through your homes while the neighbors report what you are doing?

* * *

American citizens should realize that your reckless government, especially the buffoons working for the CIA contractors, have crated quite a problem.

The US Constitution provides for lawful consequences of those violating the laws and treaties. For some reason, it has gotten into some US citizens' minds that nothing will happen.

Foreign fighters are able to legally retaliate against the US intelligence community.

___ How many friends do you have in GCHQ?

___ Why are you calling your friends in the embassy to request assistance?

___ Can you be sure that you will not be arrested in the United States, and delivered to The Hague?

It is not difficult to find and capture people who violate the law. The hard part is for Americans to decide how long they want to let the war crimes go unpunished.

A few Americans believe they are above the law. Perhaps the law is not relevant to Americans. There is an alternative: It is the open combat, legal kidnappings, and other retaliation against US personnel and citizens.

* * *

The way forward from 2001 was to have imposed discipline and regulate your war fighters.

This President refused to do that.

Under the laws of war, anything US civilians, contractors, agents, or government employees have done may legally be done to Americans.

___ Abuse in violation of Geneva is legal when it is in retaliation for crimes the US government refuses to prosecute;

___ Mistreatment of civilian contractors, regardless their location in the US, is permitted under the laws of war;

___ Kidnapping, abuse, and direct assaults on the dignity of US CIA contractors cannot be legally prosecuted when done to retaliate.

* * *

The message is simple. Until the US government agrees to cooperate with the lawful prosecution of the CIA personnel, foreign fighters may legally enter US airspace, land, surveill US contractor targets, and legally abuse them in violation of Geneva.

IT would be preferable if the US government took responsibility, and handed over for prosecution the CIA personnel and contractors involved.

Until the US cooperates, foreign fighters shall continue to conduct their surveillance, monitor your phones, and play with your childhood toys.

They're ready to conduct their meaningless interrogations, and make meaningless charges, while abusing civilian contractors.

It doesn't matter what the truth is. Foreign fighters may legally abuse anyone they remotely suspect may be involved, supporting, or not doing what they should.

America said this conduct was acceptable. Foreign fighters may legally impose like abuse on American contractors in the United States, or elsewhere.