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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gates Nomination Oversight

Bush decides to participate in stem cell research. Finds Hitler's DNA, and makes a new Secretary of Defense.

* * *

This nomination is not serious. He's already stated in 2005 that he was not looking forward to coming to DC for the DNI position. If he doesn't like DC, let him stay in Texas. We can find another whipping boy.

___ Review the basis for rejecting his prior nomination: Ref h/t

___ Please comment on the selective memory problem: Same crew as Iran-Contra, Cheney, and Addington. This isn't a change, but an agreement to bring into the nexus the same players who created the original disaster behind this Vice President's illegal conspiracy against the Constitution. Ref

___ Please comment on why anyone should believe this is a change, when the same players have returned, loyal to Constitutional rebellion and insurrection. Ref

___ Once someone has been complicity with one era of scandals, what will be done to ensure they are not presented as new jam on old bread? What's a solution?

___ The Iran Contra legacy is clear: Once the President faces opposition from the Congress, they ignore Congress issuing secret, illegal directives, and orders. What's going to change to ensure this Congress conducts oversight on the problem going forward, as opposed to chasing exclusively yesterday’s problems? [ Here's a solution ]

___ What's Gates' explanations for the problems in the Iran-Contra Minority report? Details

___ Addington and Cheney have made misrepresentations in the Iran-Contra report. Ref Why should anyone in the world believe Gates' has a different view of the Constitution in 2006: He was aware of something, but has a selective memory on whether he was or was not informed of something. Didn't we just go through that with Rumsfeld, prompting the Joint Staff and Military Media to call for his resignation -- do we need the former association of CIA agents to appear making similar appeals?

___ In 2005, Gates is reported to have declined the CIA directorship when offered. Why should we believe Gates "jumped" at the chance to serve as Secretary of Defense: what information did Gates receive through the Baker Commission on Iraq that would make him believe he was more suited to cleaning up a bigger disaster than the Iran-Contra affair which otherwise destroyed his credibility?

___Gates' withdrew his name as CIA Director in 1987 because the Senate planned to reject his appointment over his involvement with the Iran-Contra affair. Although not indicted, he served in a position to "know" of other's activities, but did not remove himself. Why would we expect anything else on issues related to DoD war crimes in Iraq?

__ Gates needs to explain the conflicting statements in the Iran-Contra report. Richard Kerr is reported to have provided information on the Iran-Contra affair in the Summer of 1986; while Gates says that he did not learn of the problem until October. [See Chapter 16 of the Iran-Contra Report; feel free to talk to the Vice President and Addington to resolve the discrepancies they have with the nominee]. Given Gates would be in the same position as SecDef to respond to alleged war crimes oversight, please discuss why anyone in 2006 should believe Gates can provide a credible timeline of what was or wasn't done in re 5100.77 program.

___ Gates needs to share his discussions with Woosley, who's now with BoozAllen: Any big plans of BoozAllen and Gates to review the Abraxas support for the CIA and DoD?

___ How much money is Gates prepared to offer to BoozAllen, under the table, to make more profits? Ref

___ What's Gates' view of the BoozAllen employee interest in Executive Dating Services?

___ DoD is authorized to use overseas and domestic commercial entities to provide cover for DoD intelligence activities. Does Gates have any wild ideas of using similar entities to overthrow the leadership of Nicaragua? What a lovely nexus: Gates and Daniel Ortega, once again, in a confrontation; and the President is "forced" to use secret executive orders to hide how the Abraxas firm places CIA agents. How about those missiles to Iran: Maybe Iran will help moderate the "big scary plot" of Daniel Ortega to bring social change to Nicaragua. Will Dick Cheney and Addington make up another set of legal non-sense as they did with the Iran-Contra Report; or will we have to read another one?

* * *

Gates, when he appears for his nomination/confirmation hearing needs to be prepared to discuss in detail his plan to review the status of Geneva violations, and provide the evidence to Judge Advocate Generals for prosecution.

The 5100.77 Laws of War program is in shambles. US troops returning from Iraq are reported to make light of placing weapons by Iraqi civilians.

Despite Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo photos; and the Teguba report, we're still hearing evidence through GTMO Staff Judge Advocate General staff that the abuses are continuing.

___ War crimes: What's his plan to effectively implement the 5100.77 Laws of War program?

___ Why weren't the concerns about the Iraq-situation disclosed prior to the US November election?

___ He's already withdrawn his name once in 1987 because of Senate opposition over his involvement with the Iran-Contra affair. Cheney and Addington were also involved, and the Iran-Contra minority report is trash. Why should we expect any better result from the Baker Commission, which Gates was a member, in re the Iran issues?

___ Does the nominee have an explanation why, despite an earlier withdrawal and problem with the Senate Confirmation, the Senate would approve someone to fill a high position of trust, despite allegedly misleading Congress over illegal activity?

___ What's the reason the DoD discipline problems continue despite the lawful threat of high penalties?

___ Is this a Command Problem within the Secretary of Defense's office?

Need to know by name which of the Office of SecDef Counsel and Staff plan to resign, or charged with war crimes for blocking JAG investigations; or otherwise failing to provide to the US Attorneys evidence of the continued abuses.

___ Need copies of the briefings SecDef was given in re 5100.77 Laws of war implementation

___ Review comments, and staff summary sheets which OSD personnel signed, reviewed, and commented prior to final status reports/briefings.

___ What will be done to ensure the Congressional Inspector Generals located inside the CID, OSI, and NCIS are doing their jobs, not surfing the internet looking at material unrelated to the 5100.77 Laws of War program.

___ When was the last time the CID, OSI, NCIS leadership had their duty files reviewed; and what's the reason the unfavorable information files have not been updated, or loaded with 5100.77-related issues: Failure to enforce regulations; blocking investigations; not documenting evidence; no evidence provided to JAGS and US Attorneys.

___ To what extent is the Nominee aware of Attorney General or DoJ Staff collusion with OSD staff to block investigations; threaten investigators; or otherwise refuse to enforce the laws of war program.

___ Need to know from the nominee whether he's aware of DOJ Staff counsel or White House counsel interfering with OSD Staff; or otherwise refusing to timely report information related to war crimes which OSD Staff knew or should have provided to the White House counsel.

___ Need names and State of licensing for all the DoD Staff Counsel; and what their documented explanation is. Please ensure the nominee works with the State Attorney Generals and the State Bar disciplinary boards to appropriately review and investigate the conduct of the DoD Staff counsel related to the failures to enforce the 5100.77 program; and their failures to document, report, and remove themselves from the unlawful activity.

___ Need a written certification, signed under penalty of perjury, with a sworn oath per 5 USC 3331 from the nominee and all members of the Joint Staff certifying they are in compliance with the 5100.77 program; that they are or are not aware of any violations of the laws of war; and they have not been issued any illegal Presidential orders, directives, executive orders, or other regulations which violate US laws, the laws of war.

___ Need a statement from the nominee and Joint Staff of the time, resources, and manpower required to close-out, end, and cease all support for unlawful activity related to domestic FISA violations; unlawful surveillance; and other illegal activity which violates the US Constitution and Geneva Conventions. Please discuss what Contractors are involved, the terms of their non-disclosure agreements, and the names of the Program managers, and current office headquarters as listed in the Descriptive Summaries. Need the names of the RNC Staff counsel on the Committees which reviewed these descriptive summaries.

___ Nominee needs to provide a non classified plan, for public discussion and view, explaining the scope of the plan, oversight, and other OSD plans required to adequately conduct a review of the illegal activity, and successfully prosecute the OSD and DOD Staff counsel which are not in full compliance with the laws of war program. Discuss the time, personnel, and resources required to complete the evidence review; and outline the staffing requirements and other assistance the nominee needs from legal experts. Outline his plan to coordinate with The Hague and other international tribunals investigating US war crimes plan. Include a file plan, and a copy of the data provided to the Congressional Committees.