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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hitler Played Victim, Illegally Ignoring International Law

Ref The US leadership is using the same victimization Hitler did.

* * *

Consider the following quotes from Mein Kampf

Hitler: These detractors of the law nearly always turned first to the authorities and requested in imperative and threatening language that this 'provocation of the proletariat' be stopped forthwith in the 'interests of law and order'.Ref

Chertoff: "International law is being used as a rhetorical weapon against us"

If the US doesn't want to respect other nation's laws and legal standards, there is no reason other nations to cooperate with American abuse of power; or violations of international laws.

Other nations are willing to cooperate, and there are other options.

* * *

The US is ignoring its system of checks and balances, requiring other nations to asset their power.

Chertoff has it backwards, failing to grasp the extent that Americans have ignored the Separation of powers, and have ignored the Senate's role in establishing the Geneva Convention Treaties against abuse:
Chertoff: What we see here is a vision of international law that if taken aggressively would literally strike at the heart of some of our basic fundamental principals -- separation of powers, respect for the Senate's ability to ratify treaties and ... reject treaties

Chertoff should talk to Addington, Yoo, Gonzalez, and Haynes when talking about the law being taken to extremes. The US arrogantly said that abuse was lawful, despite Geneva restrictions against it.

Then the poodle lawyers in the DoJ pretended Geneva was vague. The DoJ Staff counsel's comprehension of the law is vague, and they remain under war crimes investigation.

* * *

The US has a perverse view of whose data they have access to. The data is European's not American; the data is about European citizens. The problem is when Americans use European data to abuse Europeans.

Chertoff: Some in the European Parliament argued that the fact the information was derived from Europeans coming to the U.S. meant that we should be forced in the United States to let Europe supervise and set the terms of how we make use of that information

Indeed, if the US will not cooperate with how the data is or is not used, then there is no reason for Europeans to travel to the US; or for other nations to engage in commerce with the United States. If American will not respect other nation's laws, then other nations do not have to participate in American markets.

The US has shown no competence in ensuring that innocent people are properly cared for. The US, using incorrect information will abuse people.

* * *

The American leadership is using another red herring to distract attention from its abusive system.

Chertoff: There are increasing efforts to control our use of information in our own country. . .It (is) a chilling vision of where we could go, given the current developments in international and transnational law.

If the US doesn't want to cooperate, then the Europeans do not need to engage in any Commercial transactions with Americans.

America isn't worth the hassle.