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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

American Government Treats America Like A Prison

Americans advocate abusing others to incite complaints; then abusing people for complaining about misconduct.

Despite clear legal duties and responsibilities, American leaders will violate the law; then abuse those who dare speak about misconduct, war crimes, or violations of the Supreme Law.

American government and workers do this all the time: Encourage the public to provide inputs, then abuse the public for speaking. This quote caught my eye:
". . .when a detainee is being good, they will take their personal items away. He said they do this to anger the detainees so they can punish them when they object and complain." ]

[Reported conduct of "Steven," GTMO Camp 6 Guard, formerly with Camp 5; "Steven" is reported to be about 5'8", 170 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes; friends with "Bo" "Shawn"]

* * *

This is a common thing that American government officials, corporations, and other Americans do:

- Abuse people who notice there is a problem
- Incite others to retaliate against those who report misconduct
- Promise something, but not deliver
- Abuse those who complain about failing to meet obligations
- Verbally promise something, but then abuse those who complain
- Encourage others to provide their "honest feedback," then yell at Americans when they provide honest answers
- Make the form of the complaint, not the original abuse, infraction, betrayal, or misconduct, the object of the discussion.

* * *


America is a cess pool. Nobody should be surprised why Members of Congress condone war crimes -- they are rewarded for silence -- they avoid punishment of public rebuke for doing what they should: Enforce the law, protect the Constitution, and prevent war crimes.

Never believe Americans. They are not trustworthy. Americans will lie.

Americans will violate the law, standards, and freely chosen professional performance requirements; then blame those who attempt to challenge their violations, or abuse those who notice that they have violated standards; or those who have suffered losses because of their abuse of power and authority.

Americans will make up policies and rules to justify their abuse; there is no policy, it is something they will create to justify more abuse and non-sense.

Americans freely take professional oaths, or make promises to do things, but this is just lip service. They cannot be trusted to do things. You have to watch them.

Americans will invite you to do things, but not be honest about their request.

If you agree to participate with what Americans ask you to do, you could be abused for doing what you have been asked to do.

Americans will change rules or requirements, then blame you for not adjusting to what you had not originally agreed to do.

Americans do not want to know the truth, they want to be told, "You're doing a great job," even though Americans are incompetent and lazy.

People may even put things in writing asking you to do something, but then abuse you for doing what ask you to do in writing.

Americans are scumbags, and should not be given any respect unless they earn it, and prove that they are not willing to abuse others.

Americans are unreliable, lazy, and untrustworthy.

Americans are stupid for not understanding why the Taliban and Iraqi insurgency have more support; people do not care if Americans are killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Don't believe any American's promise about what they can do for you; or what service they can provide. You'll likely end up having to do it yourself, and then pay them alot of money to avoid them from attacking you for your recognition that they are incompetent.

Americans cannot be trusted to do what they promise. They'll start one way, then change; then blame those who dare to notice that the change is not consistent with the original agreement. if you complain, you are abused; if you are silent, they use your change as an excuse to say, "Look, they couldn't do it."

Don't bother wasting your time with Americans. You'll have to do it yourself. Find someone else you can trust.