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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Compelling the President to Grovel Before We the People

It takes a few reminders to awaken the GOP and American leadership to the reality of Power: We the People can compel anyone to grovel.

This illustrates what you can do to make this happen instantly. He has no option but to learn his rightful position: Groveling at the feet of We the Pepole and the House.

PelosiBlog and ConyersBlog: The discussion below is consistent with the Unitary Legislature and Legislative Orders.

* * *

Ref The President cannot start, or sustain illegal combat operations unless he grovels before the House.

The House remains the superior chamber.

It is incorrect to characterize the House action as "war time" -- it is an assertion of power which the President and GOP Senators are powerless to prevent, stop, or avoid.

The resolution itself is less important than the realty that the GOP Senators and President are unable to compel the House to do anything.

* * *

The errors if for the GOP and President, despite the debate, to fail to comprehend the power shift from the GOP, Senate, and White House to the House of Representatives.

There is no need to continue with what is not working. The GOP's error has been to thwart what is inevitable: The President's mandatory groveling before the House:

___ How does the President propose to do anything if he refuses to grovel before the House? The House doesn't have to do anything unless they desire; they can refuse to debate anything the GOP wants; and may start extended debates, usurping power from the Senate GOP.

___ Who in the GOP can prevent the House from filibustering the Senate, delaying action on things the Senate wants, or endlessly discussing things the President would prefer? The President and GOP have n power to compel the House to do anything.

* * *

The Republicans lost the November 2006 election. It is foolish for Boehner to argue otherwise, or pretend that the RNC won anything.

The House leadership by starting a debate on Iraq is merely doing more of what We the People want. This proclamation is less about Iraq, and more about the House power to compel the Senate, GOP, and President to grovel before the House.

What the Senate does or doesn't do is irrelevant: The longer the Senate chooses to delay, not fall in line with the House, the more reckless the GOP will appear.

* * *

We the People spoke in November 2006, effectively transferring power from the Senate, GOP, and President to the superior chamber of Congress: The House.

The House resolution against the President's reckless war is notable not for what it says, but what it illustrates: The House cannot be compelled to do something which is illegal; and the President, GOP, and Senate have no power to make the House appropriate one dime to this President, unless the House agrees.

* * *

Lieberman is not in the House. Whether he does or does not switch parties is irrelevant. The Senate, even if it were controlled by the Republicans, cannot make the House support illegal warfare.

If the GOP, President, or Senate wants anything, it needs to learn to grovel before the House. Without groveling, there is no need for the House to do anything.

* * *

Representative Peter T. King is incorrect to say that that the Congress has no power, or that it is inappropriate to control the President. The President has no power to wage illegal warfare, nor continue with recklessness.

Representative Peter T. King may not credibly pretend that the House has no power. Rather, never in our history has a President so brazenly defied the laws of war; or asserted powers not delegated.

The GOP remains a haunted institution, party, and center of reckless buffoons. The GOP, Senate, and President have yet to awaken to the power shift.

* * *

There is little the House needs to be concerned with when the Republicans, knowing full well they lost control of Congress, did not change the rules to protect the rights they did not respect.

The Republicans could have changed the rules of the Senate to protect them as a minority party. The RNC, despite fair notice after November 2006 that it had only two months to change the rules, refused to act.

There is no reason for the DNC to do things the GOP refused to do when it had the chance. The DNC may choose to do something, but it is not a requirement.

* * *

Contrary to the media myth, the question and problem rests with the GOP. When will the GOP awaken to the reality: The House is not required to do anything.

Americans have every right to accuse the White House and GOP of failing. They are failures. They had total control, and failed. It is proper that a failure have its funding cut, especially when the reckless adventure is going nowhere.

The GOP knew, if they failed to perform, that they would lose power and the right to set the agenda. The Republicans did not demonstrate they could be trusted, or that their plans were working. There is no reason for anyone to have any second thought about ending what is not working.

* * *

Yes, Americans support troops. But that support is not something that will send them to recklessness.

The reason Iraq is a problem is that the US government embraced a myth and made an irritation a full blown disease. The GOP cannot compel the House to chase an illusion of competence in Iraq; it is the job of the GOP to show they are willing to grovel like dogs before the House leadership.

___ What is the GOP plan to compel the House to do anything? They have no plan.

___ What is the GOP going to do to lead? They have no plan.

The GOP needs to get a plan to grovel before the House, and assent to the rule of law. Until the GOP grovels, the House has no reason to support anything the Senate wants, the President desires, or the GOP might imagine as possible.

Just as the President does not need to approve something and can block something, so too can the House block the GOP, President, and Senate.

Where there is a plan to violate the law, the House can shut down funding; where there is an illegal rebellion, the House can force a hearing; where the Senate reuses to review an issue, the House can examine it.

* * *

The illusions is that the Senate is powerful; or that Lieberman has one over on others. Lieberman is in the wrong party, the wrong chamber, and on the wrong side of the debate.

Nobody needs to do both with him. If Lieberman wants something, he needs to start groveling before the House. The House does not need to concern itself with anything. It can wait, twiddle its thumbs, and wait for the GOP to "get around" to realizing We the People remain in charge, have all the power, and this President needs to grovel.

Otherwise, the President isn't going to be sure of anything: No bills, no support, and no agenda in the House.

* * *

Just as Iran and Iran are sideshows and smokescreens, so too is the non-sense in the Senate. The President cannot make the Senate GOP do what is needed: Grovel before the House. It's going to be a very rude wakeup call for the war criminal President who is surrounded by lazy, defective, and reckless staff counsel who need to be disbarred, prosecuted, and brought before the Hague.

The battle for the American Constitution has not been won, but the President, in fatefully firing the first political shots in 2001 at the Rule of Law, brought this on himself.

The battle for America's future was decided November 2006. The question is whether the GOP, Senate, and White House will awaken to their defeat, or require additional lawful pummeling to teach them how to grovel.

What does or doesn't happen in Iraq is less important than the speed to which the lazy buffoons in the GOP, Senate, and White House awaken to reality: We the People no longer have any reason to listen. The House is Our Chamber. We control it. We the People compel the Senate, GOP, and the President to grovel. Until they do, We the People, through the House, are not required to assent to anything, most of all the destruction of Our Supreme Law.

* * *

Some may believe that the House has to do something. It does not. The President, because he violates the laws of war, has to appease the House to get them to lift a finger.

___ What is the President's plan to end lawful combat against his reckless forces? The President has no plan.

___ What is the President going to do to make the House leadership do anything? The President has no legal power to trump the House; nor compel anyone to do anything. It is the President who will have to learn to grovel like a despicable dog, and assent to the rule of law. HE shall grovel as the dog he is.

* * *

The GOP is foolish to believe that the resolution about Iraq can or cannot do anything. The problem is that the President has no power to pass a resolution; nor compel the House to follow any law unless the House chooses to agree.

Just as the President may threaten to block seething, the House may legally threaten to not do something. That which does not exist -- a bill for DoD -- cannot be created out of the Executive Branch; rather, the bill -- which the House may or may not approve -- is up to the Congress to create.

If the President wants something, he needs to learn to grovel; and the DNC leadership in the House need to learn to treat the President like a dog until he does grovel.

* * *

Notice the language: The President has to request the House to do something; he has no power to tell them to do anything. And the House is not required to listen. He has no power to compel the House to do anything. The President's request, until it is linked with more meaningful groveling, should not be considered serious.

Tony Snow has no basis to assert that Congress should or should not do something. it is Tony Snow who shall learn to show deference to the Law and the House. It is the House that the President shall show respect. The President cannot pretend to be anything but a clerk; he is, until he grovels, a dog.

This President ha not shown full support for Our Law; he has impermissibly violated the laws and Our Will. We need not show flexibly where an alleged war criminal defies Our Will. It is the clerk in the oval office who should show flexibility, and learn to grovel before the House.

* * *

The Senators are buffoons. They speak of a resolution outside the chamber, whispering as if their voices mean something. Their words focus their mind away from the reality: The House, not the Senate, has the power to sent the agenda; the Senators are whispering, hoping no one overhears their concerns with the war crimes tribunals.

The longer the GOP Senators ignore the House, and pretend their non-sense in the Senate means something, the longer they will remain stuck with the wrong paradigm. The House is willing to wait; until the GOP Senators and President grovel, wake-up, and start acting like leaders, the House need not be concerned with the President, GOP, or the Senate.

* * *

The GOP is on record: It is stupid, unwilling to accept the power shift. The vote is a clear signal and sign for even a foolish blogger that the words of a Senator means little until that Senator faces the House and accepts the Senate is inferior.

Get on your knees Senators: Scream lie dogs: "The power is with the House, and We the People." Until they start barking, laugh at them: They are buffoons, thinking they have power, when they are stuck.

Where was the GOP Senate? Pretending their "Debate about not having a debate" means something. Absurd.

* * *

Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona is a poodle. He ignores the power of the House, and runs to Baghdad with Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee.

The focus should be on the House, not on the distraction of the President.

* * *

The proper focus on the President, GOP, Senators, and the lazy media is what will the world do to appease the House and We the People. What is their plan to appease? They have no plan because they are buffoons without a leader. They are contemptible.

Perhaps We the People might provide leadership, or not. Then again, the longer the GOP buffoons pretend they are important -- which they are not -- the longer they will be stuck with a problem they cannot solve.

The solution is for the GOP to grovel before the House.

* * *

Contrary to Senate historian Donald Ritchie's assertion that opposing a President is unusual, what's more unusual is for the Senate to have assented to illegal rebellion, but not thought We the People might not do something about it.

This President unusually thought he could get away with pretending he had all power. Yet, the House shows the President, GOP, and Senate that it is We the People -- working through the House -- that has the power.

It's unusual for a President to defy the law this long; and for the GOP to have flaunted their oath; or for the American government to wage illegal warfare. Unusual war crimes and violations of Geneva require a recalibration of the President's apparent mental capacity: He needs to grovel before the House.

* * *

It is an error for the DNC leadership to cast the vote on a single resolution as a narrow rebuke of the President; or as something as simple as outage against war.

No, the victory in November 2006 which We the People handed to ourselves is outrage that it took this long for We the People to awaken to the Presidents' delusion, and the power of We the People to compel the Senate, GOP, and White House staff counsel to join their present in groveling before We the People.

This is not rage; this utter contempt for the reckless buffoons in the Senate, GOP, and White House who have defied their oaths, not checked power, and have pretended that We the People have o other choice. They are and were wrong.

The world has long known of the arrogance of American power. We the People have had to intervene, and compel the GOP, Senate, and White House to grovel. It is irrelevant whether the lazy dogs on the DOJ Staff or the White House counsels office learn this lesson slowly or quickly.

* * *

It is an error to narrowly define this resolution as something related to issues of war, combat, or financing. The real focus is whether the Power of We the People shall or shall not be assented to, as this clerk in the oval office has no discretion to avoid.

The GOP, President, and Senators have no comprehension of what We the People are capable of doing. Whether funding is or isn’t cut is secondary to the first order of business: When will the GOP, Senate, and President join arms, surrender, and grovel before the House and We the People.

We the People are not required to do anything, especially not recognize the power, authority, or buffoonery of the GOP, President, or Senate.

___ How does the Senate, GOP, or President propose to do anything unless they grovel before the House and We the People?

We the People aren't required to do anything. it is the lazy, reckless war criminals in the GOP who have to get on their knees, and give the House a good reason why the House and We the People should do or not do anything.

Start groveling.

* * *

I would hope that the Department of Defense and Justice pay particular attention to the Staff counsel in the House. The Staff counsel are ably supported by experienced FBI agents working on the Congressional committees.

Also within the power of the Congress -- until the President, DoJ Staff counsel and DOD Staff counsel start groveling -- is the fully support of we the People for the Congressional Staff to twiddle their thumbs.

If the President, Senate, and GOP wants something, they will have to respond, grovel, and provide answers. No answers means not money.

* * *

It doesn't take much to awaken lazy GOP Staffers who have been complicit with war crimes, especially when the poodles in DoJ and DOD have recklessly defied their oath.

___ When is the DOJ Staff going to grovel before Congress?

___ When is the DOD Staff going to grovel before the House?

The President and his lazy war criminal friends in the Executive Branch have a bigger problem on their hand than a question of whether the House will or will not be satisfied. War crimes prosecutors have no statute of limitations.

They are going to hunt the DoJ Staff counsel, President's lackeys, and the buffoons in the GOP who have let this endure.

Abraxas records can be seized; and the backup information about Abraxas with GCHQ can be reviewed by the House.

CIA personnel complicity with war rimes in Italy can be legally hunted. There is no escape. Nazi war crime hunters continue to penetrate the Argentinean government more than 70 years after the crimes of the 1930. The same can happen until well into the 22nd Century.

We the People have a long memory.

* * *

The DNC should not be concerned whether the GOP propagandists distract attention from the new power of the House. Whether the GOP does or does not support a resolution is of less importance, than the measure of what the GOP has awoken to the reality which never left them: We the People are the source of all power.

The GOP has no power to compel a coalition unless the House approves.

The immediate effect of the November 2006 has been the bewilderment of the President, Senate, and Republican Party. They know it is only a matter of time before they grovel before the House, and they are confronted with real indictments, just as the Nazis were after their defeat in 1945.

* * *

Contrary to the assertion of Representative David R. Obey, a Wisconsin Democrat and chairman of the Appropriations Committee, it is easy to change war policy.

Until the President grovels before the House, he has no money; there is no policy; and he cannot be sure of anything.

Until the GOP meets with the President, the House is not required to solve anything. The House can wait, do nothing, and remind the President: YO have not groveled long enough, and you get nothing.

* * *

This President before Sept 2001 didn't think about the law, and decided to violate it. The problem is one for the GOP to solve.

This President isn't capable of comprehending the stunning defeat he was handed in November 2006.

His error is to believe he can avoid groveling. The House and We the People are the deciders.

Get on your hands and knees, Mr. President. Grovel before the Constitution, We the People, and the House. Maybe we'll think about something else.

When this is done, you’re going to wish many months from now that you had resigned. Dogs like you require political whippings. It has yet to start. If you want anything, get on your hands and knees Mr. President, grovel, and announce when you will surrender and give up your illegal rebellion against the Constitution. Until you do, you will get nothing. And you will like it.