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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Republican Leaves GOP, for DNC

Who was saying the GOP leaders aren't willing to leave the Republican Party?

Denial is futile.

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Ref This puts to rest any confusion about the spreading dissatisfaction with the GOP. It's real, and there are people in the Republican party who are jumping ship.

What's happening at the state-level like Montana is happening at the Federal level: Dissastisfaction and disgust with the GOP and DNC leadership.

Ref: Also Kansas

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See more of what will make Lieberman’s threat meaningless.

If anyone is under any illusions that Lieberman has alot of power, don't take the bait. As more information surfaces, other legislators are just as capable of switching parties.

Yes, Lieberman’s threat to leave the DNC is meaningless when the GOP members jump ship first. Lieberman is only one person. Once the GOP Members leave the Republican party, it doesn't matter whether Lieberman is or isn’t' upset. If he jumps ship, but other GOP members have jumped ship first, his move won't make a different.

The one thing worse than an arrogant member of the DNC, is someone in the DNC who's stupid. Lieberman's been taking too many lessons from Bush.