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Friday, November 10, 2006

GOP Rebellion Targeting Alleged War Criminal McCain

Alleged war criminal McCain has started his Presidential bid.

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The discredited Republicans, currently under war crimes investigation, are trying to make the case that they're best positioned to provide leadership. Yet, despite still being in charge in November 2006, the current Republican Committee Chairmen refuse to sign subpoenas calling for investigations. There's no reason to give any Republican power or trust. They refuse to act when they have the power.

McCain was complicit with the illegal Military Commissions Act, granting himself immunity for failing to prevent war crimes. NATO used the same self-delegation of immunity to justify the invasion of Yugoslavia.

McCain is too closely connected to the NeoConservatives to be credibly believed as a serious candidate, especially given the further GOP internal struggles against the President.

McCain has yet to comment on what remedy he has to protect the Constitution, or he has President would do anything else to enforce the Supreme Law. He was allegedly complicit with excuses not to prosecute Americans for failing to enforce the Geneva Conventions, offering phony excuses and smokescreens, not a substantive defense of American Geneva obligations.

Encourage your friends to lawfully target McCain and his alleged co-conspirators. Help us build the Disaffected-GOP Coalition, calling for this President to be lawfully impeached and removed from office.

Together, Americans can rebuild our democracy, and impose a New Constitution on the likes of McCain, ensuring the Republican abuse of power never approaches America's Republic or Constitutional system.

You can help. Let's work together to increase voter turnout for 2008; further undermine, and lawfully destroy the Repubulican power base; and remind the disaffected American voters there is a reason to have confidence in the New American Constitution.