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Monday, October 16, 2006

Milestones to Lawfully Prosecute, Execute Federal Officials For War Crimes

The legal authority for a state to prosecute a sitting president has been presented. What’s needed is a state-level effort to protect the Constitution and lawfully prosecute the President and Members of Congress for violations of state criminal statutes.

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1. Bush may be located in Paraguay during the extraction and war crimes trial.

2. RNC gains in all branches of government; no DNC majority in either Chamber; and no Federal or Legislative investigations related to war crimes, impeachable offenses or other felonies by Members of Congress and the Executive Branch

3. The only option to protect the Constitution is a State Attorney General effort to prosecute Members of Congress and the President

4. Nothing prevents a state official from enforcing the US Constitution by bringing state level criminal charges against Members of Congress and the President.

5. Nothing prevents a State Attorney General and district attorney from lawfully prosecuting a Member of Congress or President when US Attorneys refuse to enforce the Supreme Law, or fail to investigate and prosecute war crimes

6. All US government efforts to prevent enforcement of Supreme Law, Constitution, and Geneva at the state level are unlawful.

7. Inaction by the US Government and Federal officials does not bind the State officials to similar malfeasance.

8. The US Government illegal decision to engage in illegal warfare, prisoner abuse, or other felonies cannot lawfully compel or require any State official to refuse to enforce State criminal statutes which outlaw illegal activity.

Milestones [MS]

MS1: Outline plan to prosecute POTUS and Members of Congress

MS2: Contact State Attorney Generals to enforce State criminal law against President and Members of Congress

MS3: Conduct State-level Grand Jury inquiry

MS4: Bring charges at the state level against Members of Congress and President

MS5: Get cooperation from other states to enforce state-level prosecutions of Federal officials who have defied their oath, engaged in felonies, and are fugitives.

MS6: Indict and lawfully arrest Members of Congress and the President for war crimes, felonies, illegal domestic surveillance, and engaging in a conspiracy to not protect the Constitution or prevent war crimes

MS7: Conduct lawful trial at state level of sitting President and Members of Congress

MS8 Lawfully prosecute and adjuciated charges against President and Members of Congress for war crimes, felonies, failures to protect Constitution, illegal warfare, and failures to prevent violations of Geneva.

MS9 After adjudication by lawful Article III tribunal, lawfully execute Members of Congress and Federal officials who have engaged in illegal warfare, Geneva violations, and failed to prevent illegal warfare.

Summary Charges at State Level

Members of Congress and the President have jointly agreed to engage in war crimes, not prevent war crimes; and appropriated and spent funds for illegal warfare, Geneva violations, and unlawful activity.

The course of conduct undermines the US Government guarantee to protect a Republican Form of government in each state. The specific felonies which the State Attorney Generals have the power to enforce include, inter alia:

Illegal legal opinions and Acts of Congress which violate the Constitution and Geneva;

Failing to enforce Geneva;

Waging, supporting, and not preventing illegal warfare;

Failures to prevent violations of Geneva;

Failing to enforce NSA-FISA violations;

Illegal use of data to support unlawful war and prisoner abuse;

Defiance, violations, and failure to enforce violations of 5 USC 3331 oath of office;

Illegal abuse of powers; failing to prevent illegal abuse of power; violation of guaranteed Federal and State Constitutional rights; and

Failing to investigate illegal war crimes, abuse, and evidence related to war crimes, unconstitutional activity, and other felonies.

Other conduct which fails to enforce Supreme Law, prevent violations of Geneva, and other illegal agreements to defy oath of office and promise to protect Constitution.