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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Compelling Illegal Insurrection To End

The United States government, DoJ Staff counsel, and federal government officials have illegally engaged in unlawful rebellion against the US Constitution.

American citizens and foreign fighters may lawfully compel the US government to explain its position.

* * *

It is a problem when the US government illegally uses force. It is the burden of the American government and Republican party to explain why they believe the Supreme Law in the Constitution can be defied. They have no defense. These are matters of insurrection and illegal rebellion.

The leaders of the illegal Republican insurrection have no plausible explanation for their unlawful activity. There is no credible, realistic plan the Republicans have to manage the unsustainable rebellion. Even the use of force is meaningless to preserve early won, illegal gains.

It is the responsibility of those leading the illegal Republican rebellion to defend themselves at a war crimes tribunal. Unless Americans assent to the rule of law, they, by default, implicitly argue they would prefer additional combat losses on the battlefield. This is not sustainable.

The leaders of the illegal rebellion cannot explain why they have put loyalty to their illegal covenants before their oath to the US Constitution. Their conduct amounts to clear 5 USC 3331 violations.

The Republicans cannot explain why their rule promulgation should be recognized. Their illegal conduct and defiance of the Constitution has no legal standing.

Those in charge of this illegal insurrection against the Constitution cannot explain why their solutions or vision should be believed. They offer nothing but failures and excuses for sustained combat losses. They hide from the courts.

This insurrection is devoid of credible solutions. They have no reason to justify confidence they can implement, much less control an unsustainable situation.

The leaders of this illegal rebellion cannot justify why their approach is credible. They offer, only as evidence, more disasters.

The unlawful belligerents and insurgents within the Republican party cannot explain why they have changed the law and Constitution; or why their illegal standards should be taken seriously.

The republican party has failed to justify why their solutions are workable, much less lawful. The leaders of this insurrection must be forced to solve their problems. No American need respond to their meaningless please for assistance. The unlawful combatants inside the republican party are not listening to the law. There is no reason Americans should listen to them.

The unlawful combatants inside this Republican-led rebellion have no explanation why they point to the legacy of WWII, but ignore the closer disasters of 2006. WWII is meaningless; 2006 is reality -- failure. Despite the combat losses, the illegal belligerents who have unlawfully abrogated the American Constitution are unable to explain why they should be believed. They have a history of betrayal of the rule of law.

It is a problem when insurrection spreads, especially when it is actively supported by government officials. They have defied their oath and may lawfully be prosecuted. The leaders of this rebellion cannot explain why any nation or citizen should believe their legacy will be anything other than more abuse, war crimes, and failures as we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Louisiana.

The Republican insurgents are unlawful combatants. They have illegally waged unlawful war, targeted innocent civilians. This illegal rebellion against the US Constitution is devoid of legal foundation. The leaders cannot explain why five years of failure should be rewarded with continued support.

The rebellion is marked by recklessness. The unlawful combatants in the Republican party refuse to take responsibly for their reckless defiance of the law. There is no reason to believe them: Their disasters and war crimes speak volumes. Rewarding them with belief only rewards illegal rebellion and war crimes.

The Republican party has failed to demonstrate why their vision should be embraced. They offer nothing but excuses. When trapped, they blame others. That is not the sign of a leader, but a failed criminal who has been caught. Their words are meaningless; their actions and results have well proven their illegal rebellion.