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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

President, Attorney General Allegedly Used Illegal Contracts to Suppress Disclosure of Unlawful Activity

Evidence: Contractors Allegedly Suppressing Criminal Activity

Curious what some might do to block oversight or investigations. War crimes prosecutors and investigators reviewing alleged FISA-NSA violations may wish to review this audit report. [ Ref Performance audit standard ]

Other contractors, working with the White House, have likely included similar statements to dissuade public release.

* * *

Documents may be of interest to analysts, and might raise concerns related to alleged war crimes and other illegal activity.


The Committee discuss methods to unlawfully suppress information, and prevent cross-government communications and analysis; and

Share with war crimes prosecutors the possible methods DoJ Staff Counsel and US Contracting officer have used to hide evidence related to unlawful US government activity, or alleged complicity by contractors to suppress war crimes related activity and support.

* * *

Legal Theory

Illegal rendition, illegal prisoner abuse, NSA-FISA violations, and Geneva war crimes are interwoven. The contract language, the subject of this audit, may have been the types of terms in the contracts related to

- Illegal war crimes planning on the known pretext of false WMD data;

- Unlawful prisoner abuse plans related to known unreliable information gathered illegally without adequate warrants;

- Unlawful kidnapping, rendition, and prisoner abuse using information illegally obtained without lawful warrants; or procured through illegal abuse;

- Unlawful threats against contractors to suppress information related to unlawful access to facilities that should have required a warrant;

- Illegal assurances or promises to telecoms to permit illegal access to data and facilities they had the duty to protect and safeguard under State privacy laws.


Contracts were devised using similar terms to illegally suppress evidence of illegal activity, unlawful warrants, or illegal war crimes related activity.


Ref Using similar contract language, DoJ and Verizon allegedly conspiring to suppress evidence of unlawful government activity; and illegally preventing States from enforcing and prosecuting violations of state privacy laws.

Ref Sample contract where this language may have been used to allegedly suppress evidence of unlawful government activity in support of alleged war crimes.

Ref Ref Ref: Case ID [ 2006274 ] Using similar contract language in Maine, DoJ and Verizon allegedly conspiring to suppress information related to war crimes-related information.

Ref Using similar contract language, the US government working with Abraxas has allegedly illegally suppressed information related to the unlawful placement, training, and recruitment of contractors to inflict grave breaches upon prisoners of war, in violation of Geneva.

Ref In re Blue Ridge Thunder, personnel have allegedly created contract terms which allegedly illegally classifies unlawful contractor conduct; and falsified test reports to prevent government auditors from discovering fraud in re Federal contract grants. The objective of the contract terms was not to protect intelligence information, but to prevent discovery of data and software system which allegedly failed to meet Federal standards and court requirements.

Ref State employees like Sheriffs cannot manipulate data or evidence.

Ref Evidence has been illegally classified not to protect state secrets, but to prevent disclosure of evidence of illegal activity.

Ref Vide President's visitor logs: DoJ invokes selective language protecting lobbyists.

Ref The Attorney General and others allegedly communicated unlawful threats of prosecution under the espionage act if they were to reveal the alleged conspiracy; however, the Attorney General and DOJ Staff counsel knew, or should have known, that the necessary intent-element, required to prove espionage, did not exist.

Ref The President and Attorney General, working in concert with the US Attorneys and DOJ Staff counsel, allegedly thwarted DoJ OPR investigations into the contract language, preventing the public and Congress from discovering the scope of the illegal activity.

[ 878 F. Supp. 1473 ] To achieve these unlawful objectives, the Attorney General, US Attorneys and DOJ Staff Counsel have allegedly threatened witnesses, personnel in the media, and others with prosecution, if they disclose evidence related to unlawful contracts, illegal agreements, or other evidence related to the contract language which Government officials knew, or should have known, did not serve a lawful purpose

Ref The Attorney General, by allegedly engaging in this illegal activity, failed to report in writing his decision to not enforce the related statutes, as required per Title 28.