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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Max Syed-Tollan Did A Fine Job

[ Direct link: ] Ref Max Syed-Tollan was the guest presenter on the BBC's The Interview and did an excellent job. [ BBC Audio ]

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It was interesting to hear Max's insight on Europe, world issues, traveling, the show Monty Python, and how he weaved his awareness of the subjects into his many excellent questions.

Max was very articulate, well spoken, and brought a welcome, fresh perspective to The Interview. I was impressed with his questions, familiarity with the subject, and the details he offered through his questions. One example was the actor-as-traveler, or traveler-as-actor perspective; It's a good sign when a seasoned interviewer like Michael Palin recognizes a unique question, requiring some thought and a novel, considered response.

It was interesting to hear his fresh, personal comments about a detailed aspect of a subject's work, then weave this into his questions. I would encourage Max to continue asking questions about things he may have not have personally observed, read, or watched related to the person he is interviewing; and continue asking his excellent, thought provoking questions. Many times I thought, "I would never have even thought to consider that question, much less answer it." Well done.

I look forward to hearing from Max again on the BBC, not just The Interview, and would hope he continues to get full BBC support with any research requirements and preparation he may require in the future for any of his work.

Thanks for a job well done, [ Direct link: ] Max Syed-Tollan. Very impressed! Thanks for your effort and I look forward to hearing more from you.

Good luck and best wishes for 2007.

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Personal Note To Max


This link may give you an idea of more about me, and how one person can impact the world. You did the same with your appearance on the interview.

It only takes one voice.

Ref It only takes one voice: This can happen

Ref One quote, one voice, one world.

Max, you've already succeeded in being a world voice. You can easily do it again.

Good luck.

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Personal Note To Max's Parents

I'll leave it up to visitors to contact the BBC if they want to write a letter to Max; I have not included the name of Max's school here.

I have included this link so that others might know more about others you have assisted. Visit here -- See page 3 of 5 for fund raising events, and how other visitors can help.

Thank you for your hospitality and generosity you have shown.