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Monday, December 04, 2006

Tacitus Gave Fair Warning of Congressional Deceit

Ref Beware the Leader isn't only about war, it is about much more.

* * *

The quote is not a look at what would come; but a reminder of what would happen, and what the full scope of the conspiracy is.

Members of Congress, like the Roman Generals, have done the same: Been given something of value for their silence and inaction on the original frauds.

They defy their oaths. There is much more which must be done to protect the Constitution: Hold the Congress to account for their inaction.

This is the beginning of the quote, and where we are in 2006 going into the 110th Congress on impeachment, in 2007.

You can jump to the relevant quote here, with some discussion and underlining. There is more involved with the US Congress and their refusal to fully hold to account one portion of the original deception.

* * *

Rights only mean something if they are defended, protected, and asserted. They cannot be a stepping stone to power. Our reliance on the enforcement of Our Rights cannot be compromised by an agreement to do nothing or not hold anyone responsible for the original wrongs.

Where there is in action on fraud, the alleged conspiracy widens. Those who knew of the illegal activity, but do nothing to prosecute it, are just as wrong as those who devised the original scheme.

You are either on the side of the Constitution and We the People, or you are part of what has failed, and has assented to the original frauds.

Choose between Our Constitution or Your Conspiracy.