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Monday, November 06, 2006

War Crimes: Leadership, Those Offering Assistance Charged

This is the story of Presidential advisors getting charged with war crimes. Ref Presidential staff, counsel, and high members of the cabinet are subject to war crimes indictments and prosecution.

* * *

The American President, his cabinet, and those on the DOJ Staff who create barriers to investigation, prosecution, or accountability can also be indicted.

It's one thing for Rove and Snow to create a sham, "We never said that. . . "-argument; quite another to convince a War Crimes Tribunal that the policy never existed.

American leaders had a duty to maintain security, and protect the Iraqis. They failed. These are war crimes. It remains to be seen how many, like Rove and Snow, are implicated and adjudicated for war crimes.

(1) Fatal legislative action showing government leaders' intent to defy the laws of war. Ref

Recall, in Yugoslavia, when the leadership voted to grant themselves immunity, the Americans and NATO concluded they would have to act to prevent more abuse of power. Similarly, war crimes prosecutors, when the Americns passed the illegal military commisions act granting illegally immunity for war crimes, were seen as acting no differently than the Yugoslavians.

(2) Fatal admissions by those who are desperate. Ref

The NeoCons and GOP are turning on their own, fatally admitting they did not exhaust all non-military options.

(3) Fatal desperation leads to errors Ref

As the noose tightens, and prospect of war crimes indictments sinks in, the alleged co-conspirators in the war crimes will broaden their betrayals. The GOP will further consume their own, hoping to sacrifice others to avoid accountability. They have a problem: Blaming someone else doesn't immunize them for the original war crimes. They are stuck.

The more desperate they are, the more likely they'll reveal important evidence related to war crimes. Notice their desperation and the evidence: It is surfacing quickly. Organize it into something others may find useful, like this, as an example.