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Monday, October 16, 2006

CENTCOM Requests Targeting By War Crimes Prosecutor

Central Command [CENTCOM] Personnel have provided open source information which may be of interest to war crimes prosecutors.

* * *

CENTCOM Blog Monitoring

Ref CENTCOM personnel know how to use the blog search tool; and can limit searches using the left index. The left index they use is "blogs in the last day," which is about 17 hours prior to publication.

Centcom monitoring is through this IP:

ISP: U.s. Central Command (uscentcom); Philadelphia, PA

Net range:


A. MSIE 6.0 Browser
B. Windows XP Operating System
C. 1024x768 screen resolution
D. Javascript [x] Enabled

Linking the Above IP To Alleged Illegal Conduct

It is possible to link the computer system used to post this material with evidence that may be of interest to war crimes prosecutors. The following information is openly available, has been disclosed to third parties, and appears to link the CENTCOM computer system with operations, plans, and other illegal activity which violate the Geneva conventions and US Constitution:

Short version: Ref CENTCOM is associated with Telcordia, the firm which does the fiber optic certification for the Verizon network.

CC4 IP DODIIS DoD Intel Info Sys Intel Info System which links to the Verizon Certifier for Fiber Optics, or the AS 3 Gateway which leads us to the IT jobs associated with Telcordia and overseas assignments, including Lockheed Martin and Harris, which connects to the DoD Fiber Optic Lines for monitoring.

* * *

Letter to CENTCOM Government Official

Dear Alleged War Criminal Spc. Chris Erickson

Under the DoD Laws of War Program, 5100.77 the Secretary of Defense is responsible for ensuring the laws of war are implemented and enforced.

Thank you for identifying yourself through the open media using non-privileged methods to communicate. All information you may provide related to this effort, because it is openly disclosed to third parties, is admissible to a war crimes tribunal.

You state in your memo that you are a member of the US military. Assuming this is true, this means you have an oath to only obey lawful orders. Please provide a basis for your belief that your current standing orders are lawful; and your reasons for not disobeying allegedly illegal orders which violate Geneva.

If you or your peers in the military have questions about this ongoing war crimes investigation against US military personnel and Federal officials, feel free to discuss your details with the German war crimes prosecutor.

As you well know, living in Florida, you are located near Miami. This is one location where NARUS, Abraxas, and other defense contractors have allegedly used technology to tap into the State Department Fiber Optics system, and have allegedly support illegal interception of information used to support war crimes and prisoner abuses.

If you have further information related to alleged participation in war crimes, or other evidence related to illegal violations of the laws of war, feel free to publicly present your information.

Please include in your response the discussion meeting minutes, copies of signed memoranda, budget documents, copies of contracts, and signed policy memos. Your cooperation may or may not be useful as a defense to war crimes.

If you have other questions related to the ongoing war crimes investigation directed at your peers in the military, feel free to visit The Hague website. There will be more information explaining how the President and Members of Congress may be lawfully prosecuted for waging illegal warfare.

Best wishes.


1. Please discuss your relationship with the National Guard’s 129th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. Include in your response a list of all personnel assigned to that unit you regularly communicate through cell, DSN, or e-mail.

2. Please discuss the inconsistent area codes on public information your name has been associated. (813) 827-1727 vs. (605) 737-6721. Do you have a reason for having a cell phone that regularly is associated with these two area codes?

3. On the cell phone lists associated with your name, there are two names: Maj. Orson Ward, 737-6721; and Chief Warrant Officer B.J. McGuire, 737-6703. Please discuss any conversation you have had with these personnel related to disinformation campaigns, possible violations of the Smith Act, or their knowledge of any fees contractors may have paid to secure contracts. If you have copies of the contracts or can provide points of contact in SAIC, Lincoln Group, Terremark, or Abraxas that would be helpful.

4. Have you ever visited this address: Eric Jennings (605) 642-3411 19488 Creekside Loop, Spearfish, SD 57783; if so, could you provide an explanation of the discussion you have had with Jennings related to domestic propaganda efforts, or other alleged activity which may violate the Smith Act. Please include receipts for any meals, travel, or other expenses you may have incurred while communicating with Jennies on these alleged war crimes issues.

5. Is there any explanation why your office uses cell phones, as opposed to cheaper SKIPE systems; or is there any information you may be able to provide to the war crimes prosecutor related to your communications, funds, and other discussions using these numbers: Spc. Chris Erickson at (813) 827-1727 or (605) 737-6721.

6. Please discuss whether you believe Major Ward is or is not a more effective PAO than Mark Johnston, 773-3212 SDNG PAO, at (605) 737-6721 or Lt. Col. Reid Christopherson, SDANG PAO, at (605) 988-5644. In your response, please include discussion related to their perceived mental competency; their responsiveness to the oath of office; and including a ranking from highest to lowest on military bearing, professionalism, commitment to the laws of war, and their officer integrity. Have any of the personnel you have associated ever raised doubts about their mission; called into question the legality of their orders; or mentioned any efforts to ignore Constitutional or Geneva requirements? In your response, please include the approximate dates of the conversations, other personnel who may have overhead the responses, and any other notes or comments you may think could be of interest to investigators or war crimes prosecutors.

7. The RS232 system is something your computers interface. Please discuss the method your office uses to interface with the Abraxas-Terremark-Verizon system, and what knowledge you have of the fiber optic interface system used to gather domestic information. it would be helpful if you discuss the dates you were trained on this system, or how the information is transferred through your office for allegedly unlawful use by Central Command and CIA agents located in Eastern European countries. Here is a diagram:

8. Allegedly, your offices within Central Command are instrumental in working with Terremark, a firm located in Miami. This firm allegedly provides fiber optic tapping and well interfaces with the Fiber Optic systems used for US Embassy Communications. Allegedly Abraxas personnel, including their CFO would know about these codes, and interface systems between Verizon, Abraxas, Terremark, and the US Southern Command. Could you comment on these codes, and whether you have ever seen them: Ref [AS4331 OR AS4330 STACCS-A1-24 ]; and how these codes may or may not appear on various contracts associated with Fleishman-Hilliard, SAIC, Abraxas, or other firms which allegedly provide unlawful support for illegal war crimes planning.

9. The Congress has illegally passed legislation that would "legalize" abuse and violations of Geneva. All Presidential orders, signing statements, and other direction related to this legislation are not lawful. Please discuss your reasons for following orders that do not comply with the Geneva Conventions. In your response, please discuss the diagram on this page; and your views on the ticking time bomb scenario. Do you have a reason why you are allegedly still following illegal orders; is your loyalty to something other than the US Constitution; or are you in agreement that you have illegally agreed to follow unlawful Presidential orders?

10. Prior to the Iraq invasion, CENTCOM personnel conducted various simulation scenarios in Germany. One former chief of staff is allegedly under investigation for dissuading personnel from engaging in 1st Amendment free speech. Please discussion your views on the "HALT" strategy employed; and the basis to believe that this method of employing forces in Iraq was or was not satisfactory. Please discuss the use or non-use of an integrated land-battle management system; and why this system which has otherwise failed in Iraq and Afghanistan, should fare better in other combat environments.

11. Please discuss any contact your office has had using DNS, e-mail, cell, or other communication systems with SAIC's Ron Roughead. Ref Please include the nature of the discussions, the approximate times, and the reasons for not reporting to the Contacting office possible communications from military contractors to the public affairs office. Was there a reason that SAIC personnel were allegedly using your office's video for domestic use; or was this contract requirement outside your office's review?

12. Rendition is not a simple process. To move personnel from Florida or the Continental United States, the CIA and National Command Authority must coordinate on flight schedules, and make arrangements to ignore various aircraft. Please discuss your office's involvement in the movement of personnel through the Abraxas pipeline. In your response, please confirm or deny your office's involvement, knowledge, or ability to provide information related to these issues. Please discuss whether you or anyone in your office has discussed this list with anyone at SAIC, Fleishman-Hilliard, Terremark, Abraxas, or any other commercial entity allegedly involved in fiber optic-tapping support.

13. CENTCOM J2 interfaces with various vendors. One of the Verizon certification centers is Telcordia. Terremark provides an interface system to permit access to various Fiber Optic Systems. Please discuss the arrangements between Centcom, SAIC, Telcordia, Abraxas, Narus, AT&T, Verizon, Fleishman-Hilliard, and other vendors to use information gleaned from these fiber optic tapping missions; and provide that information to the CENTCOM J2 Staff. Is there a process in place to ensure that the information has been lawfully acquired; are the methods of little interest to the National Command Authority; or do you have an explanation why these firms apparently have requested of the White House assistance and legal defenses should there be a war crimes prosecution at The Hague?

14. The Lincoln Group is on contract through Central Command. The Contract is [ H92222-06-D-0010 ]. Please discuss your office's responses to questions related to this contract. The Lincoln Group address on the contract is 1420 K Street NW. Could you discuss this phone number: 202 595 1330.

15. For purposes of assisting the war crimes prosecutor and issuing subpoenas related to this open source information, is this still your current phone number, and address: DSN: 651-5895; US Central Command 7115 South Boundary Boulevard MacDill AFB, FL 33621 Ref [ Phone: (813) 827-5895 Fax: (813) 827-2211 DSN: 651-5895 E-Mail: ] If the address and phone number are incorrect, could you explain why you are representing that you are with the public affairs office.

16. To refresh your memory, Larry Pope is associated indirectly with the State Department. Could you share with us your knowledge of how the State Department, Terremark, and Centcom are or are not in an arrangement to share fiber optic information. In your response, please discuss the communications with Verizon, Fleishman-Hilliard, SAIC, Abraxas, Terremark, and the Lincoln Group. Is there an explanation for the unusual interest some have in the Embassy Fiber Optic Telecommunications System?

17. To reveal the Lincoln Group contract with Central Command, someone at CENTCOM reviewed the FOIA. Please discuss the CENTCOM public affairs discussions on matters related to Ms Scott.

18. Based on the above information, on page 15 and 16 of this report from Army CID, the record indicate that someone in an office with the same address as yours was in receipt of the CID report related to prisoner abuse. Once you were aware of this report, did you appropriately discuss your concerns that there may have been war crimes; or do your commanding officers have an explanation why -- despite Hamdan -- we're still getting reports that CIA and US military personnel related to CENTCOM are allegedly still engaged in prisoner abuses?

19. Here's the problem: CENTCOM has been affirmatively linked with policies, memoranda, and other prisoner treatment that violates Geneva. Hamdan struck down the procedures. This memo clearly shows that CENTCOM personnel were involved; and that they were aware, or should have been aware of 5100.77. Does your office have an explanation why you are supposedly unaware of these events; or would you have us believe that you're "in the loop" but not quite close enough to have a clue about the 5100.77 program and the alleged war crimes committed?

20. It appears your office has been affirmatively linked with policies, orders, and other memoranda that discussed treatment of prisoners, Hamdan struck down as illegal. Either you knew about the memoranda; or you are in the dark. Please explain why we should believe what you're saying in your e-mail; do you have a reason for "reaching out" to Americans; or do you hope to dissuade some from lawfully interrogating you and your peers for alleged failure to prevent and/or properly report evidence related to war crimes to your commanders?

21. Rumsfeld and your office have been affirmatively linked with open documents. Refer to page 8 of 8, Annex H. How do you explain your office's apparent attitude of "we have no idea" what is going on; yet there on page 8 is the SECDEF's name. He's responsible for 5100.77; so are you. What's your explanation for not being in the loop on the alleged war crimes; and why should be we believe your intentions are honorable given your alleged association with personnel who knew what was going on with war crimes and did nothing; or were allegedly reckless is not knowing, but continued to provide statements to the public that were misleading and in violation of the Smith-Mundt Act?

22. This information clearly establishes a link between public affairs officers, intelligence gathering, and other efforts to integrate with intelligence gathering. How do you explain the relationship with the Terremark fiber optic intercept system, NARUS, Verizon, Telcordia, SAIC, and your commands objectives? On the face of it, there appears to be not distinction between how your office integrates with alleged war criminals who engaged in Genocide in Iraq; and those who interface with CIA and JTTF personnel who unlawfully intercept information without getting court warrants. Please provide a basis to believe that your office is unrelated to the illegal use of information to kidnap Americans, render them to Europe, or otherwise engage in illegal abuse of American citizens using illegally captured information from the fiber optic lines.

23. There doesn't appear to be any difference between your office and the NAZI Gestapo. You apparently are well aware, or should be, of allegations that the US CENTCOM has engaged in war crimes; and your office is indirectly associated with the Lincoln Group propaganda efforts. If your office continues to provide open source information that affirmatively links your office with alleged war crimes activity that is one thing; but what is your reason for openly discussing information that affirmatively links your office with matters of interest to the German war crimes prosecutor. Based on the records, it appears your office is well connected to the alleged war crimes that have been committed using information that has been illegally captured without warrants, then transferred to interrogators to conduct illegal abuse in violation of the laws of war. Why would anyone trust your motives for providing any information unless it was provided under penalty of perjury to the war crimes prosecutor?

24. BG Susan Lawrence, (USA), CENTCOM J6 is linked with Telcordia, the firm which does the certification for the Verizon fiber optic system. Could the CENTCOM public affairs office explain why it is spending time using open communications, when it appears you have the means, capability, and willingness to use illegal methods to acquire information.

25. Dr. George H. Heilmeier and Dr. Christian Huitema of Telcordia, possibly using DoD RDT&E funds, are related to CENTCOM efforts and appear to have some understanding of SAIC. Please describe the information Dr. George H. Heilmeier and Dr. Christian Huitema were provided about the nature of his assignment; or is CENTCOM unwilling to permit Dr. George H. Heilmeier or Dr. Christian Huitema from discussing information, reservations, or concern they may have.

26. Centcom public affairs personnel have been affirmatively linked through various contractors, funding programs, and other entities to the NSA domestic surveillance program. Harris and Lockheed Martin allegedly support NSA cryptography permitting this illegal activity; and the system integrates with NSA satellite ground stations. Please describe the plan of CENTCOM commanders to avoid litigation, or from being linked with the illegal acquisition of data used to illegally abuse prisoners of war; and the other efforts to violate Geneva and commit violations of the Supreme Law. [GR1275 OR LMTO KICC CENTCOM Engineering ]

27. Prior to conducting operations, public affairs personnel are assigned to the Joint Staff Planning Cells. Please discuss your office's use of illegally captured information -- using such systems as the NARUS STA 6400, Terremark integration, Abraxas-Fiber Optic knowledge of the Embassy communication or other systems -- and the methods your office used to integrate your efforts with Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Harris, AT&T, and Verizon to allegedly support prisoner abuse, war crimes, and other violations of the Supreme Law. [ Chart showing Army Public Affairs integrated with propaganda, information collection, and other activity regulated by the Geneva Conventions and US Constitution: See 17 of 206 ] [See page 206 of 206 KW="Mislead"]

28. "Convince, influence, inform, and shape": See Public Affairs Mission, p. 205 of 206. Please discuss the failure to include in the Matris on Page B-13, "Listening," "Following the laws of war," and "Submitting to war crimes tribunal for breaching laws of war, Geneva Conventions, and Supreme Law."

29. Abraxas personnel have been linked to Sandia Labs, and various Joint Guides related to intelligence and DHS, [See Item 79, Kw="JTTP"] Does Central Command have an explanation how Abraxas JTTP inputs have been apparently linked with the same Joint Information Cells the CENTCOM planning cells are associated?

* * *

Original Letter Ref

Subject: Just visited your site Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:36:07 -0400 From: "Erickson, Christopher J. SPC USA" [ ] To: [redacted ]


My name is SPC Chris Erickson with U.S. Central Command Public Affairs. I came across your blog today and noticed your interest in different topics, particularly on the GWOT.

As a member of the US military, I like seeing open discussions on the happenings of the world, although many times I’m not able to get involved (especially if it gets political). I would like to invite you to check out our web site, It’s one more resource for information and you’re free to use any of it (video, audio, photos and articles) in conversations on your blog.

Also, if you would like, you can be added to our mailing list. We send out news stories and press releases about US military and coalition forces operations, humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. This information is also available via RSS on our site. Most of the time we can get CENTCOM information out to bloggers before it appears in the main stream media.

I appreciate your time today and I do look forward to hearing back from you.


Spc. Chris Erickson Electronic Media Engagement Team U.S. Central Command Public Affairs [website redacted]