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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Distancing Yourself From Failed GOP Leadership

Richard Viguerie is reported to have said the young Republicans should distance themselves from the White House.

* * *

Why aren't the betrayed RNC membership forcing their existing leadership to do what it should: Issue subpoenas and start the investigations?

The RNC leadership and strategists aren't making a credible case to anyone that anyone in the GOP, young or old, is serious about changing.

If they were serious about new leadership, they would be implementing a leader's agenda today, not complaining in 2006 what they might do in 2008.

Unless the RNC membership forces its leadership to act, while it retains power in Congress, there's no reason anyone in 2007 should believe the GOP.

* * *

The 2008 Presidential cycle is going to start next year in 2007. What is the excuse of the RNC membership, at any level, to suggest the GOP should be trusted with power?

They have power now, but refuse to issue subpoenas. They will remain in power until January 2007.

It is meaningless to argue what the Republicans may or may not do in 2008; they have their chance now, and refuse to act.

* * *

Notice the mental gymnastics, and you'll see the shell game.

The GOP wants us to ignore certain inaction in 2006; but argues in 2008 "when" they get their chance, they'll do something.

That's the same non-sense with terrorism: "Put up with certain abuse today -- violation of your rights; and we can promise you greater security in the future."

It didn't work. Franklin warned us of the meaningless tradeoff: (Paraphrasing): Those who give up certain freedom today in exchange for nebulous security tomorrow, get neither, and deserve neither.

The only thing we know for certain is that we have a Constitution, which prevents the abuse of power, and protects rights.

This Congress has refused to do either. Changing the leadership will not mean anything unless the attitude, as measured by actions and results also changes.

* * *

The issue is not whether the GOP does or does not do anything. The point is to remind the GOP that the voters know that the GOP knows the game is up. Whether the GOP does or does not respond is not as important as laying the foundation to further trounce the GOP in 2007 and 2008.

The GOP has in November 2006 the responsibility to still manage the country for two more months. The voters across America should note well, while the GOP has the reigns of power, do they attempt to fulfill their Constitutional duty; or do they do as they've grown accustomed: "Just let us have a chance, and we'll do it."

Certain incompetence today; speculative improvement in the future -- an approach which failed in Iraq and in the US Congress.

The GOP is in charge. Treat them like the leaders they are: Incompetent, unwilling to lead, and already showing in November 2006 they are unfit to be trusted in 2008.

* * *

Keep the pressure on the GOP for the next two months. The key is to remember that the Senate in 2008, when it takes office in 2009, will have three weeks in place before the President changes.

Those three weeks could be the chance this Congress has to lawfully convict this President, not to mention what the war crimes prosecutors and State Attorney Generals may do between now and then.

We've learned the danger of trusting the Republicans. They will refuse to lead when they have the chance; and they will promise but not deliver. We must deliver them another defeat in 2008. Prepare now and continue the pressure. Then never let up. Your Constitution is not safe as long as the GOP has power, but refuses to do what it should.