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Friday, November 10, 2006

Lobby Reform: It's Possible

Some lobbyists act as if nothing will change.

* * *

Lobbying isn't the problem: The issue is the secrecy.

The solution is to disclose the lobbying, not simply report it.

* * *

Inappropriate lobbying secrecey would not be an issue if the US Federal government were physically and procedurally structured so that lobbyists could only approach members of Congress in public, in open chambers.

Judges have open court subject to public oversight. The same approach, if institutionalized within the Congressional rules would eliminate the real problem with lobbyists: Making agreements to do things that are not in the in the interests of the Constitution or the public.

This approach to lobbying reform could be institutionalized in this New Constitution, Article V: Sections 11, 13.

There is a way to reform the system: Be open to real change.