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Friday, November 17, 2006

Powerless GOP Members of Congress Make Meaningless Threats

GOP Expects DNC, After Gaining Power, Not To Use It

Yes, it's news when, for the first time, the GOP makes a meaningless threat, and the world still takes notice. When will the Democratic Party Poodles realize Republican mice don't have sharp teeth? The DNC should make the President dance, "If you want us to consider these nominations, give us the evidence we asked for."

* * *

The US minority party made a meaningless threat. From the party who has no legal authority to compel anyone to do anything:
GOP's McConnell"[If] Democrats want our cooperation, they'll give the president's judicial nominees an up-or-down vote"Ref
Nobody is entitled to a vote. The Senate doesn't have to do anything. They can keep these nominations in Committee.

This is more of the (meaningless) promise of future cooperation, for a requirement someone else do something today. "I'll gladly not torture you tomorrow, if you give up your rights today." Wow, sign me up! [sarcasm]

Even if the DNC were to cooperate today, there's no guarantee the GOP will reciprocate in the future. It's irrelevant whether the GOP does or does not cooperate, the American Congress has agreed to remain complicit with Presidential war crimes.

* * *

These nominations show the President isn't changing his arrogance. No reason for the DNC to cooperate today for meaningless promises from the powerless. The President should first cooperate with the oversight and provide evidence; if he does, maybe the Senate won't continue to mock him for his stupidity.

The Democrats have the power to override an RNC filibuster, but that's irrelevant: It's the RNC which lacks the votes to override the DNC filibuster against the President.

The Poodles in the DNC, given enough non-sense, can be induced to not use what power they have. Despite the absurdity of the GOP, whose President could be prosecuted by any of the 50 State attorney Generals, watch whether the Poodles in the DNC roll over, "We're sorry for holding power, don't hurt us."

Send them a wake up call. Tell the GOP to get their war crimes lawyers. The Hague is ready.