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Monday, November 06, 2006

Democratic Plans: A Perspective from the GOP

The GOP has a problem. It has failed to lead on the basis of the law or prudence.

Rather than point to options or solutions, they point to those they've abused as the excuse. This is not GOP leadership. It doesn't take much to outshine the GOP.

This discusses a general set of plans which the DNC could discuss, if the GOP would be willing to listen. The GOP has rebuffed these ideas, not because the solutions are unworkable, but to embrace any alternative would admit the GOP was incorrect. GOP leadership failures can be measured more than by the numbers of voters they have manipulated, but by the reckless abuse of power they have imposed at home and abroad.

* * *

The comedy of the GOP is, in lacking specifics, or being unwilling to provide details of non-existent plans, they have a bad habit of distracting attention from their failures, by pointing to what others have or haven't done. That is not leadership, but a smokescreen.

Leadership Plans

Leaders solve problems. This GOP makes problems, and complains that others have nothing else.

The truth is that there are alternative plans. The GOP refuses to consider the alternatives: "It's not ours."

Consider Iraq. Senator Biden has a solution, another plan, yet the GOP leadership deceives the voters falsely accusing the democrats of having no plan.

The problem is the GOP has no working ear drums.

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is about working with people. Consider what Google is doing with newspapers: Making it easier for newspapers to electronically manage advertising using the internet.

The same lesson could be applied to American foreign policy: How are we going to work with others to help them achieve their goals?

Leaders don't have the solutions: They have the right questions, and the solutions are a laundry list of options -- one option is more prudent than the others. Debate after the election will be the forum to see new options. GOP leaders don't listen to new questions, or new options. They stick with what has failed.

If you've read this blog, you'll know that there are many questions: The point isn't to make you conclude there is or isn't an answer -- but that if merely one person asked a single question, it could lead to new solutions. The answers are inside of you, not the leadership.

Defense, National Security

National security is not exclusively, or narrowly confined to military options, but a state of mind, an attitude of leadership, and a willingness to honor agreements with others.

The rule of law is a standard. We have the Geneva Conventions. Our allies must know we stand by those principles. When we stand with our common values, we will have allies. Foreign fighters do not choose war; they prefer victory, rather than accept the prospect they are forced to accept losses in the other forum: The court.

National security doesn't require "a plan," but an attitude that we can solve this problem. The DNC isn't required to start from scratch. The plans already exist. These plans are not something exclusive to the GOP or DNC. Rather, the agencies under the Executive branch, working with contractors, have spent time reviewing options, developing plans.

National security isn't about making new plans, but about planning something new. The plans exist, can be modified, and made more robust through open debate. The GOP has ignored the plans, not adjusted, and prematurely ended needed debate.

* * *

Congressional Leadership

Regardless who wins, the GOP will have to contend with the problem of the rule of law -- it is their problem because they've run out of options to avoid it.

If you've read this blog, you've known that it doesn't take much effort to rewrite the Constitution; formulate a strategy; share a vision; share a reminder; solve a problem; or plot a course for the rule of law. These are solvable simply by choosing to have the appropriate attitude: There is a lawful solution.

Anyone can do this, but not within the GOP. Recall what we've learned about Iraq: They chose to ignore the law, and in hindsight wish they had explored the lawful options before choosing imprudence. The law is there as a needed constraint to force leaders to dig deeper for lawful, peaceful solutions, not madly rush to abuse power, and wage illegal war.

Lawful solutions affirm the Constitution, and are consistent with reasonable plans. By asserting the law, and honoring it's boundaries, we will find a reasonable solution, not GOP imprudence.

* * *

The burden of proof is not on the DNC to provide a plan; the burden is on the GOP to accept that they refuse to listen to the plans they already have. We only need new plans and new leaders if the GOP, despite victory, chooses to continue ignoring what they falsely claim others do not have. The plans exist: They are in the Constitution, within the Statutes, and simple ideas of how we can make America a better place.

If you choose to embrace the GOP, you should be commended to committing to a choice. If you choose to embrace the DNC, you should be commended to committing to a new option.

Whether you choose the GOP or DNC is of no consequence. The rule of law will be more easily preserved if you choose the DNC; however, if the GOP prevails, there remain other options to remind the GOP that they cannot defy the plan they freely took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend: The Constitution.

The GOP must decide whether it is willing to wage illegal war, and then surrender; to continue manipulations that will not prevail; or accept that it is on an unsustainable course, and adjust or be broken.

We remain prepared to work with anyone who prevails. One choice will require us working more closely with The Hague and war crimes prosecutors; the other choice will require us to work more closely with the American prosecutors.

Either way, the GOP shall be lawfully called to account for the war crimes, defiance of the Constitution, and attack on the rule of law. Making plans is not difficult. The hard part is finding leaders who are wiling to choose to listen, as opposed to Republicans who incorrectly believe they have all the answers, but remain unwilling to adjust.

The GOP has no option but to adjust, otherwise their failure to bend will make the sound of their collective spines cracking under the weight of the rule of law, resonate for eons. History will record whether the GOP internally changed, and freely assented from within its ranks to the inevitable victory of the rule of law; or whether it was compelled, through the lawful use of force, to assent to what they have freely chosen to defy, ignore, and violate.

Stand proud. Smile. Move with confidence. You have a reason to be impressed with whatever choice you make. The rule of law remains our eternal guide, whether you freely chose to respect it, or defy it.