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Monday, November 06, 2006

GOP Voter Suppression Tactics

Ref The goal isn't to tamper with the voting boxes, but to deny people the right to vote.

The link explains how. read here

Ref OSCE observers: report in 6 weeks, mid-Dec 2006.

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The GOP relies on confusion. They are well trained to be arrogant.

The Republicans have been practicing being asserting and challenging voters. Small problem: the challenges are based on a twisting of the law.

Just as the GOP relied on people's ignorance about WMD to intimidate them to accept the GOP-solution, so will the Republicans challenge voters on the basis of confusion.

The laws on voter ID are clear; the problem is that people aren't clear what the laws are.

* * *

What You Can DoIdeas

Refuse a provisional ballot; vote in groups; report problems

Find out the reason that voters are getting challenged. Share what you are finding and hearing. The GOP reasons are not based on the law, but on what they think they can confuse others into believing.

Yes, most state laws do not require a Photo ID; however, the databases have been corrupted, and people who were registered to vote have been incorrectly classified as "non-verified."

Solution: Accept the databases are wrong, and show your ID. The problem isn't with the voting box, it's with the databases. Indeed, tell people about the "lack of verification" problems, and let others know that your precinct/state appears to have a problem with the database. Gather facts, share what you are noticing, and then encourage others to keep pressing for assistance.

- -

Challenges are lawful, but notice whether the challenges are uniform. If there are no consistent challenges to voter identify, then you know that the GOP is targeting your area. Let someone know.

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Make sure you listen for ballots getting spoiled during counting. Notice whether ballots are getting marked, tagged, or flagged in some way. There are methods to screen out certain types of ballots using manual methods.

The ballots are going to have to show up somewhere, get discarded, or ignored. The GOP has plans to systematically ignore certain types of ballots; make the ballots disappear; and double punch ballots. Your job is to remind the GOP that they're being watched, and that there are financial rewards for GOP personnel to report misconduct.

DoJ also has undercover informants inside the GOP system, and are prepared to remain silent, as they have inside the White House and NSA.

- -


___ Expect to be treated unfairly. Go with your friends. Let the poll monitors outside, those who are not affiliated with the poll, that something isn't right. They'll contact the media, and the national monitoring systems. Tomorrow, we'll be in a position to identify trends, and spread the word before the GOP can continue the abuse.

___ Stand your ground and don't be afraid of challenging the challengers. They're arrogant, can only yell, and politely ask them to share why they are upset. Remember, put the burden on them. They're only option is to make it look like it's your problem: Remind them that you have witnesses, and will not accept being treated this way.

___ If you are turned away, tell someone, and get ready to return with assistance. There is no reason for you to have a problem. If you have a problem, remember the rule from school: "If you have a question, someone else likely has the same one." Speak up, share your concerns, and make sure others know you're ready to help them, and stand beside them if they are getting yelled at, or treated with disrespect.

___ Ask the GOP poll workers directly: What should we believe they will not toss the ballots; and what do their instructions say. Your job is to get them to admit they've received e-mail instructions, training, and other policy memos on how to intimidate voters. Again, notice their reaction, and encourage them to contact the FBI: Others know the e-mails have been sent. If they are found to be complicit with organizing illegal voter intimidation they could be indicted for felonies.

___ Remember you're not alone. If you're getting yelled at, know it is because you’re right, are a credible threat, and your opponent has a strong chance of getting indicted for war crimes. They are fearful. Don't take it personally -- they're only doing what they know how: Abuse. Breath, remain calm, and then remind them what you expect. They will yell louder. You have won. Make sure the media hears about what is happening, and share it with your friends in the blogosphere. You'll be amazed how quickly the networks will want to hear the details.

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