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Thursday, May 11, 2006

NSA: Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis [SNA] is more than collecting data. It is a first step in aggregating information to identify how to manipulate American voters and Members of Congress.

The issue with Social Network Analysis isn't simply whether it is or is not legal. The broader issue is how the originally collected data -- without a warrant -- is subsequently used. The failure of Congress is to narrow the review to the telephone companies.

The correct approach is to broaden the investigation into how this original data is subsequently aggregated with other commercial data. With time, you will find that the aggregated data -- above and beyond the social network analysis -- achieves one objective: It is used to manipulate the population to support illegal warfare.

* * *

The problem the Social Network Analysis has is that they rely on a static model. They fail to see that the model -- however they describe it -- will change based on the observations. An observed system -- when it realizes it is being observed -- will adjust. The NSA and White House have failed to incorporate this into their NSA targeting.

Rather, they've asserted that they know best, and stick to a collection model, without a fair showing to the court that the collection is related to probable cause. Rather, because the model generates many questions, the NSA forwards this information to DHS and JTTF. JTTF, DHS, and other investigators use their ignorance of the system as the self-justification to engage in warrantless interrogations.

* * *

The broader issue is to understand which commercial databases are being aggregated and mixed into the SNA soup. Now you know why the commercial databases were being used and tapped; and why they were reluctant to provide information about their e-mails. They knew well that these pieces of information would yield for investigators information related to their social network.

* * *

There is a sector of academia and industry that well supports the DoD data mining. They rely on PhDs, super computers, DoD Directives, and the fiction of 9-11 to justify ongoing illegal support.

They forgot to rely on one thing: The Constitution. Rather than ask someone in the court, they rightfully assumed the court would not approve of how the data was actually being used: To manipulate you based on lies.

Time to use the SNA system to find out which Americans placed the explosives inside the WTC; and how the Intel-Link system supported the cover-up.

It remains to be understood how the legal community has been using the SNA approach to target key people for intimidation. They make errors. Sometimes the DoJ attorney's let it slip that the NSA is violating the attorney client privilege, and illegally gathering information about attorneys.

* * *

NSA has two basic problems:

  • 1. It failed to get warrants;

  • 2. It threatened others -- in that they would use the SNA system to undermine their business -- if they refused to cooperate with the original illegal activity.

    * * *

    The fruits of the NSA data mining were combined with the MI6 operation Mass Appeal to manipulate the Congress and American public to support an illegal war.

    * * *

    The US military looks at the American population as a single cell, and subject to lawful observation and intrusions. The intelligence gathering is not connected with real bonafide threats. [ Ref ]

    You can read more about the problems in the JTTF intelligence gathering with this USN&WR article.
    8 May 2006 USNews & World Report article, “The Spy Next Door” by David E. Kaplan [page 41]

    The US government knows that its data mining isn't connected with a real threat. They knew full well who really placed the explosives inside the WTC.

    Those they are supposedly targeting have already moved off the grid, yet the data mining continues. There are other things -- besides "what you are being told" -- the information is being used. It has one objective: To abuse power, and deny you of your rights.

    The entire system is illegal. They call it "testing" and "investigative leads" because what it really is -- an unreasonable intrusion on your privacy -- is not lawful. You are dealing with war criminals. They use military intelligence against you in violation of Posse Comitatus.

    Contractors are paid alot of money, and people who stand to gain alot of security in pension funds are willing to pretend this is something else.

    It's not about protecting anything but their "right" to abuse power and violate the law without getting caught. If they were serious about "protecting America" they'd come clean with what they really know about who placed the explosives inside the WTC.

    * * *

    Anyone can use the NSA data mining/SNA approach to find key people to target, shut off, and rally others to discredit.

    There's one thing the NSA failed to include in their SNA planning: Jefferson's Manual. They missed other things as well. Those are being exploited as we speak. They have no hope of prevailing. The NSA is now the target of its own SNA system. From inside.

    * * *

    There are just less than six months until the election. There is also another election in 2008. There are three weeks in the first weeks of 2009 when the DNC controlled Senate may well remove the President from office.

    Rest assured, the SNA approach will be used on you to dissuade you from asserting the rule of law, and lawfully removing this threat to the Constitution. You have to choose whether you are going to use your mind. The rule of law shall prevail.

    The NSA, White House, and their staff attorneys have chosen the wrong side of the law. Try again.

    * * *

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