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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blackberried Constitution

Congress says it can stay on vacation and text-message.

Strange, despite this e-mail solution, Congress was still recklessly ignoring the Constitution.

* * *

Not buying the argument that Congress doesn't have to stay in session and could use blackberries.

Electronic e-mail existed well before 2001, but this didn't stop 9-11; and e-mail, even if it were an option, hasn't been sufficient to keep Congress focused on the Constitution.

Until Congress can show it can do work and protect the Constitution, it's access or non-access to e-mail and blackberries remains irrelevant. Show you can protect the Constitution, then maybe we'll believe the e-mail will support what remains a dubious proposition.

Congress needs a list of things to work on, especially if they can't take time to read the Constitution, but claim blackberries are good enough. The Constitution has already been sullied without Congress stomping on it.

Blackberries have allowed Congress to feign governance, while We the People have had to do what Congress refuses: Protect the blackberried Constitution.