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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

CENTCOM Has No Power To Compel Action Against American Civilians

We discuss CENTCQM's continued absurdity.

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Apparently, CENTCQM has a policy that press releases shall be posted in full.
Some of you may recall that I've gotten a tad of criticism (::clearing throat::) from CENTCOM for not posting their press releases in full. Ref


1. CENTCQM is a government entity. It has no power to compel anyone to comply with non-disclosed "terms and conditions."

2. Fair use rules permit We the People to use or not use information as we deem fit.

3. CENTCQM does not have the power to define what information we do or do not post.

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Evidence of Abuse

Ref Note that CENTCQM would ask that bloggers act like journalists; but when given a request, CENTCQM treats bloggers like annoyances.

___ What legal authority is CENTCQM relying on, other than non-sense, that would compel anyone to comply with their unreasonable requests?

"FAIR USE" does not apply to government work. This work is in the public domain. Bloggers may, through the transformative nature of the creative work, choose to treat the news release as a piece of art, and systematically shred it, ignore it, repost portions of it, or do whatever it likes.

CENTCQM has no power to compel anyone to not use something called an ellipsis [ . . . ] which permits excerpts.

CENTCQM has no power to compel bloggers to disclose e-mail; or confirm their e-mail address; or verify that the source of the information is or isn’t' form a third source which may or may not be linked with CENTCQM .

___ Even if there is a term that says that the news release "must" be posted in full, how does CENTCQM know whether the posting is from the news release, or has been cross-posted/excerpted from another source?

CENTCQM cannot prove how has or hasn't posted the information from the news release; nor prove that someone didn't get the content from another source. Linking to another source could satisfy the CENTCQM requirements.

___ What does CENTCQM propose to do if someone were to receive a news release, but only post portions of that release, linking the full release to somewhere else?

It cannot compel a free citizen to disclose the source of information; or require them to post the full contents from other blogs.


CENTCQM has no legal authority to compel American civilians to do anything.

* * *

Example: It is possible for this blog to take the information from this blog, and rewrite it, edit it, and use it as how We the People deem fit.

Similarly another blogger could do the same thing.

If CENTCQM is going to send We the Peoplea private e-mail stating that We the People must do or not do something with that information, then they are engaging in active censorship: Requiring We the Peopleto fully disclose the contents of things We the People do not wish to disclose. We the People am free to not disclose what We the People choose.

CENTCQM cannot compel We the Peopleto repost information that We the People have not agreed to repost. We the People may choose to link to other sites and content that have the full content. We the People may choose to ignore CENTCQM 's request.

We the People may also choose to use CENTCQM 's e-mail notification as a fair warning that CENTCQM has new information, then find the same content, and link to Portions of that content in We the People blog.

For CENTCQM to tell We the Peoplethat We the People have to use all their content is UNENFORCEABLE; and We the People may choose to honor or not honor their requirement.

Further, We the People may choose to re-edit the information as We the People choose, and clearly write that We the People have gotten the information from someone else.

CENTCQM has no legal authority to compel We the Peopleto prove how We the People got the information; nor can they stop anyone from using their e-mail notification as a fair notice that there may exist a full posting of that material somewhere else that We the People may choose to ignore, post to, link to, or partially edit as We the People deem fit.

CENTCQM e-mails are deemed to be public notifications that there may be new content that others may choose to post, link to, or not post in its entirety, refereeing the content that may be linked with other people.

CENTCQM , as with the Iraqi insurgency, has demonstrated that it has finite power. If you choose to assert that you can compel anyone to do anything, please count your dead and remind yourselves that you are not immune to the will of the Iraqi people to lawfully defend themselves, assert the rule of law, and lawfully eject illegal invaders from their lands.

CENTCQM 's problem is that they have not fully answered these questions, as We the People may compel. Perhaps if CENTCQM fully responds to the war crimes prosecutors, some might consider posting your content. Until then, you shall continue to suffer lawful combat losses in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Translation: As with the Iraqi insurgency, CENTCQM , by being arrogant, is inciting in the American civilian population, creative ways to defy their power. You cannot compel anyone to follow your illegal orders. Your orders have no effect against civilians.

Posse Comitatus applies. You do not have police power. Your DOD General counsel is under investigation by the War crimes prosecutor. His background on military law, even if it were relevant to civilians, inspires a reasonable question in the public minds that the legal basis for CENTCQM 's ORDER is groundless.

CENTCQM Has created a reasonable nexus for We the People to question its legal authority, its credibility, and the basis to have confidence in it leadership, competence, and ability to wage war, much less professionally interact with We the People. You work for us. Do you job, follow lawful orders. Until you learn how to follow the laws of war, don't lecture any American civilian in any e-mail whether they can or should post the complete content of your e-mails.

If CENTCQM disagrees with this Order, you may chose to file a complaint in District Court ordering all bloggers to comply with unenforceable standards. You have no legal power or authority to compel any civilian to post portions, part of, or anything that we do not wish to post; and you may not compel any civilian to reveal how the information We the People post was or was not obtained; and you cannot compel anyone to post information that they may or may not have received from non CENTCQM sources.

CENTCQM is hereby admonished, and this conduct shall be entered into the public records for purposes of documenting abuse against American civilians; and made available for public inspection by war crimes prosecutors.

CENTCQM has been DENIED the power to compel anyone to report fully the information that may or may not be received by mail.

CENTCQM is ORDERD to cease and deist from making unenforceable constraint, and shall be DENIED the authority to compel anyone to tell any citizen that content they can or cannot post on their blog.

CENTCOM is ORDERED to cease and DECIST from sending harassing e-mails to American citizens.


* * *

The redacted CENTCQM Press Release [ Source ]

Transformative Adjustement of the CENTCQM ART

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Questions For CENTCQM Based on This Release

___ Why are you disclosing the information publicly related to intelligence?

___ Why does CENTCQM engage in public disclosures of what information it does or doesn’t have?

___ Why is CENTCQM revealing that it has access to the password protections, unless CENTCQM would like someone to believe CENTCQM can do something that it cannot?

___ Even if it were true that the information CENTCQM has is correct, what value is it to disclose what CENTCQM knows?

___ If CENTCQM has received a copy of the information, what is stopping NSA and CENTCQM from targeting those who supposedly wrote the information?

___ What is CENTCQM ’s legal authority to compel people not to communicate; but then to require American citizens to communicate?

___ What is CENTCQM ’s plan to translate this information into an operations plan?

___ Why should American civilians assist you when you are being arrogant, as you are against Iraqi civilians?

___ Why should anyone believe that your translations are correct?

___ Is anything that the people posting the information saying valid?

___ Rather than abuse American civilians, what effort has CENTCQM made to directly discuss the contents of the messages with the originator, not simply those who post the information?

___ What effort is CENTCQM making to secure evidence of war crimes which may be posted on the internet?

___ Has CENTCQM complied with the Brady requirement that all information which may be of use to defendants is provided to the war crimes tribunal?

___ If the information is correct, what is the basis to suggest that CENTCQM has a plan that effectively respects the right of the American public to treat the CENTCQM public affairs office with as much respect as might be given to a dog?