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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mission Accomplished: Multiple Camera Angles

Some have suggested the Bush administration has "doctored" a video; discussion.

The White House may have replaced the video with something else, but a detailed analysis of the still images taken on the same day doesn't indicate that there are new people or background added, only that the familiar video with the "Mission Accomplished" has been replaced with another video.

This isn't doctoring a video; it's simply replacing one familiar image with something else.

Note: Copyright law is trumped when there are collections of photos arranged in a novel pattern; and is done for research, non commercial purposes. Translation: This is fair use exception under Copyright law.

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Short Version

If you compare 0:41-1:03 of the video with the color scheme of the sailors, you'll see that the President walked in front to this group of sailors.

* * *

Analysis Approach

The remainder of this blog is dedicated to establishing the following:

(a) The images in the questioned video trace to still images from the same day;

(b) You can use a variety of reference points in other images to create a panoramic view of the USS Lincoln to pinpoint the most likely location the questioned video was taken.

Here is the detailed analysis.

(1) Establishing the details of the Podium

We're going to establish details on the President's platform, and show that the panoramic image is linked with a specific item near the President. The images which contain this specific item will be cross referenced with the other images which contain other images. Then the images which have been established to exist on the day the President spoke will be compared with the images in the video.

(2) Close-up of the Personnel

Then, we'll consider the close-up video images, and contrast them with the still images of the personnel. You'll see that the personnel have not been added in the video, but were taken from a different angle at the same event.

* * *

Reference Images, Points

Let's go down a list of still images from the carrier. These are points of reference. Notice they have the familiar banner, "Mission Accomplished."

As you scroll through these still images, focus on the background color images; and the aircraft numbers; and the background. Later, when you compare the still images to the two videos, you'll be able to decide:

A. Was the video altered?

B. Was the video replaced;

C. Was another video provided?

D. Was something else done to adjust the image.

Panorama Shot

Notice the following:

- Sailor Uniform Color Scheme

On the left, you can see (over the President's right shoulder) a group of sailors clapping. Notice the colors of their uniform, and the pattern the colors make.

- NAVAL Aircraft Color Scheme

On the right, behind the President's left shoulder) are aircraft on the carrier deck. Notice it's shape; the shadow of the aircraft; and the tone of the aircraft colors scheme. Notice the shading under the aircraft nose, how it transitions from a lighter shade on the side, to a darker gray on the bottom.

In this image, notice the following elements:

A. The tower/conical shape behind the President's head, as seen 1:03-1:10 in the video.

B. The personnel on the left, the President's right, as shown in the video 0:41-1:01

Image 1

- -

Image 2

Common Person: Establishes the President Was Speaking Before This Crowd

Notice Man, Lower Right: Sunglasses, Green Flight Jacket, Facing Left

- -

Image 3

Look to the base of the black handrail, on the right of the handrail: the same man with sunglasses. [Different topic: Also, look into the audience, near us, her back back toward us [Fourth from right] -- is that the back Condaleeza Rice, wearing gold, looped earrings . . . How did she get on the Aircraft carrier; or has the NAVY changed it's uniform regulations, allowing female sailors to wear large, looped earrings on NAVAL aircraft carrier flight decks?]

- -

Image 4

Same man (lower right, green flightjacket, sunglasses) back toward you, at the foot of the the black handrail; round patches on the back of his green flight jacket.

- -

Image 5

This is a smaller image, notice the same man, at the foot of the black handrail.

- -

The above are reference images, we'll compare the subsequent shots of the audience, panoramic views to these images.

Here is another angle: Notice the black handrail.

Image 6

- -

Image 7

Notice this side view: How the apparent distances to the left side are much wider than in the image over the sailors in blue; and that a camera could have been placed well to the left of the President (bottom left of this image):

- -

Image 8

Then we swing around, and notice:

A. The black handrail (left; President's right);

B. Control tower: YELLOW WINGS behind the President; YELLOW WING's shape, and expansive coverage of the width, covering most of the gray surface area; and

C. Above the yellow wings, on the left side, there are black numbers.

What We've Shown

A. The black stairs/handrail on the left hand side of this panoramic shot is from the same day, event;

B. The image above the yellow wings on the control tower has black number;

C. There were personnel standing from this angle where the President was speaking.

D. The way to duplicate the images in the questioned-video is to point the camera from this angle, but a higher elevation, pointing down toward the flight deck, not up toward the "Mission Accomplished" sign.

* * *

Aircraft Number: Adjustments to NAVAL personnel colors

This image is a Newsweek-altered, but the number on the aircraft starts with a two, indicating that the background for this image was partially correct.

Compare the details in IMAGE 9 with IMAGE 10.

Image 9

- -

Image 10

Notice the top row of the reviewing stand: Notice the personnel wearing RED. Also, use this image as a cross reference for the opening clapping of the 0:41-1:01.

Notice closely, the sailors on the left aircraft: In Image 9 with Franken, you can see only black-colors, no reds; the original, unaltered image in image 10, the sailors have red uniforms. The Franken image appears to have removed the Red from the original.

Purpose: The differences between Images 9 and 10 help establish the reference details to compare with the supposedly alterted video. Even if we account for color changes, the still images substantially match the color scheme in the questioned video.

Ex1: Bleacher Personnel, far right end

Notice the steps where the personnel are standing; there is red in one; and black in another. Starting from the bottom, workup up the steps: The colors are green, yellow, and red. In the Franken Version, the colors are green, yellow, and black.

Ex2: Aircraft Personnel, standing near canopy

Notice the personnel standing on the top of the aircraft by the open canopy: In one image there is red, another image there is black. working from right to left, the fifth person in the Franken image has a black shirt; while the original version has a red shirt.

Reference: Aircraft Nose

Notice the nose of the aircraft: Because the image is taken from a lower angle, the Nose covers the YELLOW Wings, but you can see, at the bottom of the aircraft nose, the edges of the yellow.

Summary (Comparing Images 9 and 10) The altered image including Franken helps determine which image reference points have not been changed. Even if we were to account for alterations in elements on the USS Lincoln Flight deck, the Franken image, which adjusts colors and personnel spacing, substantially matches the details in the supposedly altered video.

This tells us that, despite the adjustments, the commone elemnts are real, and part of the original flight deck elements, not something added. The common elements between the original photographs, and the Franken-adjusted image gives us a common baseline of what existed in real space; and these elements substantially match what we can observe on the supposedly altered video.

* *

Personnel Color Scheme, Spacing; Yellow Wings; Number on Control Tower

The following images help pinpoint the details on the personnel, the color scheme, their positions; and details of the yellow wings and numbers behind teh President.

Image 11

Notice the man in RED at the top of the reviewing stand.

- -

Image 12

The man in RED in this image is still there, as the President leans forward; you can see the other shapes of the yellow wings behind him.

- -

Image 13

Notice the man in RED in the same position.

- -

Image 14

Notice the man on the left, in blue sitting on the canopy over the President's right shoulder. In the video, you can see him sitting down at 0:41-1:01 seconds. Note the color scheme of the personnel in the video.

- -

Image 15

Note the black pants, at the top of the image below: The spacing of the legs indicates that this is the far right, and last person. Notice (a) the gap between the pairs of legs; (b) the closeness of the sailors to the left; (c) the gap between the group on the left, and the last legs on the right (top, center of the image).

Image 16

Compare that spacing with the original panoramic view, and you'll see that the images are taken of the sailors on the far right:

This Establishes the Close-up Image of the Personnel Directly in Front of the Aircraft, where the sailors were clapping, as seen in the video: 0:38-1:01.

As a cross reference, notice the colors on the sailors uniforms; how they are spaced relative to the black-pants. The color-spacing pattern in images 16 and 17 closely matches the far right, near the open canopy. This establishes a second line of color images seen in the questioned video image: It's from the area adjacent to the clapping sailors.

- -

Image 17

In this version, notice a different crop: [As reference, notice the yellow-red-green pattern of the personnel on the stairs, moving from bottom to top, left to right]

Same sailors on the left; and same aircraft on the right. Note he is standing, indicating that the President has just entered the area.

Note the angel of the podium on the left side [The President's right hand]. In other photos you'll see the podium angle is slightly different.

- -

Image 18

Notice the number on the aircraft (lower right): 2

- -

Image 19 This version: The aircraft number is 214

- -

Image 20

This version, we have a different angle of the sailors: Notice the patterns in the crowd: Each of the colors corresponds to a position-duty on the carrier deck. Later, you'll want to compare the color-pattern with the video that has been supposedly altered.

* * *


It appears as though they've used a different camera angle, not adjusted the background image, simply replaced the file to remove the video that had the banner; and adjust the focus to a lower-level angle, emphasizing the personnel and equipment.

I wouldn't call this video doctored, merely a different video that replaces the version most people are familiar: The one that has the banner.


Note Times: Compare the yellow shapes on the wall behind the President in the video with the still images.

A. 0:53 seconds, you’ll see the beginning of the number on the aircraft.

B. At 1:14, when the President steps aside, you'll see the entire shape of the yellow wings on the side of the control tower.


The White House has used a video from a different angle, but from the same event.

It appears the change in video was to highlight other things, and eliminate the visual reference and information of "Mission Accomplished."

The Video has not been changed or altered. Another video feed, other than what included the Mission Accomplished has been showcased.

* * *


Here's the live feed of the WaPo site: Ref Check the video, you'll see:

A. Rice is sitting in the audience;

B. The image is horizontal, and doesn't show the "Mission Accomplished"

Tower Details


ESM AN/SLQ-32(V)4 Ref
Decoys 4 x SRBOc
sstds torpedo defence system
AN/SLQ-25 nixie torpedo decoy Ref

air search itt AN/SPS-48e E/f band image Ref
raytheon AN/SPS-49(V)5 C/d band Image
raytheon mk 23 tas D-band

surface search: northrop grumman AN/SPS-67v G-band
Navigation: raytheon AN/SPS-64(V)9 I/j band Ref
Propulsion: Nuclear
2 x Ge pwr A4W/A1G, 194 MW
4 x emergency diesels, 8 MW

Raytheon AN/SLQ-32(V) CRYPTO