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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Star Wars: What Would Storm Troopers Say About Iraq?

Change the country, rename the location, and call it another planet.

Same US soldier comments might as well come from the Storm Troopers.

* * *

Ref The Evil Empire speaks and admits it is stupid, incompetent, and reckless. Notice how they speak as if the mistakes were unrelated to their decision: "Huge mistakes were made," isn't an acceptance that they blundered, engaging in alleged war crimes and other illegal activity to implement their blunder.

The Evil Empire cannot compel free people to choose between evil and something else; the choice has been made: You've lost.

After refusing to listen, you're on your own, no sympathy from this corner of the blogosphere.

If you want the war to end, stop being evil and accept you're the illegal invaders, part of the problem, and in the way. Then turn inward to prevent this from ever happening again, otherwise the world will unite and destroy America.

Regardless whether America wakes up and reforms from within, prepare to get your rear-ends kicked.

This hasn't yet started.

In the end, the evil Empire fell apart.

That evil empire is the United States.