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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Joint Staff Disagreement

Rather than accept the Joint Staff cannot agree what to do with Iraq, the White House has changed the focus to whether the White House does or does not agree.

Small problem: The Joint staff is not in agreement; how can the White House assert that it is in agreement -- implicitly arguing that there is no disagreement -- with something that hasn't been agreed to?


* * *

(1) Minor Trifles As A Smokescreen

The reason there is a disagreement on a meaningless addition of 20-30K troops is that the larger issues are unresolved. The US has no viable options, and a debate on a small number means that the more divisive issues -- whether to attack or negotiate with Iran -- are settled.

(2) Divided Executive Leadership

The White House, President, National Security Council, and OSD are not on the same page. This is a bad sign, especially during combat: Not only do they have no options, but they're pretending there's harmony, where there is chaos. The ruse is to require the DNC to cooperate and agree with something the GOP has not decided.

(3) Division Within President's Power Sphere

There is a great rift between the White House, Congress, Joint Staff, Joint Chiefs, and National Security Council. Despite being on the eve of combat operations in Iran, the worst signal to send is there is any disagreement over strategy in a separate theater of war. The ruse is to blame Congress, and make Congress agree with something that has not been resolved.

(4) Divert from "Lack of Policy" and "No Options" To Issues of Agreement-Disagreement

The White House is changing the focus form whether the Joint Staff does or doesn’t have a policy, to whether there is or is not disagreement. The Joint Staff has no firm policy, and the President hasn't agreed or disagreed with what hasn't been decided.

(5) Playing For Time

The US has no workable options and is stalling, hoping for a miracle. Note, the longer the White House delays, the less time there is to discuss the problem. With enough delaying, the President will make the "big announcement" at the State of the Union address: Remember what he did at the other state of the Union Address -- lied about WMD? He's going to lie about an agreement. All the options are bad, and none of the options are "least worst".

(6) US Ineffectual Relative to Iran

The US doesn't want to admit that it has, despite a losing hand with both Iran and Syria, no leverage to make either of the countries do anything.

(7) US Manipulated To Fight Unwinnable Proxy Wars

The US doesn't want to admit that, as Israel manipulated the US to invade Iraq, Saudi Arabia is manipulating the US to invade Iran.

* * *

Snark Iran Plan: Operation Green Octopus

___ Despite all the chaos, how is the US going to invade Iran?

The President's little green friends from Mars are going to help him. Relying on the US Naval carrier "anti-squid" device, they will storm the beaches dressed like Leprechauns -- the official uniform of the Martian enemy combatants. The Iran invasion will be blamed on "those other green little bastards, not us."

___ Why didn't the President call on these forces before with the original plan to invade Iraq?

The little green men were frozen under the Martian topsoil, and couldn't get out.

Thanks to Universal Climate Change, the Martians have been released, and are free to roam the Solar System wreaking chaos. Before they implement their Iran invasion plan, they want to learn all they can from the penultimate screw-up: Surrender Monkey George.