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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Most Wanted: Bank Robbers Know About Markham Park Target Range

Three men known as the South Florida Assault Gun Bandits, appear to be reluctant to admit their knowledge of the Markham Park Target Range, in Florida.

Using a crude "center of gravity" analysis on Google maps, the bank robbers appear to be intentionally keeping away from the firing range, staying to the east.

[See the distances, analysis below]

If you have information contact this number: 1-800-CRIME-TV; or the FBI Miami office.

* * *

The bank robbers in the photographs are quite foolish. You'll notice a couple of errors in their operation.

Notice the problems:

(1) Use of a relatively new, surplus rifle strap;

(2) Distinctive emblems on their shoulder pack-straps; and

(3) Insignia on their shoes and jackets.

Other photos (small) : The distinctive insignia on the jacket and bag strap:

- -

Notice the following in the image below:

(a) The white mark on the right shoe suggests it is a running sneaker, not a boot;

(b) the White T-shirt underneath the Blue Jacket (near the neck); and

(c) horizontal line extending from the left to right leg, suggesting a skirt-like draped shirt, not tucked into the pants; and

(d) the apparent reflection under the right shoe -- see how the light is -- It's not all dark, suggesting the bottom of his shoe is a light color, not dark.

* * *


1. Sneakers not boots.

2. Caucasian.

3. Right handed.

4. T-shirts underneath full-body jackets.

Why would someone be "ready" for gun battle, but wear sneakers?

* * *

There are only a few places they can practice using an AK-47 or AR-15.

Markham Park Target Range is one such location.

* * *

Ref Where would you go jogging with shoes like that; and where would you wear a jack like that? Near the water. Think boats, GPS, and land-based systems.

If they have a GPS system, then consider the times that the banks were robbed; and look for satellite intercepts prior to that location.

___ How did they leave the bank? If they went in a car, then look near the piers for their offload. Think about the proximity of their offload time to a boat.

* * *


___ They have radios, meaning they either buy batteries or use chargers. This means they have money, or are linked to a place where they can access electricity long enough to recharge their radios.

___ They abandon the car, leaving it running. I'm assuming FBI is looking near malls, watching for Stolen Taurus.

___ They prefer to steal a Taurus. I'm assuming "stolen Taurus'" are getting special attention.

* * *

Distances from the Gun Range To Robbery Cities

Notice the travel routes from the Armory: They are along common streets.

There is something called a "distance analysis". Using the sites of their locations, distance from various points, it's possible to hypothesize the center of gravity for their operations.

The model permits the distances to be loaded, then calculates the expected time of next hit; and the likely center of gravity; and the likely target.

Distances from the target range to the bank robbery cities:

Ref 19 miles to Sunrise, FL.

Ref 17 miles to Miramar, FL.

Ref 34 Miles to Boca Raton, FL.

Ref 41 miles to DelRay Beach, FL.

Ref 52 Miles to Lake Worth, FL.

Ref 52 Miles to Green Acres, FL.

Ref 17 Miles to Choral Springs, FL.

Ref 14 Miles to Tamarac, FL.

Next step: Do the same with the mall-drop off points; and the Taurus-capture points. You'll see a pattern with distances. Check the personnel at the armory, and then look for the Marina connection.

- -

Details on Locations, Dates

Armed Bank Robbery 1, Margate, FL; Aug 18, 2004

Attempted Armed Bank Robbery 2, Margate, FL; Dec 14, 2004

Armed Bank Robbery 3, Miramar, FL; Feb 02, 2005

Armed Bank Robbery 4, Boca Raton, FL; Oct 13, 2005

Armed Bank Robbery 5, Delray Beach, FL; Oct 13, 2005

Armed Bank Robbery 6, Lake Worth, FL; Oct 18, 2005

Armed Bank Robbery 7, Boca Raton, FL; Apr 04, 2006

Armed Bank Robbery 8, Greenacres, FL; May 03, 2006

Armed Bank Robbery 9, Coral Springs, FL; Aug 11, 2006

Armed Bank Robbery 10, Tamarac, FL; Sep 14, 2006


* * *


They appear to be familiar with the mall security protocols. They would know the location of the security cameras of the mall to know where they could drop off the Taurus without being seen. Please share video footage/locations of cameras the drop off points: Likely you'll see a pattern of the video camera placement at the malls; and the Taurus-drop off points: All within the dark zones where camera coverage is poor.

The Striped Shirt

The Pattern and style appears most like a Ted Baker Blue Fly brand, which are available in known stores in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Color Quality, Season, Purchase Date

Ref Long sleeve striped shirts have a distinctive pattern, unique to each brand, company, and store.

Certain colors are only available at certain times of the year. The color scheme will give a sense of which season the shirt was purchased. The crispness of the shirt suggests it is new, not something purchased through a used clothing store. Zoom into the video images, and get a sense of the richness of the colors, and the type of dyes used: You'll get a sense for the quality of the material, the style of dyes used, and the possible production locations. This will give you an idea of the most likely purchase location. Most likely within 50 miles of the armory-range at one of the malls where the Taurus was dropped off.

The shirt has a distinctive line pattern, closely matching the WeeThings color scheme from New Zealand, suggesting they've purchased clothes at the malls that they've dropped off the Taurus. Ref Note also that there are few images of long-sleeve striped shirts, suggesting the number of companies is very small, and easily traceable to a particular store.

Your Job

If you have information related to the specific ammunition purchased; or a similar type of gun strap, or other shoes/jerseys that you see in the above images, consider a 50 mile radius around the Margate Firing Range.

Encourage your friends to keep on the look out for Taurus cars. It is possible to work with the DMV to pinpoint all the owners, and encourage those owners to be watchful for their cars in this 50 mile radius around the Firing Range.

Who to contact: You can contact America's Most Wanted; or you can contact Special Agent Rick Brodsky at Miami FBI.


Look for name-overlaps between the armory-range guests at Markham Park Target Range, those who have purchased online Ted Baker Blue Fly shirts; and those who have made credit card purchases at the malls where the Taurus have been dropped off.

It doesn't look as though they are from out of town. If they were from out of town, they wouldn't be moving along a set-distance from a benign location at the Target range. What's strange is that they would purchase a distinctive shirt, shirt-bad logo which might link them to a specific store-product within the FL malls.

Perhaps we're talking an E-bay purchase, and they assumed no one would notice? If that's the case, then you're talking UPS and home delivery for the packages in the area. I don't think they'd risk a home delivery, but would appear to believe they know the malls well enough to have purchased the products in the mall without being detected/noticed, especially given their apparent familiarity with the mall security camera locations.