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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CENTCOM Patriots: War Crimes Prosecutor Has Them In Sights


Quit reading blogs, and start giving straight answers to Congress and the prosecutors on the war crimes. Deal? [CENTCOM war criminals, if you want to leave a message for someone who is interested in what you might have to say, Visit].

Ref CENTCOM has a new friend, her name is Monika.

* * *

This one is curious: A blogger was trying to discuss an issue with CENTCOM.

Message For CENTCOM War Criminals: "Stop reading my blog, and I will stop sending you messages tell your staff that you work for alleged war criminals.

Strange it was CENTCOM that sent the word out that they wanted information to get posted.

Questions for the House/Senate Armed Services Committee:

___ Does CENTCOM think that bloggers are media or not?

___ If CENTCOM doesn't think bloggers are "worth the hassle," why do they spend so much time surfing the internet reading blogs?

___ Please discuss the time, contacts, award fees, and other things paid to SAIC and other contractors to monitor blogs that are "sometimes" worth paying attention to.

___ Does DoD only look at blogs as "medium to target" not a "medium to engage"?

___ Is it DoD's policy that blogs should be sent information; but the recipients of that information shouldn’t act as if they're important?

___ What's the point of sending a message to a blogger that they should or shouldn't pay attention to press releases; but when those bloggers have questions about the "press releases" that you've posted, you won't give them the time of day?

___ Was your e-mail a request to "check something out" so you could verify the e-mail, and then forward it to NSA for monitoring; or were you really interested in what I thought of the alleged war criminals at CENTCOM?