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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Quebec Against Unification With USA, Not to Mention Canada

Ref Quebec has already planned for military operations against the Canadian government.

Any effort to compel the French-Canadians to assent to American Barbarism would likely be met with just as much resistance.

* * *

The latest NeoCon announcement, putting aside their failed nation building in Iraq, is to spread their non-sense from Mexico into Canada.

The Canadian government no longer can extradite citizens to the US because of the US position on torture.

Americans can't govern their own country. how do they propose governing something more complicated?

If the US is serious about spreading its powers to Unite the USA, Canada, and Mexico, it’s the job of the NeoCons proposing this idea how the lessons of Iraq are going to be applied. Specifically:

___ How does the newly consolidated government plan to suppress the Quebequois who have already stated their intention to wage combat operations in Canada, not to mention to expand their insurgency into the oppressive US homeland?

___ What "magic bullet" is the US government going to present to the peoples of Mexico, the US, and Canada to make them believe that this disaster of Iraq-Katrina is going to be better managed in the consolidated US-Canadian-Mexico alliance?

___ What do the government plan to do with the people who oppose the expansion of US power?

___ The US has enough trouble with the border with Mexico; how does the US plan to handle the immigration of people that would cross its southern border just north of Guatemala?

___ Supposedly the "threat of the Contras in Nicaragua to Texas" prompted Reason to voice concerns bout instability. How can this "problem" of "access" be solved by shifting the border closer to the countries we supposedly are fighting?

___ The US has a habit of invading Central America. Does the US plan to keep in position combat troops in Mexico, as it does with Iraq, to "calm" the "natives" in the Southern regions of Mexico, as it did with the Native Americans?

* * *

If the US government might (one day) effectively administer US law, there might be a case that the US might work with other nations to jointly expand common jurisdiction across three nations.

If you want to implement this plan, we need to see a credible plan on the table, something that is far more impressive than the reckless disaster the Iraqis have been forced to swallow.

Until there is a plan, the NeoCons should expect the Southern Mexican insurgents and the Quebequois to work with non-US interests to wage war against their new leadership in the New Capital, most likely in DC. They had their own government, and there is no reason to believe they would accept what the Iraqis have seen fail: Arrogant, defective NeoCon plans for expansion without any consideration for political realities or local interests.