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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iranian Leaders' Words Mistranslated

Ref: "Israel must collapse" is an incorrect translation of Ayatollah Khomeini.

The correct translation is, "Evaporate or disappear in the wind."

* * *

Recall the lesson of the Iraq WMD issue. Information was skewed. It remains to be understood what was actually said, the motivations of the translator, and even if the editorial were correct, whether the words are consistent with the Iranian official policy.

Public overtures by the US to bring Iran into the discussions over Iraq appear to be at odds with those who would prefer a pre-emptive strike against what the Iranians are allowed to do: Develop nuclear energy.

The Iraq WMD issue reminds us how often some will manipulate the American media.

* * *

Put aside the legality of a nation developing nuclear weapons. Even if Iran were developing nuclear weapons, it is far from that goal.

The danger is to rush to agendas, especially when the solutions are not well considered. As with Saddam, the timeline is artificially accelerated. The responsibility of the American government, in both branches and both parties, to jointly agree to assign responsibility where it lies; and develop, then implement a solution that that is workable.

The timing of this incorrect translation is suspicious. It is most likely linked with the Israeli intelligence and political agendas to dissuade American cooperation with Iran; and to drive a wedge between those who might offer solutions in Iraq, and those who might benefit by increased regional instability.

The questions should be:

___ What is the motivation to release this incorrect information now

___ How might these disclosures by one country disrupt what may be needed discussions with the only viable military force able to contribute to Iraqi stability

___ Have we considered what the Iraqi people want

___ Has the US met is legal obligations under Geneva of maintain stability for the occupied Iraqi land