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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boeing Alleged Link Between NSA Intercepts and Renditions

There's a link between the illegal NSA data capture systems and entities; and the use of that data for illegal abuse of prisoners. One common element is Boeing. Boeing is jointly connected to two different ends of the Helix.

* * *

Boeing Information

Boeing personnel have been tracking the preparations for the Congressional hearings committee into the NSA, and are aware of the links with DoJ.

Boeing is affiliated with AT&T in IWN, and there is a Bell-Boeing Program Office, in Patuxent River, Md. Boeing and their DoD contractors are linked with Copeland Lowery. (h/t)

Boeing personnel are linked to NARUS through BroadWare.

Boeing is also associated with the Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) and National Communication Systems (NCS) is affiliated with the diplomatic communications supporting the Embassy Commutations and CIA operations, under examination by the Milan, Italy rendition prosecutor.

Boeing also linked with the DNI, Digital Network Enterprise/Intelligence, affiliated with SAIC and Telcordia, the Verizon entity which tested the fiber optic cables.

* * *

Boeing Rendition Operations

Use of the above information systems and connections to allegedly support CIA in abuse of prisoners. Details.

French railway cars, and firms like IBM which providing data management systems, were implicated in war crimes against Jews during WWII.

Boeing could be similarly implicated by the German war crimes prosecutors.

* * *


Members of Congress, war crimes prosecutors, and the US Attorneys office reviewing evidence related to alleged war crimes have some discovery options.

Evidence of war crimes or other illegal activity cannot lawfully be classified.

Boeing was indirectly affiliated with Terremark [ aka "TERRENAP" ] through the Pacifice Telecommunications Conference in Hawaii, a conference where NARUS and Terremark interfaced with MIT-affiliated entities, linked to the AS3 MIT-GATEWAYS.

Abraxas also attended the Hawaii Conference with Boeing, Terremark, NARUS and Verizon.

Terremark, another Hawaii conference sponsors with Boeing, reveals in SEC documents [10-K Filing Date:6/29/2005 it provides an interface system to access the fiber optic systems -- indirectly connected with the NSA, NARUS STA 6400, and diplomatic communications system (DTS) -- and is well known in Florida, near CENTC0M HQ. [ Prosecutors: Terremark questions/discovery in re Abraxas for alleged war crimes support.]

Alleged War Crimes Discovery

Some of the useful classified URLs related to the alleged illegal activities are located here at this link (bottom).

For discovery purposes in re alleged war crimes and Congressional Committee discovery, here is a sample IP for Terremark. Note on the listing that "TWW" is the same NYSE symbol for Terremark, the holding company for Terremark Data Systems.

For purposes of cross indexing between Terremark/Terrenap and the Abraxas-CIA e-mails allegedly related to sensitive embassy communications involving prisoner abuse, please use these IPs for Abraxas during your sweep of the GCHQ system, outside American control.

All required MD5 passwords, necessary to support the alleged war crimes investigation, are available through GCHQ.

Once the NSA-cryptographic information is loaded and indexed, you'll see the many cross references with Terremark, Verizon, the NARUS system, and the NSA. You may wish to review the NSA training programs. Take note of the personnel from these corporations, and their temporary duty-hotel accommodations were indirectly associated and link back to the NSA and the intelligence community. The overlaps with Telcordia, one of Verizon's Fiber Optic certification centers, are stunning.

The information at the corporations can be lawfully seized through the Defense Plant Representative Office [DPRO]; or the DoD Criminal investigators with the OSI, NCIS, or CID. Once the names are cross referenced with the Abraxas database, this will connect you to the CIA case officers assigned to Italy and Germany, then into the detention centers in Eastern Europe.

* * *

___ How was Boeing, as an integration contractor, used to manage information gleaned by Lockheed Martin, SAIC, and other DoD-NSA connected entities

___ Once Boeing received that information, how were the CIA-Abraxas-related entities mobilized?

___ Is there a reason why the DoD criminal investigators have not visited Boeing on matters related to rendition?