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Friday, November 10, 2006

GOP-led Impeachment, Removal of President

Some in the Republican Party blame the President for the defeat. What better time than for the world to reach out to the abused members of the GOP, and encourage them to focus their energies on the man who helped the party faithful suffer defeat.

Defeated Senator Chafee (R-RI) defies President for his war crimes.

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Some in the GOP have accepted the loss of prestige and world reputation with grace and humility. Still, understandably, the GOP rank and file is somewhat in shock, still reeling from the losses. Republicans have a strong backbone, and can solve problems.

The GOP has begun the healing and mending process to make gains in 2008. However, their calls to the GOPers who have lost their seats are disingenuous: The Republicans are not interesting in new ideas, they just want to minimize their losses.

Part of the healing is holding accountable those who contributed to the failure. It's one thing to ask the GOP Party leadership to resign, quite another to target the President himself. If the RNC leadership were serious about learning why they lost, of what they could have done, they would have listened to the ideas presented long ago.

___ Is the RNC leadership serious about distancing themselves from Bush? You bet. The leadership doesn't trust Bush. [ Read more ]

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As you make your way through the blogosphere, you may come across other GOP party faithful who feel betrayed by the President. There is a solution. They can rally the 60% of the citizens who refused to vote, and directly encourage Members of Congress to investigate the President, and lawfully remove him from office.

___ What would be the worst thing to do to a veteran who was serving as your Secretary of Defense? This President betrayed his word, and fired the Secretary of Defense just before Veterans Day. What a slap in the face for the GOP rank and file who worked hard to support this President, and stand by him on the battlefields overseas, and fight for him at home.

GOP members have every reason to feel let down by the President. He has betrayed you. There is no reason to continue maintaining any loyalty with the President.

The GOP says they're concerned about America. Would you trust the GOP leadership if they lied, but their voter-abuses lost the election? The voters rebelled against the abuses. The GOP membership has been let down by the President and his strategists. [ Details on the betrayal ]

Encourage the GOP Senators to side with the Democrats and lawfully remove the President from office. When that is accomplished, the voters may believe the GOP is serious about effectively providing leadership. Until then, the GOP has nothing to justify in the mind of any voter that Republicans are ready to win the White House in 2008.

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