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Thursday, December 07, 2006

FBI Feigns Confusion Over Corruption Case Leaks

Американское правительство укомплектовано штаты идиотами: Нанесено поражение в сражении, оскандалено дома, и ненадежно в защищать конституцию США.

The FBI director Robert S. Mueller, III is disingenuous when he talks about finding who is leaking information to the media. ( h / t )

He need only ask his Asst FBI director, James "Chip" Burruhs for a list of his media contacts.

* * *

Chip's the one who's been publicly talking to the media, and getting quoted. If a source inside the FBI, other than Burrohs is talking about the specific corruption cases, compare:

A. Who Chip Burrus has been talking to;

B. The media that has been reporting the cases;

C. Who has overall control of the information.

If the FBI can't find this out, no reason to believe they'll help someone else out.

Don't us tell the leak is from the NCTC. The idea was to consolidate the reporting that the National Security Council's DSP otherwise ignored. Is this central nerve center creating a security problem, and permitting abuses of power

___ CIA agents involved in domestic rendition

___ Use of FBI cell phone-monitoring technology to engage in wireless roving of activity not covered by warrants

___ Monitoring US civilian cell phones, even when they are not in use, using monitoring technology which the FISA court has not approved with a specific warrant

___ Non-sense excuses to pretend the FISA warrant process could not be followed, despite DOJ Staff counsel working on non-official business during duty hours? [ DoJ's Story on FISA workload does not add up ]

* * *


___ Nuremburg Justice Trials prosecuted attorneys, police, and judges who failed to enforce the law; or who enforced illegal statutes. Are you concerned you might be prosecuted for assenting to illegal orders not to investigate war crimes?

___ After Hamdan why aren't you leading investigations into prisoner abuse, and ignoring whether something is or isn’t "torture"? Ref

___ Ref Why are you doing nothing about illegal acts of congress which illegal assert judicial powers?

___ Is there a reason that to reward FBI agents who show signs of mental instability, poor management skills, or an inability to resolve issues?

___ Why is the JTTF unable to lend its "big skills" to ensure victory in Iraq and Afghanistan?

___ Is the President interfering with your decision on whether the forward the charges from the Grand Jury to the US Congress?

___ Why do you promote people in the FBI who have a poor understanding of the statutes, rules of evidence, and case management?

___ Read this cited memoranda from 1974. Are you saying that under your FBI this kind of evidence is not available in 2006?

___ Why do FBI agents not fully report evidence and permit the US Attorneys to make the declination decisions on issues of rendition, FISA violations, and other abuses of the US Statute?

___ Did you forget about the manual, Report on Dismissed Agents, and reports of misbehavior?

Answer: The American government is staffed by losers: Defeated in battle, discredited at home, and unreliable in protecting the US Constitution.

James may be hiding in a cave. James "Chip" Burrus, have you ever considered changing your name to Jimmy The Chipmunk BurroughBoy? Who would want to do that.