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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trash Hughes' Recommendations Like President Trashed Constitution

Hughes' recommendations are absurd. America's government refuses to embrace these principles at home; efforts to export the failed American education model are not credible, subject to rebuke.

America must first look inward then it might have credibility elsewhere.

Ref It's interesting to contrast the Hughes recommendations-assumptions with the UK dossier related to Muslims: Both have flawed assumptions.

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Martial Law: Chart, Links: [Sy Hersh, Cult]; Goal: Remove Judicial Review of Martial Law Call your governor's offices.

What I need you to do: Visit the blogs raising the issue; and share with them this: How the States can Prosecute the President.

What you can do to help. Spread the word: Presidents can be lawfully prosecuted for illegal abuse at a detention facility.

* * *

Karen Hughes outlined options to reach Middle East Youth. The same outreach efforts failed in America: The US government regularly trains personnel, but ignores intelligence community inputs.

Even if America were to export this education model, if the youth conclude America is the problem, the only alternative America offers is the threat of another military coup. This is hardly inspiring.

* * *

Hughes' recommendations fail to capture the core betrayal youths feel: Sending them to sports camps to learn the sanitized ways of America does little to ensure they'll forever remain loyal to American principles -- Americans in the Bush cabinet are hardly loyal to the American Constitution.

Hughes' memo isn't an outreach effort, but an admission that all efforts to discuss issues with the leadership have failed. If you can't get the leadership to embrace American absurdity, America's plan is to skip a generation, fill the young minds with American propaganda, and then betray them when the youth fill the positions of influence and power.

America's idea of an after-school learning center is to indoctrinate youth to believe sham American principles which the Existing American government refuses to protect.

What's the point of developing skills in the youth if their intellectual curiosity, and inevitable conclusion that American leadership and governance is flawed? This is no different than gong through a sham election in Iraq, merely to replace it with something more responsive to American tyranny: Another military dictatorship.

Indeed, rather than resolve the hypocrisy of American leadership, and spend resources on American schools, Hughes does nothing to demonstrate the after school program will be anything but another imposed solution on those most vulnerable to accept what American teenagers are denied: Facts, critical analysis skills, and leaders willing to listen to reality and the fruit of that education.

Before America can credibly export anything, it needs to demonstrate its internal education system -- however flawed or defective it might be -- does translate into credible results, not the likes of convicted, now deceased Ken Lay and the Enron cronies; or the cess pool currently under House Ethics Investigation.

* * *

The irony is Hughes' recommendation that youth be taught "critical thinking skills" to a President who actively attacks those skills within the intelligence community. This President, despite his marriage to a teacher, is not a competent student of history or intellectual curiosity.

How many Abraxas-placed personnel will use this education program as another way to manipulate youth?

* * *

Hughes fails to make a case that the lessons Middle East youth will need to compete will be what American educators offer. Hughes' recommendations cannot be taken seriously. American educators have enough trouble making classroom lectures, online training, or tests relevant to how American actually works: Based on fraud, deception, abuse of power, and manipulation. These are the skills AlQueda offers to youth: A clear picture of the opposition they face.

Understandably, Americans do not support the violent methods AlQueda uses to put these lessons into practice. yet, when faced with an American government whose president relies on extra-judicial signing statements, why would any youth in the Middle East believe any American is serious about resolving conflict in the courts? This American leadership openly despises the courts and ignores FISA warrant requirements; the Attorney General continues to refuse to permit the DOJ OPR to complete its work.

Middle East youth, if they want to learn about America, would stand a better chance of getting a clear picture if they listened to the AlQueda training manuals: Americans are unresponsive to the rule of law, and the only (apparent) way anyone can credibly get the Americans to respond is through the use of force. The President can hardly argue any other conclusion given his capitulation to the insurgents at the secret negotiations. If American civilians were to challenge the President in court, the DoJ Staff uses illegal means to define the issue as something that is "classified," although illegal and subject to Article III review. The Middle East youth are correctly learning that American leaders are not responsive to legal methods, and are only willing to cooperate when they are physically backed into a corner as has been done in Iraq and Afghanistan through open combat.

* * *

Hughes' recommendations should send shockwaves through America. She advocates an absurd education agenda which American educators are not allowed to implement. When American educators are encouraged to develop "critical thinking skills," this Administration openly targets and threats loss of Grant money for educators and researchers who question why the WTC debris was still smoldering weeks after the implosion. American leaders are not willing to listen to contrary views within the FDA; and grant money has been denied to researchers who reach conclusions which defy Administration policy. No Middle East youth should be denied information which openly discloses the American hypocrisy toward education, research and governance.

* * *

Hughes' education is reminiscent of the Hitler Youth education camps. When the SS troops were depleted, Hitler relied on the German youth to fill the ranks. Hughes recommends military personnel teach the program without explaining why the military personnel are more qualified. We've seen at GTMO, Abu Ghraib, and from the Joint Staff, that military personnel are not rewarded for the creative thinking, but blind assent to political agendas, however illegal they may be.

Hughes fails to explain how the program will be defined, measured, or evaluated. Nor is there any information on why the sites she recommends should be used. Her ranking fails to include a demonstration site; nor is there a credible showing the concept has been implemented at home.

Hughes offers no explanation nor a viable option should the program backfire abroad as it already has done at home.

* * *

Under the Nuremburg Code, Medical doctors are prohibited from using live subjects for experimentation. It is not ethical for doctors to both provide medical assistance, but be the conduit for perverse American education.

Again, rather than talk about what America could or could not do abroad, a more credible approach would be to demonstrate that the model worked at home; and that American governance was similarly transformed to protect the Constitution. Despite decades of post-Sputnik training, the American leaders have perpetuated the myth of American dominance while failing to explain why the American model has abysmally collapsed at the hand of lightly armed insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hughes fails to explain why the proposed method would be any different than current models in the Peace Corps or current outreach efforts.

It is disingenuous to suggest that sports exchanges are a solution. Americans are proposing to prosecute soccer players who volunteered to play for the Iranian team. Hughes approach can only be implemented if the Republican congress agrees to a change to the current sanctions against Iran.

American sports heroes, if they are given the chance to speak there mind, are likely to face backlashes. It remains to be seen how many sports teams and figures, like the Dixie Chicks, are publicly smeared because they publicly speak their minds.

* * *

That the First lady may have started something at the end of Sept 2006 is meaningless. True understanding relies on the President reconciling with his wife, not to mention reconciling with the US Constitution.

It is absurd to suggest the First Lady is mobilizing any talent or resource: The leadership doing the mobilizing has failed in Katrina, Iraq, and Afghanistan. To what end this mobilization will serve is unclear.

Even if performing arts centers, film institute, and committees, and endowments are involved, the greatest power behind America is its example: Tyranny, abuse of power, and defiance of the rule of law. Its absurd to suggest that any private institution would assist the American government achieve any cultural objective: American culture is a sideshow to Iraqi youth who see civilian contractors driving trucks, not providing a job for the displaced youth.

* * *

10 Million

The 10Million dollars will, like the Halliburton funds, disappear within a few short hours. It's likely most of the money will be siphoned for midlevel managers, spent on useless public service announcements, and does little other than line to pockets of talent agents and media contractors who take a percentage of the White House propaganda efforts.

American bombs and coups have failed; in Hughes' universe flutes will do wonders. Yet, this was rejected on the eve of the invasion of Iraq. What happens when the pretty flute songs fails? I suppose the youth of the Middle East can enjoy the screaming sirens as NATO drops nuclear weapons.

* * *

It's absurd to suggest that Middle East youth need to have something to "counter" the terrorism message. Terrorism is the only thing which gets the Americans attention. If you want to empower youth to do something non violent, America might be better off if it incited within the hearts of American youth a love of the law, as opposed to the current legal crew in the DOJ cess pool: They love illegal warfare, and believe the Middle East youth aren't in a position to offer a substantive opinion before the court. If that fails to stop them, this DoJ Staff would eject them from the court room, deny the Habeas, then have the world believe that it's an attitude problem.

The only problem with America is its hypocrisy. Hughes memorandum is meaningless drivel. It smacks of the same Polly Anna American youth are asked to recite when they might memorize Lincoln's Gettysburg address. How soon they see the 2006 American leadership have defied their 5 USC 3331 oath of office, after being convicted at a war crimes tribunal, lawfully executed, unable to enjoy any Presidential pardon.

* * *

Rather than talk about giving refugees internet access, why not talk about returning their land; or explain to them a credible reason why America is bombing them for daring to stand up to abuse.

Hughes' approach is a high tech Band-Aid to a fundamental failure of American constitutional system of checks and balances. The refugees are isolated because the DOJ Staff refuses to visit them at Guantanamo. have the DOJ Staff personally visit the families of those they've permitted detained; and get the DOJ Staff to explain the American Constitution to those who are at the end of the American military campaigns. If the DOJ Staff returns, make them explain the reaction, and why any American should believe the DoJ Staff is a credible defender of the American Constitution.

If Hughes is going to talk about online counseling, she might be good to advise the same for Alberto Gonzalez. He has Title 28 reporting requirements, yet no legal threat seems to awaken him to the possibility he could not only be disbarred, but lawfully executed for war crimes planning. Peer-to-peer interaction for Gonzalez is shutting down the DOJ OPR, then fanning the flames of hypocrisy, pretending he's concerned about enforcing the law. Gonzalez brings discredit upon himself, the Department of Justice, and the United States of America.

Hughes should be asked to read this document to American teenagers; and citizens who visit old age homes, then WWII veterans. America is not the shining orb it once was. Hughes needs to hear the feedback of what has failed at home; once Hughes understands the legitimacy crisis is within the American system of governance, she may have inkling for what failed at home. We might hope these lessons would be transformed into some semblance of understanding of what failed abroad; then again, why expect the American leadership to comprehend this failure -- to do so would require them to listen to the intelligence community they would rather blame, than effectively mange.

* * *

Iraqi youth in Sadr City see the Americans have installed a puppet government, and propose to use military force to replace what is not workable. So much for Democracy. The Iraqi youth are disadvantaged because they are forced at gunpoint to believe American power, while knowing this power has been illegally abused to undermine their livelihoods. Americans fail to comprehend that the Iraqi youth are not inspired by blind hatred, but by the same abuse of power which inspired the likes of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. The Iraqi youth do not care about the tax breaks given to American corporations, they only care about the promises they have been denied, and they future they will have to rebuild without American involvement.

It is absurd for Hughes to argue that reaching Iraqi youth will have any real effect. Their lives have been destroyed by the Arrogance within the Vice President’s office, the absurdity of Addington's legal theories, and the non-sense drivel spewing forth from this incompetent Joint Staff which defies its oath, and is unfit to be credibly called something resembling military professionals.

America does not offer anything but chaos, disaster, and incompetence. American youth do not have enough money for schools and books. What hopes is there that Iraqi youth will believe $10M will do anything else? Perhaps if America bombs them more, a marginal improvement could be called a victory.

If America wants to make videos, America should demonstrate that the US Attorneys listen to them. This Constitution permits the US Attorneys to lawfully prosecute the President. They are silent. The DoJ Staff has failed to ensure the DoJ Staff counsel has listened to the training videos. You might as well lock the Hoover building, send the DOJ Staff home, and spend the money making more rubber stamps for Congress to use. Perhaps if the weather is favorable, the DoJ Staff might take their oath of office seriously; then the Iraqi youth will have something to consider by way of a credible video-instruction-process. Until then, America cannot demonstrate that it is wiling to face reality, much less the rule of law; the clear Constitution seems to be something this DoJ Staff finds confusing, complex, and unwilling to follow. They would rather explain away their legal duties as a "complexity" than assent to the FISA court to resolve the legal contradictions.

* * *

Hughes advocates a book publishing enterprise in Iraq. If only Hughes were willing to see the absurdity of this conclusion. America since the founding has openly published texts related to the Constitution, rule of law, and the importance of civil society. Those lessons are lost on this Administration and DoJ Staff.

The only intellectual vacuum worth commenting is that which exists between the ears of the clerk sitting in the oval office. Addington, Gonzalez, Kreisler, Viet Dinh, and Yoo have taken advantage of the mental incompetence, and exploited the American trust. The DOJ Staff has allegedly supported illegal war crimes; this is hardly something worth ignoring in the Iraqi publishing industry.

Iraqi intellectuals well see American actions are at odds with the rule of law. The way to influence political thinking is to put into practice the Article II requirements to enforce the law: That includes the Geneva conventions, not the selective cherry picking this White House clerk prefers.

The way to stimulate American minds, and those of Iraqi youth, is to have a lawful Article III war crimes tribunal, present the facts, and compel the President and his alleged co-conspirators to defend themselves. If, as it appears, the president and others are lawfully convicted of war crimes, may they be lawfully executed. This act alone will stimulate Iraqi youth faith and confidence in democratic values and processes. Until there is a war crimes tribunal, the Iraqi youth have no reason to take any of Hughes' recommendations seriously. Nothing Hughes offers has worked in America; there is no reason any American should compel anyone in Iraq or Afghanistan to assent to a standard Americans are not willing to embrace at home.

Until Americans compel a lawful war crimes tribunal, and lawfully hold this President and his contemptible DOJ Staff counsel to account for their allegedly reckless defiance of the Geneva Conventions, the only lawful option Iraqi youth see to assert their rights is on the battlefield. Hughes recommendations should be trashed in the same way that this President has trashed American values and the US Constitution.