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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Alleged Open Source War Crimes Evidence

As you consider your lines of discovery, there are open sources of information connected to the US Government. This information may be of assistance to the German War Crimes prosecutor.

The information below contains alleged war crimes related evidence for purposes of supporting indictments before The Hague.

The information below is alleged war crimes related-evidence, and may not lawfully be classified or restricted. All personnel, firms, contractors, and persons depicted have not been charged with any crime; and are presumed innocent until proven guilty by the German War Crimes prosecutor.

* * *

Monitoring the NeoCon Network

Remember what Hitler did while he was in Prison? He had alot of time on his hands and did alot of writing.

What's Tom Delay and the NeoCons doing? They're planning.

Ref Illusions of War and disater to compel citizens to fast action.

Take a look at the image inside the Heritage Foundation. [Take the link out of Google, and enter it to the URL line].

the "weekly Heritage Foundation and Human Events bloggers meeting/conference call"

  • The existence of these weekly meetings has been disclosed in the open media;

  • War crimes prosecutors may lawfully monitor the communications using warrants;

  • Prosecutors and US Attorneys may lawfully intercept, analyze, and use any information related to this open meeting for any lawful purpose related to the apprehension, capture, and detention of alleged war criminals inside the US government;

  • All personnel engaged in any conversations, note taking, or other interactions with anyone associated with these meetings may be introduced into evidence before The Hague; and

  • All lessons in re Foley-related meetings in re Congressional negligence, allegedly applies to these meetings: Did the personnel fully do what they should do or not.

    Notice the packaging of the meals and locations and the contact information to monitor which telephones are used to place the order, and identify their wifi, cell, and fax of the incoming order. Once the order is placed, the credit card company and satellites will register the information, and create a computer record, which can be cross linked with funding information.

    Sugar Land FSU
    2330 Highway 6
    Sugar Land, TX, 77478
    Phone: (281) 494-3800

    From: 2330 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX, 77478
    To: 7002 Riverbrook Dr Sugar Land, TX 77479

    Nearby Location: Mall: 11 Minutes, or 2 Miles.

    One Possible Delivery Address

    7002 Riverbrook Dr
    Sugar Land, TX 77479
    (281) 343-1333

    The meeting is from the Delay Meeting with Bloggers co-sponsored by The Heritage Foundation & Human Events.

    Notice the ages, demeanor, and what people are physically doing who are listening. Notice the type of equipment/laptops, the style of clothing, their haircuts, and the types of pens they are holding.

    Notice the lunch purchases. There are receipts of the goods. This goes to bank accounts, checks, credit cards, travel funds, and then an account.

    * * *

    Archived Photos

    Ref Check the photos on page 9 of 12: President Iran-Contra Reagan with Delay on the wall, between O'Connel and Delay.


    ___ How well does Delay inerface with other Iran-Contra people like Addington, a target of the German war crimes prosecutor?

    Greatwood Golf falls under a Holding Company called Allen Property, a subsidiary of AMERICAN GENERAL CORPORATION, where Vincent E. Cantwell was the target of an FEC complaint in 2002, whose firm interestingly coincides with documents matching Delays name.

    What's curious is American General never directly intersects with Delay; but we can speculate: What if the money went into one firm and PAC, and was siphoned off through another to hide the connection between the sender and the intended recipients. [ Ref ] But American General does link to Delay in the 1990s.

    Boeing, the alleged bridge between Rendition and alleged NSA illegal warrantless surveillance, provided Delay with funds, $4,000.

    Look at all those oil firms that would stand to benefit if the Iraqi oil fields were developed.

    ___ How many DoD or oil firm contractors are silent about war crimes, illegal warfare, and other things because they (a) benefited financially from the war; and (b) were allegedly complicit with the fraud, deception committed to launch combat operations?

    ___ How many DoD or oil firm contractors are silent about rendition, NSA surveillance, and Prisoner abuse, and alleged war crimes because as a part of their agreement to get DoD contractors, they were also asked to participate in allegedly illegal activity: Rendition, prisoner abuse, and other Geneva violations?

    * * *

    Delay DOB: April 8, 1947

    * * *

    Look closely at the lower right laptop and look at the screen, and discuss what you see: TPM site. ( h/t)

    * * *

    This is what I need you to do: Monitor the site, and keep an eye toward any slips that may reveal anything related to activity between 2001.

    This is what's needed:

    ___ Meeting minutes

    ___ Budget documents

    ___ Signed policy memos

    ___ Travel, trip, training, meeting reports/budgets

    ___ Discussions of anecdotes

    ___ Any names of people

    ___ Reports of formerly assigned US government officials

    ___ Background information on how people know each other

    ___ Anecdotes of habits, minor details, preferences

    This information can be indexed, and cross referenced with the open source information, and help identify missing leads in re alleged US Government war crimes, and the allegations that US Government Officials knew about, did not stop, and otherwise have access to war crimes related evidence.

    Here is a sample of what can be done with a few pieces of information: here.

    Forward information which may be of interest to war crimes prosecutors to this address.

    Good luck.

    * * *

    Information for German War Crimes Prosecutor

    Sample Identifying Information
    Daimon Sprok

    Address for Subpoena

    Peer1 Internet Bandwidth Inc.
    2nd Floor 75 Broad Street
    New York NY
    10004 US

    OrgTechPhone: +1-604-683-7747,

    E-mail: [ net-admin AT ]

    Registration Date: 2003-12-02

    NetRange: -

    NetName: PEER1-NYCAT3AVLAN1-03

    * * *



    Notice the common approach to the political problems, which surfaced in the Vanity Fair article in re Richard Pearle.

    Delay: "Culture of corruption had nothing to do with any race"

    DeLay blamed campaign finance law introduced by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) for much of the damage

    * * *


    Please let your friends know there is an affirmative link between visual evidence, known bank accounts, and specific foods which affirmatively link Delay and others to specific orders, financial accounts, and other evidence linking the photo to specific locations where funds have been transferred.

    It remains to be understood how this photo can be affirmatively linked with alleged war crimes; and the alleged reckless disregard Members of Congress paid to legal issues 1995 - 2006. The worst kind of lunch is one that allegedly links you to war crimes planning, evidence, and other alleged illegal activity.

    "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, Tom." -- Agent Sydney Bristow

    * * *


    The above information is not intended to accuse anyone of any crime. Any inference that any person, entity, contractor, firm, or person has been accused of a crime is a misreading of the above information.

    The above information is for information purposes only, and may or may not be relevant in prosecuting anyone for alleged war crimes 2001-2006.