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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Rule of Law Shall Prevail: GOP Options, Excuses Narrowing

The voter's decision eliminates another excuse of the GOP leadership. It doesn't matter what the outcome of the election is -- regardless, there are lawful methods to eliminate the GOP options.

Even if the Republicans win in a landside, and rebuff DNC efforts to make any gains, the GOP leadership is that much closer to being prosecuted for war crimes.

* * *

As you close into the final hours, consider in some districts 10-15% of the voters remain undecided. Respect their decision not to commit. They have the right, and freedom to choose, await information, and make a fully informed choice.

Your job is to remind yourselves that you have an obligation to respect their choice, and to agree to work with them. Leaders are not in a position to undermine their opponent through abusive contact. You may win a short term gain, but the searing memory of that abuse can turn people against you.

Remind your friends that in winning, the job is to remain professional; the goal is to win, and to protect the Constitution. Regardless the choice, do not move with desperation, or for a moment believe your cause is lost. Even if the GOP were to make significant gains in both houses, they are not above the law; and they remain accountable to the States.

State Attorney Generals, upon learning of the robo-calls, have challenged the RNC. Keep this in the back of your mind: Recall, the President can be lawfully prosecuted by any of the 50 attorney generals. If the popular votes assent to the lawlessness, this does not mean that the President can ignore the law, or that the Attorney Generals in any of the fifty states are required to do nothing. Rather, they have the lawful duty, and authority to prosecute a sitting president.

Rather than believe your interaction will make or break the future, consider the larger option: If you fail to persuade a single voter, they may be open to listening when the President is lawfully prosecuted. Build bridges with those you oppose -- their feedback, if you listen, may give you an idea of what can be done as you prepare for 2008. Maintain your momentum, but remember your cause is just, and regardless the outcome of this decision, there are other options which this President and the GOP cannot control.

Time is working against the GOP. There are forces within and outside America which are more powerful than the voters. It is the rule of law. And it shall be prevail.

Good luck tonight and tomorrow. Either way, we shall have learned what must be done to assert the rule of law. Others are with you and remain ready to support what must be done to protect your Constitution. Best wishes.

Hoc Voluerunt!