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Monday, November 20, 2006

No Apology Needed If Your Goal Is 2008, and Your Name is Hillary

This one was quite interesting.

You'd think that someone who had an eye toward ignoring Presidential violations of the law -- and not looking at reality -- would be able to apply that standard uniformly.

Not someone I know. Can you guess who it is?

* * *

Former President carter has correctly labeled the Israeli abuse of Palestinians: Apartheid.

The year is 2006, well beyond the Holocaust. What did or didn't happen in World War II is not excuse for anyone to remain silent on what the Israelis are or are not doing in 2006.

What's the reason that a Member of Congress might want to provide excuses for Israel; or not hold them to account?

Why, the same party that won't hold the President to account. "Reality is off the table; we don't want to bother looking at the law." -- Wasn't that the general gist of the problem which supposedly inspired the Americans to go after the Nazis?

* * *

One of the ideas of holding leaders to account is that their conduct be correctly labeled, presuming that conduct is reviewed.

What is to be said of someone who provides apologies for those who have engaged in mass murder, war crimes, and other illegal conduct? Well, if you're the President of the United States you call him, "My good friend, John Conyers."

The President's poodles Pelosi and Conyers have decided to show their belly to the rule of law, and play nice. But when Carter dares to shine the spot light on the (shocked! shocked!) abuses of the Israelis, somehow, Conyers has a different view on history.

History is bad if it relates to the US president: "Impeachment is off the table." History is Good if you want to put a Peanut's Head on the Table

But history is good if you want to give people an excuse to continue abuse: "Peace".

I do not care what type of abuse the Israelis have been subjected to; the issue is what is or is not being done in 2006. When the President commits a crime, he should be punished; if the Israelis are engaging in abusive conduct that is similar to what South Africans did, they should be labeled what they are: An Apartheid regime.

* * *

Time for the Democrats to stop giving excuses for those who engage in abuse. The GOP was targeted for not holing their party officials to account.

The best Americans can hope for is the same? No, we can do better. Ref

Congressman Conyers, before you start lecturing others what they should or should not title their books, perhaps you may wish to read the title of a book you wrote: "Constitution in Crisis."

We have a Constitution. Your job is to review the evidence, and keep the impeachment option on the table. If you don’t want to follow the Constitution, then resign.

Save your oversight energy -- what little there is -- for the current President of the United States. Leave the historians to keep to their writing and titling. You had your chance, and decided to buckle under to partisan pressure.

President Carter, decided to take another route: Notice reality for what it is, and keep the option on the table: Calling abuse what it is.

You're in a position to do something about it, but you've taken the option of the table. If you put the impeachment option on the table, I might take your concerns with the Constitution seriously.

The Constitution isn't in crisis. The American government is in crisis. The way forward is to create a new system that will force you and your alleged co-conspirators to do your job and protect the Constitution, not provide book commentaries.

* * *

The Nation

"The Cause of peace" does not mean being blind to reality. If in the view of the President there is a problem, he has the right to title the abuse what he concludes it is.

If you do not like people making suggestions to book title, feel free to refrain from dissuading others from doing what they have the power to do: Face reality, and keep the option on the table.

Carter's use of the term "apartheid" has even received flak from Congressman John Conyers, the next Democratic chair of the House Judiciary Committee. Conyers stated recently that the use of the term "apartheid" in the book's title "does not serve the cause of peace, and the use of it against the Jewish people in particular, who have been victims of the worst kind of discrimination, discrimination resulting in death, is offensive and wrong."

Conyers is absolutely right about the horrific treatment dealt Jews over the years. He would be entirely right to criticize Carter if he had compared Israel's actions to those of the Nazis. But Carter simply made the case that Israel is capable of discriminating against and subjugating another people.

* * *

Suggestions For Conyers Book Title

Conyers has a book, and if you pay $60 dollars, he'll sign it.

"Constitution in Crisis". What might Jimmy Carter, disgusted with abuse of power, possibly suggest for John Conyers' new book title?

You considered the question, we provide the option, on the table:

___ Oaths: “Faithfully Discharge My Blind Obedience to Nancy and Hillary’s Election Bid, so Help Me Jimmy”

___ I had a job to do, but I gave Nancy what she wanted

___ My life as a Stalking Horse for Hillary Clinton

___ If you can't get Nancy to back off, just buckle under

___ Promise the voters nothing, deliver nothing, and you too can be Judiciary Chairman

___ Oversight: We talk about it, but it's off the table

___ Presidential accountability: When nobody does it, inaction is popular

___ The Constitution: What to do when you want to motivate stupid Americans -- Label it a crisis, that will make everyone upset, and you can sign your name to the document, and make everyone really impressed, "Look, my book."

____ For an Extra Dollar I'll Include A "Vote For Hillary: We're not about facts, we're about the future."

____ If you can't plan to solve a problem, just write a book and talk about the problem

___ Oversight? That's not nice. That sounds like a blame game. Blame isn’t good if the President might be impeached. That’s not nice.

___ 2008: The Candidates are ready to ignore realty: What will their platform be? More US Government fantasy.

___ “Democracy is a great thing, just don’t hold anyone accountable for the bad planning.”

___ Facts?

___ Facts and Hype: Inconvenient Pool Hall Table Corner Pockets

___ Facts and Hype: They may not match, but they go great with Peanuts

___ Facts: Who needs them: Build for the future, ignore the past, but if you want to make others do things, focus on the past, and ignore reality

___ Reality: Ignore it if its bad; if it’s really bad, write about it, but still ignore it

___ History is an excuse to abuse others, and not hold them accountable

___ Past, history, facts, standards, and accountability: Pick and Choose -- Some are rebuked, others are given a pass, but I like to ignore it

___ Compromise: Politics, the Law, and Accountability -- What Oath?

___ Pick and Choose: Run for the White House, Throw Peanuts, Grovel For Nancy

___ Constitution: It’s just a piece of paper – My Greatest Teacher, George Bush

___ My life my vision: Ignore the bad things, unless someone is talking about reality, then ignore it

___ I would have blogged about it, but who would pay $60 dollars for a blog?

___ Some of my favorite blogging friends like to hype things -- That's why they're my friends -- Hype, hype, hype!

___ When the vote is in, ignore the problems with the leadership: Ultimate accountability is whether we can fool the voters, not enforce the law

___ Inaction serves the cause of peace

___ Refusing to hold President's services cause of peace

___ Ignorance is Strength: For $60 this is a very heavy book, get lifting!

___ Inaction is Action

___ If there had been no blue dress, we might take the Tyranny seriously

___ President's are victims of Congressional Discrimination: If we hold them to account, the voters might be upset at us -- don’t want to risk the 2008 election

___ Inaction today, means we can be trusted with more power tomorrow -- I hope

___ If we ignore facts and accountability, we can make a great plan for the future – Why I think George Bush is the Greatest Gift to the 2008 Election

___ Ultimate Power: Fear it to motivate your base; use it to motivate your enemy – What I learned from Karl Rove

___ Iraq: The President ignored facts, that was bad; Judiciary Chairman can ignore facts, that is good

___ Good facts, bad facts: Depends on the day, the weather, and if the Tyrant's beach is a nice place – Can we go swimming?

___ The President is a victim of accountability: Can't hold him to account – He is Hillary’s Friend for 2008

___ It's offensive to hold a President to accountable – We Might Run Out of Reasons to Vote For Something

___ Presidential Impeachment: It's wrong to hold a War Criminal to Account; Good to Condemn a Principled Peanut Farmer

___ Inaction today means power tomorrow

___ The voters will never figure it out

___ Stupid Americans, Stupid Bloggers: How I won power, and kissed Hillary’s rear end

___ The Big Plan: How I didn't do what I thought should be done; and hoped to get a Cabinet Position

___ Planning: Presidential candidates don't need to focus on facts; facts are not nice; we don't want to hold the President to account, which might be nasty.

___ The 2006 Voters figured it out: But we can fool them in 2008

___ The 2006 Voters were outraged about the abuse of power: We can manipulate them to be outraged at accountability for a President

___ The voters do not have any other choice: They have to put up with it

___ The Voters cannot create a third party

____ Voters are stupid, and can be manipulated: Hillary is my Hero

___ "Whatever Nancy Wants" Didn't Help Murtha, but it might help me.

____ "L'etat c'est moi"--Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, and Hillary

____ Presidential testing of the laws are bad; Pelosi twisting of the laws are good

____ Congress can change the Constitution; the President isn't allowed to -- But we won’t do anything -- Inaction all around: We are the Government. Obey!

___ The Speaker can delegate the power to deny the House the Power to review; the President cannot delegate powers to do the same -- but we wont' do anything about it so long as he is silent about our creative twisting of the laws

___ Powers Delegated: How the Speaker Pulled the Eyes over the American Public, and make America focus on Iraq, not the President

___ Apartheid: A Good word if you want to boycott Chocolate; a Bad Word if You want to Boycott Georgia Peanuts

___ GOP Power: How to Dupe Democrats to Believe in a solution, and make them fearful of asserting power against a President

___ My Friend Karl Rove: Fear of action is greater than fear of the rule of law

___ Apartheid: The Power of Words -- Motivating the consumer to boycott chocolate and peanuts

___ If you can't get the public to believe, make them fear the President: But do the same, ignore the Constitution, and assent to Poodle Pelosi's excuses to self-delegate power to herself to prevent the House from doing something she has no power to prevent: A review of impeachable offenses

___ Offensive: Presidential Accountability

___ Wrong: Inaction is the Friend of Congressional Tyrants

___ Apartheid: One Man's Assent to Speaker Pelosi's Non-Sense

___ Powers not delegated can be created out of thin air: My legacy as Speaker Pelosi's Yes-man

____ Constitution: It's not in crisis when you can distract attention from history, and focus on bad things; scare the voters to believe that you can save them, but don't deliver, ignore problems, and pretend you’re in charge. The Voters are stupid and will not notice.

___ Apartheid: It's bad if its against my friends; it's OK if its against people who do not pay me money

___ Apartheid: Bad word if you're not impressed with excuses to abuse power; a nice word if you want to boycott chocolate candies

___ It's only a crisis if someone I like is being held to account; if I don't like them, I ignore it. Ignorance will give us the White House.

___ Without focusing history or reality, we will crate a plan -- not sure what it is, but the stupid American voters won't bother to notice we haven’t' focus on facts

___ Constitution in Crisis: Not really, but it sure gets bloggers motivated to ignore the past when I don't want them to look at it; but the past is a good thing when I want them to look at it.

___ History: Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad -- Depends on whether its in my interests to ignore it, pay attention, or a benefit to pretending something didn’t' happen.

___ "Never Again" -- It's not just a slogan, it's my idea of accountability

___ "The Final Option" -- My crusade to rid America of inconvenient oversight

___ Facts: They aren’t' nice if someone might be upset; but if someone's upset, ignore the facts

___ Peace: Whatever Nancy Says, even if it means doing nothing about what is wrong

___ Victims: American Voters in Both Parties Will Never Figure it out

___ Discrimination: What happened a long time ago is relevant, unless you're the President: "Whatever you want, Hillary"

___ Reality: We don't want to consider the possibility that, as the voters learn more, they might support something which our focus group said might be a risk

___ Accountability: Not if the focus group, based on incomplete information, says it might be risky

___ Change: We will refuse to change if it means our decision might have been wrong – Things I learned from David Addington, Iran-Contra Whipping Boy

___ Decisions: Ignore facts, rely on the misguided focus groups of Hillary and Nancy to decide what is best for 2008, after that: Who needs a plan

___ Our plans? We don't need a plan linked with anything that's gone wrong: The President isn't that bad -- He'll still be President.

___ Presidential Power: Their turn, our turn, their turn, our turn

___ Risk: When standing up to the President is more than I want... wait, President Carter? Sign me up, I'll slap that man silly.

___ No amount of historical hardship is too much to milk to justify abuse, arrogance, and insults: But who wants to talk about Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity?

___ Impeachment is good enough to contemplate for Nixon, but not good enough for real Tyrants.

___ When impeachment isn't good enough, roll over and show your belly

___ Tyrant's accountability: If you smile, they'll go away

___ Chamberlain was right: "No impeachment in our time will keep the tyrant away"

___ If we ignore all the things in this book, we'll win the White House in 2008

___ Upsetting things that we aren't going to challenge, and neither should you, Peanut Farmer!

___ Ignore fact finding, just plan: Iraq, the White House, and the Iraq-Conyers Affair

___ All actions, regardless their legality, are lawful so long as they can be justified by political outcomes: Elections are the only thing that matters – Thing I learned from Dick Cheney

___ The Constitution only Delegated the Power of Impeachment to the House: Nancy is the House; please ignore that small, trivial matter with John Murtha -- It didn't happen. We'll hide him in the basement.

___ High Water Marks: Inaction, Manipulating the Voters, and Doing Nothing About Criminal Conduct -- Things I learned from George Bush

___ Change: It's in the air, not on the table

___ Tables: If you twist it the right way, this table might look like a podium.

___ Watershed: It’s only a watermark, Bill.

___ Real Watersheds Are For My Cowboy George

___ Peanut Farmers Will Always Get My Attention

___ Some President’s Are So Bad They Are Good For Elections

___ Hopefully The Voters Won’t Figure Out The Ruse

___ Judiciary Chairman Color Tests Plan: Should I have used more blue, or pink?

___ Subpoenas for the President? We don’t need no stinking subpoenas. I’ve got a gavel!

___ Yesterday the Basement: 2008 the Department of Justice Attorney General – I’ll Show Them

___ Victim Hood: The ultimate excuse to abuse power – The Legacy of the Holocaust -- things Dick Cheney and Karl Rove thought would work but didn’t; but will work for us. How? Who knows. We’re about change.