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Friday, October 20, 2006

Americans Are Lazy, American Lawyers Refuse To Solve Problems

If Americans don't like being called stupid, it's time Americans stop permitting stupidity and recklessness to define Americans.

Results, not words.

* * *

The President, despite being in charge of the party which Controls the Executive and Legislative branches, has a strange fascination with those who are powerless: The DNC.

Last time we checked, the DNC is not in a position of leadership, nor is it in a position of influence. It merely sits on the sides, and stupidly accepts the non-sense. Where are the solutions to Iraq? DNC doesn’t need any. The DNC has yet to take control, get information, and much less be given the chance to influence anything.

* * *

This President has recklessly led Americans into an illegal war. Rather than take responsibility for his war crimes, he's blaming those who are in no position to do anything about it, except work with prosecutors to prosecute the President. We see nothing preventing Americans from working with their state prosecutors to indict and prosecute the President.

Americans enjoy finding excuses to fail. Their leader is a demonstrated failure. What are the reasons Americans give to not immediately solve this problem? Where is the effort to work with the States to bring suit?

Americans have chosen to do nothing, letting the bills sit idly in the legislatures and assembly. It was a test to see if America was willing to do what was possible; and compel Congress to, on the record, vote to refuse to do what it should. American refused to put the question to Congress, and force the Congress to demonstrate that it was or was not unwilling to do what it should. America has known about this option for generations, only recently in 2006 daring to consider it.

* * *

The outcome of the election is irrelevant. Today, nothing stops Americans from working oh the parallel track to prosecute the President at the State level. Americans have chosen to believe that the way forward depends on what the election will or will not decide. That is three weeks away. Something can be done today. Will Americans do it? Of course not. They're lazy, they look for excuses to do nothing, and they enjoy beating their heads against a wall.

Leaders have the solutions. Americans are not willing to lead. They are willing to be pathetic, lazy, and do nothing. There are solutions. Americans are not willing to do what is lawful to solve this problem; nor are they willing to listen to the options at their disposal to bring this to an end.

If Americans do not choose to solve the problem of failed leadership, reckless war crimes, and defective defiance of the rule of law, should anyone around the globe care if American families are destroyed, their lives uprooted, or their homes invaded?

Nobody should care. American's didn't care enough to do what they could when it mattered, always hoping that "someone else" was going to solve the problem. Foreign fighters may be the ones who dare to solve what Americans refuse to solve: The leadership problem within the state and federal governments.

* * *

This President openly derides those who have no power, because this President has no other option. He cannot blame himself, because he is incapable of accepting responsibility or resigning.

Americans must decide whether you are willing to be lumped with the President, or lumped with the rule of law. Americans have chosen to define their progress in terms of what the President or Congress has or has not done. The elections are irrelevant.

Americans must ask whether they are willing to confront those who have failed: The American legal profession. If the lawyers will not act to prosecute this President, but Americans do nothing, Americans have chosen to lump themselves with those who do nothing.

Americans must decide whether you are going to act now to contact your state officials to prosecute the President. It is time to ask. Whether your state officials do or do not do anything is irrelevant. The point is to know the answer well before you vote, and find new leaders who are willing to use all options to protect the Constitution.

Until Americans are willing to exhaust all legal options to protect their Constitution, all Americans should be called what they have chosen to align themselves with -- criminals. Until you choose to assert the rule of law, and compel your state leadership to prosecute the President, you are just as complicit as any other criminal.

* * *

Your energy is best directed at what will solve the problem. What you think or do not think is irrelevant. If you are angry that you do not have the tools, insight, or means to make the call, work with your friends, and lawfully prosecute the President, then you are not open to things that are slightly more complicated.

Will Americans do what has been well discussed; will Americans heed the words of those who have solutions; will Americans dare to lead the failed legal community; will Americans dare to compel their leaders to meet their moral obligation of their oath.

The oath is clear. The Constitution is clear. Federal agents have clear responsibilities to investigate. We have clear war crimes. Americans must decide whether you are willing to be lumped with what has failed, or choose to lead that which has failed: The American legal profession, and the failed leadership in the State Attorney General’s office.

These ideas are not novel. They are well known in the legal community. The American legal community serves the client -- the American public and Constitution. Lawyers when they forget who they work for need a wake up call. Lawyers when they forget their oath need a reminder. The American legal community is lazy because they believe that Americans don't know any better.

You know there is the option. The question is when are you going to compel your American legal "experts" to do what they should; or should the world conclude that even when given the information Americans will refuse to throw this back the American legal community and ask: "OK, what's your plan to put this option into effect, and make this happen?"

Turley wrote about this solution in 2000. It is six years later. What's Turley's excuse for inaction?

A clear Constitution. A clear oath. Clear Geneva obligations. Clear rule of law standard, yet this President has convinced all Americans that nothing can be done.

Turley needs a wake up call. He appears to be rather lazy, especially since he's written about this, done nothing to work with the States to put his plan into effect. Or do we need another election in 2008 for the world to ask, "What is it going to take to get Americans to stop being stupid, lazy, and incompetent?"

Ask Turley what he thinks about Americans. Does he think they are capable of reading English, understanding the law, reading his articles and comprehending solutions; or does Turley believe that nothing can be done?

If Turley believes nothing can be done -- despite him outlining a solution to this problem -- then Turley, like the President and the rest of America, are the problem.

A clear plan. A clear standard. A clear remedy. But America's experts prove oblivious to solutions they have well discussed. Not much for the world to be impressed with, especially when Americans know they have options, but refuse to assert the rule of law, and lawfully compel the legal community to choose between doing their best, and settling for what we have.

Americans need to wake up. You're being treated like idiots because the experts have gotten lazy, and they refuse to explain why -- despite the knowledge of what is wrong -- why they fail to put their solutions into effect. It does not appear they are doing their moral best to assert their oath of office.

Will Americans dare to take the law and use it as a weapon against the American legal community? There's nothing stopping the world from doing what Americans refuse to do -- lawfully targeting the American legal community for being lazy, failing to put into effect the plans and legal options they have to protect the Constitution.

It is 2006. This has been going on since 2001. What is the American legal community waiting for? Apparently, they need a wake-up call from the Americans they despise -- "the client." The American legal community needs to quit the excuses, put together a plan, and put into effect their plan to protect the Constitution.

What more do Americans need? What else do Americans want?

If you want your Constitution, and you want to stop being called lazy, it is time to put the solutions one legal scholar has offered; and shift gears to lawfully disbar those in the American legal community that put "something else" before their loyalty to the US Constitution.

* * *

America has failed. Its governance has fallen down. Americans have refused to lead. The legal community has solutions. It is time Americans stop giving excuses, and force the American legal community to choose between their their Constitution; or whether they want to be the target of an ongoing war crimes investigation for failing to stop what they had the power to stop.

Knowing something is different than lawfully doing something about it. There is no excuse why this plan was not immediately put into effect the moment it was clear this Congress had no interest in asserting the rule of law, or preventing war crimes.

Five years since 2001. It is 2006. Three weeks isn't going to make a difference. Americans have well deserved the label of "lazy." Perhaps they want another five years to get around to considering a solution, then get around to forcing the American legal community to choose between solutions or excuses.

Five years. Clear Geneva obligations. Clear options. Clear violations, but excuses to do nothing. Plenty of time for all Americans to be well-labeled lazy, incompetent, stupid, and reckless.

The election is irrelevant. Then the next excuse will be, "We can't do anything until January when we take control" then "We can't do anything until we find facts" and "We can't do anything because we don't have 67 votes in the senate."

Enough. It doesn't matter what the Congress does or does not do. It only matters whether the American legal community wants to assert the rule of law and their oath; or whether they will give lazy Americans excuses to put up with lazy American lawyer-excuses to do nothing.

Five years. What magic set of events is the American legal community possibly waiting for to put their plan into effect? The only answer appears to be: The American lawyers want a much needed wake up call from the clients -- Americans -- who the lawyers view as lazy, incompetent, stupid, and too idiotic to bother noticing that the lawyers have known about a solution but have done nothing; and there are no consequences on the lawyers for not doing what they should do: Assert their oath, protect the Constitution, and lawfully prosecute this sitting President for crimes which he openly admits: Violating of FISA, illegal invasions of Iraq, and unlawful abuse of power by failing to enforce the Supreme Law.

Five years this has gone on, and Americans stupidly wonder why the world is upset, or why foreign fighters continue to gather strength and support. There is only one answer: Foreign fighters are more interested in asserting their will than lazy, ignorant, stupid, reckless Americans who refuse to lawfully threaten the American legal community with lawful jail time for their failure to put their oath into effect and put into effect plans and options that are lawful.

What are the excuses of the lazy, stupid, ignorant, and reckless Americans from doing what they know should be done – lawfully forcing the American legal community to choose between the Constitution or more stupidity?

There is only one excuse: Stupidity. You have the tools. Meanwhile, foreign fighters continue to do what lazy, stupid, arrogant, reckless Americans refuse to do – assert their will and lawfully destroy what lazy, stupid, ignorant Americans refuse to manage.

If the people who are running for office in your state have no solution, comment, or plan to lawfully protect the Constitution, ask them why we should vote for them; why should we believe they take their oath seriously; or why we should believe they're going to do what should be done to protect the Constitution.

Take your lazy-attitude and sit with your lazy leaders. You've gotten what you deserve. Make your leaders and candidates explain why We the People should believe they can be trusted to do what they should. They knew, or should know about lawful options to protect the Constitution. Why does it take a lazy, ignorant, stupid American citizen to provide leadership, oversee, and compel the American legal community to do what it long took the oath to do? There is not excuse for their alleged malfeasance, especially when they have well known the solution and options, but continue to pathetically whine, "Oh, look what sad state of affairs we are in."

The time for whining is over. Time for the voters to put the question to the leadership: Are you with the Constitution and a lawful solution; or are you going to give more excuses why its "Just so hard to get people to do what they promised to do"? Those who takes oaths, and fail to meet their obligation should not be trusted; and no American can credibly be called intelligent when they continue to rely on excuses to continue with what has failed, as opposed to compelling the leadership to implement lawful solutions. If there's no solution, and no plan to do what is lawful, what else can the world conclude -- that Americans are stupid, lazy, and incapable of self-government. Those in the position of influence, power, expertise, knowledge, and access refuse to ensure that the lawful solutions translate into lawful results.

Utterly pathetic Americans.

* * *

The Big Choice

A. Lawful solutions; or

B. Excuses.

Five years: Excuses. There's no excuse.