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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brady: Video Evidence of Prisoner Abuse -- US Govt Staff Counsel Misled Court on War Crimes Evidence

This is war crimes evidence. There are tapes despite the US Attorney's claim that prisoners couldn't prove abuse.

DoJ Staff and US Attorney face a credible threat of disbarment related to illegal suppression of war crimes evidence.

* * *

Brady requires the government to make available to defendants all evidence that may be useful to their defense. Complicating matters is Hamdan which reminded the government that the prisoners are entitled to Geneva protections, and cannot be abused. How the US government defines torture is irrelevant.

The fact that there are video tapes destroys the US Attorneys arguments before the US Judicial System. They've previously lied, stating that the detainees couldn't prove abuse; or that the activity was classified.

Under Executive Orders related to ORCON which DoJ knows well, it is illegal to classify evidence of illegal activity: Prisoner abuse.

Once video evidence has been admitted to any court, it remains something that could be used against any US Government official worldwide in any court. The existnce of the video tapes means the most likely reason for claiming there was no evidence, and not having timely trials, was that the US government feared the existce of the tapes could be introduced as evidence to prosecute the President and others for war crimes.

This is serious. The US Attorneys and DOJ Staff could get disbarred: Misleading the tribunal, wasting time, not fully cooperating with Brady requirements on matters related to alleged war crimes.

What You Can Do

Someone has known about the video interrogations. Add this to your questions for Members of Congress.

___ When will the German war crimes prosecutor get a copy of these video interrogations when making findings of fact related to allegations of war crimes against Rumsfeld, Yoo, Addington, Gonzalez, Haynes, and US military personnel? Contact Info

___ How many videos exist of interrogations of those illegally rendered to Eastern Europe?

___ What is the plan of the US Attorney, DoJ, CIA, DoJ, and DoD to work with the Milan prosecutor investigating illegal rendition, and provide copies of these video tapes for the Italian war crimes prosecutors? [ Contact Info ]

___ How many on the DNC-GOP Congressional Staffs know about this: Brady violations, suppression of relevant evidence, classification of illegal activity, and the unlawful abuse of prisoners?

___ Who inside the DNC-GOP Staff counsels has known about the video tapes?

___ Where are the Title 28 and Title 50 memoranda to the US Attorney and DOJ-DHS-DoD Inspector Generals from the Members of Congress asking why the Attorney General, as required, did not provide in writing the plans not to fully comply with Brady and the Geneva Conventions? Statutes

___ When was the war crimes prosecutor first informed of this war crimes related evidence?

___ How has this war crimes related evidence been factored into issues of impeachment?

___ How many videos were made in Eastern Europe related to similar detentions, interrogations?

___ How many videos were made of US citizens while they were held under DHS-JTTF-DoJ warrantless interrogations?

___ Have US officials used specific information in the interrogations that could have only been gleaned from NSA intercepts that were illegal, specifically linked with the NARUS STA 6400, and information which Boeing should have known supported the illegal rendition of prisoners to Europe? Boeing Details