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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Draft Articles of Impeachment FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III

These are draft articles of impeachment.

Please encourage the Senate Judiciary and Chairman Leahy [VT] to forward evidence to the House Judiciary for full investigation and debate on the House floor.

* * *

FBI Director Mueller Impeachment

Congress must impeach the FBI director, and find someone who is serious about asserting their oath, gathering evidence of illegal activity by DOJ, and fully supporting the DOJ OPR review of the illegal White House conduct. Mueller is sending the same signal: Despite no plan to comply with the law, the US prefers to suffer additional combat losses.

FBI Director Mueller Draft Articles of Impeachment

Article 1: Failing to fully assert his oath, 5 USC 3331.

Article 2: Illegal refusal to investigate unlawful activity which violates Executive Orders

Article 3: Refusal to fully comply with Congressional subpoenas.

Article 4: Maladministration. Illegal Case Management. Failing to ensure that investigations are fully completed, and presented to the US Attorney for declination decisions. Violation of Manual on Administrative Operating PRocedures, malfeasanance, and maladministration of Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Article 5: Witness Tampering. Failing to ensure that war crimes related evidence related to illegal surveillance and rendition, linking the White House, FBI, DoJ, CIA, NSA, and other government agencies, was fully presented for prosecution.

Article 6: Obstruction. Failing to explore the relationship between Boeing’s contract carrier support with the NSA intercept program supported by NARUS, Verizon, Terremark, and other firms directly or indirectly associated with AT&T and NARUS.

Article 7: Conspiracy. Assent to illegal agreement to keep hidden, in violation of ORCON, information related to unlawful activity.

* * *

Evidence Warranting House Impeachment

Ref Refusal to cooperate with Senate inquiry into illegal activity which violates ORCON; illegal refusal to gather evidence related to illegal activity

Ref Transcript of Mueller's Comments before the Senate Judiciary Committee

* * *

It is an excuse to suggest the only way to monitor the enemy is through illegal means. DoJ’s problem is that the DOJ Staff counsel has been linked with non-official conduct when the Attorney General said they were too busy to follow the FISA.

FBI director Allegedly Condones Illegal ORCON violations

Illegal activity cannot be disclosed because it’s classified. Mueller should know, if he has competent DoJ Staff counsel working for him, that ORCON prohibits the classification of illegal activity.

The FBI has a job to do. You will only succeed if you have American public support. This FBI director is communicating that he would rather go it alone, like this President did in Iraq, that fully comply with the Constitution and do what he is required to do.

The FBI Directo fails to comprehend his losing hand:

1. The National Counter Terrorism Center is publicly known. It has personnel from the CIA, NSA, and FBI working there. The center has been accessed. The movable screens inside the NCTC outside DC are not solving the problem of insurgents in Iraq.

2. Public confidence in the US government, despite the defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, can go lower: Market forces can lawfully destroy a government and financial reporting system that refuses to put the rule of law first.

3. US citizens are not required to continue supporting contractors which support, botch, or otherwise indirectly engage in illegal NSA-DoJ operations.

4. Private citizens, contractors, and CEOs could be held criminal liable if they continue to provide illegal support for unlawful DoJ-NSA surveillance; and that information is used to support illegal kidnapping, abuse, Geneva violations.

5. Nuremburg is precedent, after adjudication by a tribunal, for lawfully prosecuting and executing members of the security services when they refuse to enforce the law; support a pattern of conduct which violates the law; or otherwise fails to sure the Supreme Law is protected.

6. US public has already sent a vote of no confidence. The longer the FBI direct incorrectly communicates that he has a loyalty to illegal activity, and puts an oath to secrecy to keep classified evidence of unlawful conduct, the less time or interest Members of the public should have toward solving the problems he faces: Lack of manning; insufficient public support; inability to find contractors capable of doing the job; and lack of solutions

Either you’re with the Constitution, or you’re with the same group that puts the Constitution at risk: The enemies that have defied your oath. Our choices are not between the terrorists and those who want to violate the rule of law in the FBI, DoJ, NSA, or CIA.

Our Choice is between the Constitution and a New Constitution which will compel you to do what you refuse to do.

Prior to the US invasion of Yugoslavia, it was the decision of the Yugoslavian government to self-grant immunity for war crimes .NATO used this declaration to support military intervention. FBI’s Mueller will have to consider to what extent his remarks, by sending a clear signal to the world that the US law enforcement is not serious about investigating war crimes, illegal activity, or other things that have been illegal classified in violation of ORCON, is in the same position as the Yugoslavian government – lawfully subject to foreign military intervention.

The FBI Director has serious legal issues to confront:

___ Decide whether he wants to face continued attacks by foreign fighters for sending a mixed signal about whether you are for or against the rule of law. Iraqis have sovereignty. If he sends a message that the law is only going to be selectively applied,. Foreign fighters may conclude that the change in power in Congress is meaningless, and the only option, other than frivolous legal battles, is to increase combat operations directed at JTTF, and other DOJ Assets.

___ Decide whether you want to assert the rule of law or want to solve problems. ORCON prohibits classification of illegal activity. When US government officials in the FBI defy the Constitution, there is much more than their 5 USC 3331 obligations that are at risk; it’s a question of whether their arrogance is or is not materially contributing to the sustained combat losses this American government continues to suffer.

We’ve been told, not asked, that the “war on terror” is going to last a generation. Indeed, it may last a long time, especially when the likes of FBI Director Mueller fail to comprehend it is their defiance of the law, and lack of deference toward civilized standards clearly promulgated in the Constitution, inspires foreign fighters.

If the FBI Director does not want to assert the rule of law and fully cooperate with the fact finding related to illegal classification of unlawful activity, there is no reason the US public should have confidence in the FBI to do – under Congressional oversight by any part – to do what it has refused to do: Prosecute those who have defied their oath, find facts of illegal activity, and ensure US government operations are lawful.

One loss has been the rebuke of the American people, transferring power to the DNC; the second loss has been the combat losses on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. Power can only prevail if it is lawfully used. America has squandered its power, and it is irrelevant that the US military has “never lost at battle.” You’re losing your legitimacy when you refuse to assert your oath and ensure the laws are fully enforced as they are, not as you would like them to be if hidden behind an illegal cloak of secrecy.

The more the FBI director and other apologists for war crimes continue to fail to comprehend their legal predicament, the longer the world community will care little as foreign fighters expand their combat operations, and further undermine American power and interests around the globe.

The foreign fighters, with the assistance of the FBI Director, continue to “bring it on.” Thank you for choosing the wrong side of the law, and making it easier for war crimes prosecutors to identify who is or is not serious about assenting to their oath, fully enforcing the law, and revealing evidence related to unlawful activity: Not the American law enforcement.

What You Can Do

Impeachment of FBI Director Mueller is warranted. Please encourage your friends to refine teh articles of impeachment discuss your ideas with the Senate Judiciary Committee, and forward evidence to the House Judiciary Committee for an impeachment investigation.