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Thursday, November 16, 2006

DNC Congressional Staff Counsel Allegedly Complicit in War Crimes Evidence Coverup

The DNC Congressional Staff Counsel are allegedly complicit with a conspiracy to block evidence related to war crimes information; and are allegedly complcit in failures to review evidence of war crimes.

It remains to be understood which specific war crimes related information the DNC staff counsel was aware, and failed to timely secure, review, and forward for processing; or why this information was not provided to the DC bar for attorney discipline.

* * *

___ Which questions does the DNC Staff counsel plan to "not ask" at open hearings, in memoranda, or other discovery because the question, if applied to them, would implicate them for their failure to timely report information related to alleged criminal conduct to the DC Bar?

___ Was the grant of immunity in the Military Commissions Bill contingent upon agreement with DoJ Staff counsel not to target them during an impeachment hearing?

___ How was the planned war crimes defense going to be bolstered if the DNC Congressional Staff did not take action on particular issues?

___ Where was the DNC staff during the markups of the Descriptive Summaries from DoD related to force deployment

___ Once it was known there was no post-invasion plan for Iraq, what was the DNC Staff counsel action to review the Geneva Conventions

___ What was discussed to suggest that the legal requirements were ignored, but the US appropriations were for things that were not lawful

___ How was the post-invasion planning -- or lack thereof -- factored into the reports the DNC Staff counsel should have provided to the DC Bar, US Attorney, or other war crimes investigators related to Geneva obligations of the US as an occupying power

___ Where is the evidence that the Congressional Staff counsel in either party did their moral best to ensure the Geneva obligations were fully implemented; and that Appropriation language appropriately included required checks to ensure Geneva obligations were fully met during occupation