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Monday, November 20, 2006

Nyberg: Pawn to King 4

It's started.

Discuss here, for your enjoyment. You might also want to check this blog for other related news on why the DNC and GOP have a joint problem within their ranks if they refuse to assent to investigations on impeachment issues.

* * *

More are on the way. The President and the Congress have to accept: They have failed to effectively govern. [Details ]

We the People have the power. It is irrelevant what may or may not happen in 2006. We have to work with what we have: Is this Government going to address this problem; or will We the People working in concert with the states lawfully impose a solution?

Pelosi has no lawful power to speak for the House on matters of impeachment. The Constitution only delegates to the legislative body the power to make a decision.

Pelosi is not the same as the Congress; nor is the President the same as the State.

Try to remember that as you choose sides. This Constitution or a New Constitution.

They wished this.