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Sunday, October 22, 2006

How To Find The Names of the CIA Agents, Contractors Involved in American War Crimes

There are several lawful ways find the names of the CIA agents who have been involved in illegal war crimes.

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There is no excuse why international war crimes prosecutors cannot find the names of CIA personnel involved in war crimes. There are several ways to find the specific names of CIA personnel who are involved. They may be using cover names, but they ultimately are paid to do something.

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1. Before taking any action, you should discuss your legal rights and responsibilites with an attorney.

2. This information does not advocate you disclose the name of the CIA agents. Disclosing the name of a CIA agent publicly is a crime, and there may serious consequences.

3. This information only outlines how to lawfully find personnel allegedly involved with illegal war crimes and unlawful prisoner abuses.

4. If you find the name of someone you suspect is associated with illegal prisoner abuse, contact the international war crimes prosecutors investigating the matter. Here are ponits of contact: [ Visit here ]

5. International war crimes prosecutors are not required to recognize illegal Congressional acts which legalize abuse, as does the illegal, unconstitutional Military Commission Act.

6. It is illegal for anyone to rely on a grant or claim of immunity for committing abuses. How the US does or does not define torture is meaningless. [ Illustrative chart ]

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Using the methods below, combined with network analysis it is possible to identify the specific CIA personnel involved, where they are located, and how to lawfully extradict them. If the US refuses to cooperate with prosecuting war crimes, then specific US Attorneys, judges, and US government officials may be lawfully substituted and prosecuted for obstructing international war crimes prosecutions.

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(1) Wilson's Bank records

Valarie Plame is a former under cover CIA agent. She is publicly known. Her bank records would show how she was paid, the paying station, and the means to wire funds though the CIAS to her bank accounts.

The money has to come from somewhere. Ultimately it is linked back to the CIA. Once the original CIA-paying-station is identified, along with the funding codes, transfer methods, and contracting personnel, it is not difficult to broaden the view to other operations.

(2) Abraxas contracts

Abraxas is the firm that provides the method to put CIA agents under cover in the United States and overseas. The CIA relies on firms and entities like Abraxas to establish false identities and papers, and place the CIA agents in front companies working anywhere in the world, even inside the US government.

Abraxas has known contracts with overseas entities to provide technical support, data exchange, financial transactions, administrative support, and other benign support for Abraxas operations.

Each of the overseas Abraxas contracts relies on funds transfers between, through, within, and across the financial reporting system. Where there is an overseas entity that Abraxas works with to get services, there are funds from Abraxas to that overseas entity.

(3) SWIFT Funds

Within the financial reporting system is the notification system for the wire transfers. SWIFT is the notification system which acts in parallel to the financial flows.

The Europeans are upset. SWIFT system in Brussels is outside American control, yet the CIA illegally obtained the data to trace funds. It is likely that the Europeans would welcome a lawful warrant to identify the funding flows used to support the illegal application of the original data.

Abraxas and the overseas entities, including Valarie Plame's former associates well understand this risk. The CIA has devised various cover stories to explain transactions; and created entities to mask the origin of the CIA funds. One method is to hide the CIA operations in US firms, and sub contract them under DoD or another executive agency.

(4) Abraxas personnel

Abraxas has publicly identified by name some of its employees. Each of these employees has taxpayer ID numbers, files taxes, or engages in some sort of financial exchange at some financial institution.

As with Valarie Plame, each of the Abraxas personnel can be linked with a specific payment stream. Working backwards from the Abraxas personnel's bank account, it is possible to follow the incoming funds, and work backwards through the SWIFT and FED fund wire system to find the origin of these funds.

The point of this is not to publicly expose the identities of all CIA agents, although that is possible. Rather, the goal is to remind the German war crimes prosecutor that there is no need to rely on the US government cooperation.

Each of the financial transactions is allegedly related to human rights abuses. The US is a signatory to various treaties which prohibits working with nations or supporting international terrorism and abuse.

(5) Terremark and US Embassy Communications

Terremark is a firm which openly discusses in its SEC filings that it provides communications support for US embassy Communications. All data related to the US rendition effort passes through the fiber optic lines.

Terremark assets, data, and other information can lawfully be seized as evidence related to alleged war crimes. Once you use the social network analysis tools, it will be able to identify the CIA agents contained in the encryprted data. NSA personnel may not lawfully refuse to cooperate with war crimes prosecutors; or prevent NARUS, AT&T, Verizon, or the billing companies from fully cooperating with the data seizures.

* * *

War crimes standards are clear. War crimes prosecutors must hold American leaders, CIA agents, and other supporting contractors accountable. It does not matter if the US does or does not wish to cooperate with the rule of law, or in identifying the names of the CIA agents and contractors involved with the alleged war crimes.

The original notion of impeachment was to act as a check on the Executive. Where he had the power to lawfully prosecute one of his agents, but refused to discipline them for illegal activity, the legislature had the tool of impeachment to do what the Executive refuses to do. Today, the situation is the reverse: Despite the legal option to investigate, Congress refuses to act or impeach; and the Executive refuses to prosecute those who aid his war crimes.

There is an option. The failure of Congress to impeach, and the refusal of the President and his agents to permit investigations is no barrier to accountability. The Constitution does not prevent other entities from protecting the Constitution; nor does it deny to the States or International actors the power to lawfully prosecute a sitting President.

It is the responsibility of the American legal community and international prosecutors to join forces, lawfully prosecute Members of Congress and the President, and work outside Congress to end these war crimes.

The substantive legal discussion outside the court on whether this approach is or is not lawful is long over. The speculations outside the court in the political arena are meaningless. The legal experts must put their legal theories into effect before the court.

Jonathan Turley of Georgetown University has well discussed the legal theory of lawfully prosecuting a sitting president. International actors and prosecutors should discuss this possibility with Turley and others in the American legal system. There is a way to lawfully do what the Congress and President have refused to do: Assert the rule of law.

* * *

Regardless the election results in America, there is no excuse for these illegal war crimes to go unprosecuted. If the international community does not work with the SWIFT system to trace the funds between the CIA and entities associated with Abraxas or Valarie Plame, then the world will know the world outrage is as hollow as American concerns with terrorism.

America is only concerned with terrorism as a pretext to launch illegal wars, but is willing to work with terrorist sponsors when it serves the American interests to outsource terrorism. Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the President of the United States, and the White House legal counsel who have publicly admitted various aspects of the war crimes.

Whether Congress does or does not cooperate with the investigation is meaningless. The President may lawfully be prosecuted by the states and international war crimes prosecutors. The job of Congress is to decide whether it wants to be a cooperating witness or remain on the list of those complicit with, and failed to prevent well known war crimes.

* * *

How to Do It

___ Start with Valarie Plame's bank.

___ Track back to CIA, and program element codes through the paying station.

___ Plame's bank account numbers will link to a government payment station, or other entity.

___ Identify the bank accounts of the publicly-known Abraxas personnel.

___ Use these banks to trace the incoming contracts and funds from outside US government entities: These may or may not be directly related to the CIA; could be challenged through other government entities or through subcontractors.

___ Use the Abraxas-government connection to trace from the CIA into Aero Contractors, LTD, the CIA front company stationed in NC. This will link you to various law firms, banks, and other institutions which support the alleged illegal CIA war crimes.

___ Trace from the Abraxas incoming bank payments, back through the paying stations, and find the Abraxas-funded entities and contractors. These are the entities located overseas which Abraxas creates cover stories, issues false documents, then provides cover.

___ A sample Abraxas-contract to trace would be the openly disclosed contracts which Abraxas uses related to public relations, hiring, and other media relations, including auditing. One example is Deloitte and Toche.

___ Use the SWIFT sytem to target the Abraxas-connected entities, and find the links between the US government, CIA, and the overseas entities. The SWIFT data can be accesssed with lawful subpoenas.

___ After you've mapped it out, you'll see that nothing connects. Your job is to figure out how the CIA moves the money, through DoD-related entities, to teh overseas accounts, and does this without the SWIFT knowing about it.

___ CIA agent names associated with the illegal actdivity will be linked through the CIA Directorate of support, and will have some familiarity with the Terremark fiber optic splicing system, and embassy communications systems.

___ You may also wish to contact the person with this name, previously assigned to the Directorate of Support. He states in open media that he workd in Germany with the CIA. Here is his contact information. It would be possible to the above with his name, banks, and conduct a similar funding trace through the directorate of support to CIA personnel possibly linked with the alleged illegal activity:

D. Calvin Andrus, Ph.D. Sterling, VA 20164 USA
Email: acadac@aolcom
Website: dac
Germany Chief Technology Officer
Center for Mission Innovation
Program Manager: Agency Collaborative Environment Program
Central Intelligence Agency ]

___ If the above doesn't work, you can trace from Abraxas to one of their subcontractors in India. Here is a sample contact. You can use this to trace the funds and identify the Abraxas-CIA funding:

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