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Monday, November 27, 2006

Bush Defeat Doctrine

Rarely does a political leader contribute so much to military doctrine.

* * *

Bush and The Art of Defeat

The President provides valuable leadership for those who desire defeat.

We present the Bush Defeat Doctrine, and it's application in other conflicts.

Ref The legacy of Washington as the President misapplies it.

Ref Sample: UK defeat, withdrawl in Iraq touted as victory

Ref: Flee from success; fail to exploit the gains.

* * *

Guiding Principles

Grab territory and ignore the enemy.

Outflank the weak enemy today; engage them tomorrow when they are strong.

Move quickly without regard to reality.

Believe your own propaganda.

Attack when it is at your disadvantage, when the enemy is prepared.

If you're losing and in legal trouble, accelerate your momentum.

* * *

The Leader’s Position

Media position is superior to battle position.

Where no effort is expended, defeat is assured.

No General is too intelligent to ignore, berate, or fire.

No soldier is too indispensable not to abuse or blame.

The Decider Decides

Never coordinate.

Act alone.

Overrule the experts.

Ignore the expertise.

Condemn the competent.

Deride the defenseless.

This is the way to defeat.

* * *


Where there is no enemy, attack civilians to create new enemies.

Where the enemy is strong, cut your reserves to 1/9th the requirement to maintain security and peace.

Where they enemy is weak, hide and avoid reality.

* * *

The Risks

When error is inevitable, change your agenda and compel your media opponent to rewrite the wire copy.

When victory is doomed, copy writers must be forced to change the words.

Change is good if others must change; change is bad if defeat is to be avoided.

* * *


Appear strong where there is chaos

Appear weak where there is weakness

Appear dissuaded where there is defeat

Appear victorious when there is no plan for victory.

* * *

If the enemy is strong, avoid them, and then confront them when you are outnumbered.

If the enemy is weak, chase them without regard to whether you can or cannot protect your convoys.

If the enemy is defeated, retreat then advance quickly without a plan to secure your gains.

If the enemy is feigning defeat, retreat faster, and then rush into the center without a defense.

* * *

If you have overwhelming technology, but are counting the number of dead, you are defeated.

If you have overwhelming resources, but refuse to deploy them, defeat is assured.

* * *


Negativity is ignored until it is reality.

Success is assumed until defeat is inevitable.

Options are ignored until defeat is assured.

Victory is asserted loudly and often, well after defeat is assured.

* * *

Move first when disadvantage appears advantageous.

Occupy meaningless centers of power.

Ignore powerful centers.

Lure with claims of victory.

Secure defeat with more defeat.

* * *

Ignore the Condition of your troops – your enemy only cares about other things.

The enemy’s weaknesses are illusions; victory for the enemy is certain as defeat for our allies.

Choose the claim of victory has the path to certain defeat.

* * *

Always move to create advantage for the enemy and disadvantage for the ally.

Inspire in the enemy a belief that they can prevail. When appropriately challenged, the enemy will prevail, and you will be secure in your defeat.

Leave your enemy no option but to organize and fight. Inspire the enemy to prevail by spreading news of your abuse and disrespect for their women.

Defeat is assured if you compel action where it is not needed; and inspire former allies to become your new enemies. When you are outnumbered, defeat is assured. Assure defeat by turning your support into your opposition.

* * *

If your opponent does not grovel, make them move to the upper balcony. The peanuts will not sting as badly, although they may be numerous and frequent volleys.

Ignore the peanuts. Ignore the defeat.

* * *

Attack only in unfavorable weather

Secure the lowlands, ignore the highlands

Ignore the insignificant strongholds in the mountains

When your best are defeated, send your worst;

When your worst are defeated, fire your best.

* * *

Reserves are useless unless they are depleted.

When the enemy is weak, do not engage them, but delay, giving them time to make themselves stronger.

When you have no defenses, ignore the defeat.

Claim victory; silence the ungrateful ones, dissatisfied with defeat.

* * *

Exhausting One’s Resources

No enemy is too small to waste energy

No enemy is too large to underestimate

No enemy is too fast to be rolled over by

No enemy is too defeated to impose on you a defeat.

* * *

The Information

Intelligence is a scapegoat. Information and those who bring it are unacceptable barriers to defeat. Blame them.

Strong intelligence must be defeated.

Weak intelligence must be rewarded.

No intelligence most be protected.

Asinine intelligence must be given medals.

* * *

Knowledge of the enemy is meaningless: Certain defeat can be assured by facing only the idea of victory, without regard to the reality of defeat.

No leader need to be bothered with the unexpected.

The unknown unknown will never be known until too late.

The known knowns can be ignored with the proper plans -- be secure in your defeat.

The unknown knows can be proven to be fiction.

The known unknowns can be buried on page A16 of the Washington Post.

Damn the bloggers!

* * *

Defeat Secured

Where victory is elusive, create the illusion of victory.

Where defeat is certain, feign uncertainty of defeat.

Where defeat has arrived, create bigger delusions of bigger victory.

* * *

Do not assent to find the way to victory.

Simply assert victory and defeat will find you.

* * *


Ref Ignore the lessons of the Greeks, and pretend incorrect critisim is not the sign of flawed analysis.

Ref Assert you are being honest, while lying about what you said.

Ref When you have no options, agree to mislead: Call disagreement agreement.