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Monday, September 18, 2006

Abraxas Corp Allegedly Engaged in War Crimes

[ Abraxas Content: ] Abraxas Corp is a firm which provides cover stories for CIA contractors and agents to work worldwide. Abraxas Corp work has allegedly been instrumental in putting into effect illegal plans, unlawful programs, and other activities which violate the laws of war and Geneva Conventions.

[ Abraxas Content: ] Abraxas Corp is allegedly engaged in war crimes, and has allegedly materially contributed to the illegal support of CIA Geneva violations in Eastern Europe. Abraxas Corp records should lawfully be seized and provided to the Congress and the International War Crimes tribunal investigating American war crimes in Eastern Europe.

Baker & Hostetler ordered to pay $250,000 for overbilling substandard work. Ref

Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich is based in San Diego and has litigated product disparagement cases.

[May be updated without notice.]

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What You Can Do

Ref Contact the German war crimes prosecutor investigating illegal abuses against prisoners: Abraxas has files and data related to the placement of personnel who may know more about the alleged war crimes.

Ref Putting Pressure on State and Federal officials to investigate, issue subpoenas to Abraxas, and lawfully prosecuting those who have committed war crimes. You can help, here's how.

Ref Contact the Italian prosecutors gathering evidence, and share your support and encouragement. Maybe you have other ideas or evidence to share.

Ref Contact the German War Crimes prosecutors gathering evidence. Share your ideas, let them know of your ideas and solutions. Others have already agreed to cooperate.

Details of Abraxas Alleged Involvement With War Crimes

Ref German war crimes prosecutor discovery in re war crimes.

Ref Whether something is or is not abuse is irrelevant; the Geneva Conventions prohibit abuse.

Ref Congress has no power to retroactively grant immunity to any CIA agent or Abraxas employee for alleged war crimes involvement; this is an illegal assertion of Article III judicial power, not delegated to the legislature.

Ref Alleged White House efforts to intimidate Abraxas-placed agents, and Non official cover agents aware of illegal war crimes, abuses, and Geneva violations.

Ref Using banking system to pinpoint personnel involved with illegal war crimes.

Ref How to find covert US Intelligence Programs.

Ref Alleged Abraxas pipeline to support war crimes.

Ref Questions for Abraxas in re alleged war crimes.

Ref War Crimes Plan allegedly supported by Abraxas.

Ref Alleged bribes by Republicans to silence Abraxas employees about war crimes.

Ref War Crimes Archive; Note the draft War Crimes Indictment Against Abraxas and others.

Ref Read the FOIA that has one White House contractor excited.

Ref Chief Justice Roberts allegedly linked with Abraxas personnel through intermediate law firm.

Ref Abraxas allegedly target of investigation related to FISA violations, use of information for illegal objectives, and war crimes.

Ref Abraxas allegedly linked with rendition, FISA conspiracy, and Geneva violations/abuse/war crimes.

Ref Abraxas allegely impliated in establishing false identifies for CIA agents to support illegal transfer of persons to Syria; former White House counsel implicated in alleged plot through working papers, planning memos, and other admissable evidence.

* * *

Background, Details

Abraxas looks at itself as the refuge for the CIA agents who escape The Farm. "The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born first must destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas" - Hermann Hesse, Demian

Abraxas = Αβρασαξ = 365

Draft Subpoena, Search Warrant Against Abraxas Corp

1. Abraxas Corp or Abraxas Applications ["Abraxis Corp"] is reported as a firm that supports providing cover stories to CIA personnel worldwide. One objective of the Abraxas Corp activity is to provide assistance to the Central Intelligence Agency.

2. Abraxas Corp is a privately held firm on contract for the CIA, located in the United States, and formed in 2001, with headquarters in McLean, Virginia, under the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia,

3. The addresses include Abraxas Corporation. 6845 Elm Street, Suite 310. McLean, VA. 703-821-8930; and Abraxas Inc 6733 Curran Street McLean, VA.

4. Based on information and belief, Abraxas Corp was instrumental in reviewing records, making plans, and coordinating messages to support CIA personnel operations in Eastern Europe which violated the Geneva Conventions, and are alleged war crimes.

5. Abraxas Corp holds records of interest to the Congress and International War Crimes tribunal.

6. The records of interest include the illegal orders, messages, and other unlawful direction the Joint Staff, DoD, CIA, DoJ, White House, and NSA provided directly or indirectly to support these allegedly unlawful actions.

6A. Important background: The Department of Justice has Abraxas Corp records. The following information outlines the procurement codes war crimes prosecutors may view, analyze, and access. This data relates to the A-76 procurement system. The following data includes data codes, DOJ POC, and the types of Department of Justice contracts with Abraxas:

6A(1) Source: http://www. usdoj . gov / jmd/ osdbu / forecast2007.htm

JMD: Justice Management Division

OSDBU: Office of Small Disadvanaged BUsiness Units

6A(2) Category Abraxis Assocaited with [May not be complete or accurate]:

Administra-tive Support Services – Translation & Interpreting Services
(including Sign Language);
Court Reporting;
Credit Reporting;
Steno-graphic Services

6A(3) DOJ POC:

Walt Meslar;
Senior Bureau Procurement Chief

JoAnn M. Casteel,
SDBU Advisor

6A(4) Codes For Database Searches

A76 -- Contracting

NAICS -- North American Industry classification System

These codes cross refernce with the job codes and contracts in the various procurement databases.

541611 Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services

541618 Other Management Consulting Services

541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

611630 Language Schools


7. The Abraxas Corp allegedly holds records related to CIA employee names, their current activities, and the dossiers and summaries used to create false stories. This information was useful when creating the cover stories.

8. Abraxas Corp allegedly has detailed message traffic, classified computers, and other sensitive equipment permitting communication directly and indirectly with overseas location, NSA, CIA, Joint Staff, and the White House staff. This is commonly referred to at the STU-III system.

9. Abraxas Corp allegedly has had NSA reviews of its communication systems to ensure it complies with the sensitive communication requirements. These contracts, reviews, and other agreements between Abraxas Corp, CIA, and the NSA are discoverable, allegedly related to illegal activity and fraud, and may not be lawfully classified nor may they be protected by privilege.

10. Abraxas Corp has allegedly provided instrumental support on matters that they knew, or should have known were related to alleged war crimes, unlawful violations of Geneva, and other illegal activity. NSA contractors like Quest did have the option to refuse. Abraxas Corp allegedly has no evidence nor can point to any similar documentation which outlines their refusal to engage in war crimes.

11. Abraxas Corp has allegedly failed to comply with Geneva, has not lawfully removed itself, and has otherwise provided allegedly unlawful support to CIA contractors, CIA agents, and other personnel assigned to the CIA rendition facilities in Eastern Europe.

12. Abraxas Corp allegedly has information related to travel records, cover stories, CIA personnel identifies, contacts, payment receipts, trip reports, summary briefings, and other information related to illegal war crimes planning, execution, and unlawful orders to carry these alleged war crimes into effect.

13. Abraxas Corp personnel include the board, CEO, Chief Auditor, and General Counsel are also alleged war criminals and may lawfully be detained when serving this search warrant. This warrant may lawfully be executed by duly authorized law enforcement personnel assigned to the US Congress, CIA inspector General, FBI, US Attorneys Office, and/or war crimes investigators assigned to the International War Crimes Tribunals working with The Hague.

14. Any personnel who have knowledge of this order have no legal power to object, thwart, or otherwise obstruct a lawful investigation into alleged war crimes. None of the records which Abraxas Corp has related to war crimes is protected, nor may it lawfully be destroyed or held from the ongoing war crimes investigation.

15. The information should be treated as sensitive, properly safeguarded to protect the identities of CIA officials, their families, and other non-public information. The information should be protected, put under seal, and provided so that the alleged war crimes which Abraxas Corp has allegedly supported may be timely adjudicated by a war crimes tribunal.

16. The types of information to be obtained under the search warrant include the following items at this list.

17. Of interest are the planning memos, briefings, and other travel orders and contracts which Abraxas Corp was engaged, participated in, attended, or otherwise has working papers and documents. These post-decision communications related to alleged fraud, war crimes, and unlawful activity and may not lawfully be protected under any claim of secrecy, privilege or immunity.

18. Personnel publicly identifies as having a current or former relationship with Abraxis include Richard "Hollis" Helms, Mary Nayak, LAURA FARHOOD, who may be able to provide Congress and war crimes investigators additional information related to the alleged war crimes planning in Eastern Europe.

19. Abraxas Corp budget and hiring plans on or about October 18, 2004 include records and information related to hiring additional 100 personnel.

20. It would also be useful if the NSA and GCHQ information related to this phone number was provided for the war crimes investigators: (817) 498-8500.

21. Please include flight logs of contracted personnel to include the signed FAA travel documents and certified as true flight departure and landing times for all CIA-related support into and out of Europe between 2001 and 2006.

22. Personnel records, identifying information, and other contact information related to Abraxas can be obtained through Arlington Virginia Health Insurance.

23. Business information related to Abraxas Corp can be obtained through Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

24. Abraxas Corp is linked with 2004 DHS conference. Please provide a copy of all e-mail, faxes, and travel records related to personnel assigned to the conference.

25. GCHQ has decryption technology. Of interest are the electronic intercepts and communications related to this email; and routed through these IPs into Italy, Germany, and Europe:

- John Brady [ ]
- R. Daniel Botsch
- Richard Calder [ ]
- Barbara Falgout, (703) 821-8931 ext 182
- Richard "Hollis" Helms, [ ]
- Brad Juneau Fax: 703-821-8511 By E-mail: ;
- ; 703-821-8930 703-821-8511;
- Michael "Mike" Maness 703-821-3775
- Joseph Marr [ ]
- Mary Nayak [ ]
- 703-821-3775;
- Danielle O. Saunders, VP of Business Development, 703-821-8930 ex. 121;
- Kate Spear (703)821-8931 x182
- John Streeter [ ]
- Fred Turco [Frederick A. Turco], who met with Robert Baer [ ]
- intelligence, diplomatic services, defense, private industry, legal
- 703-476-7100

703-821-8931 x182

26. Abraxis had at least 100 employees as of 2004 and announced it has "more than 3500 years of collective experience," suggesting the number of personnel assigned is between 70 and 350, most likely around 220. As of Feb 2006, the firm had hired "200 former intelligence officers." As of 23Jun06, the experience level was reported at 5500 years, or about 275 employees [Assume: all retired 20 years]. The extreme end is 36, at .95; and the most likely senior experienced personnel is 27 years. "650-pluscombined years of global business experience", suggests 19% of employees have no intelligence experience. This number could easily be rendered on a single jet to The Hague, chargeable to Abraxis Corp contracts under the CIA. [Turko spent 39 years in the CIA; Pakistan 1970-1973 India 1975-1977 Afghanistan 1979-1984. CounterSpy 1980-SP]. The firm is fluent in 20 foreign languages.

27. Abraxis nominated as GovCon 2006 Contractor of the Year, which would require a review package, and a detailed presentation or submission. Copies of documents, basis for the award, and all working papers associated with developing the award package are needed. Please include the name and address of all CIA personnel and Executive Branch personnel who reviewed, commented on, and provided post-decision communications related to the award nomination, and reason the award was no provided to Abraxis.

28. The Abraxis website is reported, without public contradiction or denial, that Abraxis engages in intelligence analysis. Please discuss the training Abraxis personnel have received through Ft. Huachuca, and the method Abraxis personnel were trained on to extract information from prisoners of war in Eastern Europe.

29. Deloitte & Touche reports that Abraxis revenue growth of 714% over three years, from about 2002-2005. Please include a copy of all working papers D&T used in making these assessments, copies of the auditor working papers used during the audit, and notes the Abraxis audit committee took during the audit committee review. Please discuss the basis for that estimate, copies of all contacts which Abraxis has secured since 2001, the contact amount, US government agency, and which program element Abraxis is located in the President's Budget. Include all budget coordination, meeting minutes, and other budget related documents including descriptive summaries, cost schedule status reports, cost performance reports, and all documentation related to the Contractor's Initial and Subsequent Application Reviews related to the CIA certification that the Abraxis accounting system meets government financial data reporting requirements under the Federal Acquisition Regulation. If Abraxis is not required to meet this reporting requirement, include the CIA Agency Head letter and CIA Acquisition office documentation providing a waiver, or so finding that Abraxis does not meet the FAR reporting requirement. The budget documents should not include any blacked out names, or other shading or discoloration to cloud, hide, obscure, or otherwise thwart photocopying of the documents for purposes of presentation in a classified presentation for the Federal District Court.

30. Abraxis publicly reports it uses POLYGRAPH systems and Barry McManus is Director of Deception Detection Services Abraxas; former Chief Polygraph Examiner of the CIA. Please provide a copy of the licenses Abraxis personnel or contactors use to conduct these POLYGRAPH screenings. Include the license number, training, fees paid, and annual renewal times. Include the POLYGRAPH screening records to include names, questions used, and the types of investigation related to prisoner-related interactions to include: Possible concerns, worry, or mental attitudes POLYGRAPH-interviewees may have toward inflicting physical pain on prisoners; concerns that interrogators working with Abraxis may have about their duties; their understanding of the legal requirements of Geneva or the DOD 5100.77 Laws of War Program.

A. We judge McManus well understands water boarding:
more than 20 years, including 10 years as the Agency's Chief Polygraph Examiner, working against terrorists, hostile intelligence services, and other high threat targets. He has now developed a training program to enable Human Resources and other professionals to become more enlightened interviewers, better assessors of human behavior, and more effective elicitors of information [Tower Club, Tysons Corner, 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1700, Vienna (Tysons Corner). Fairfax Co. VA: Jan 18, 2006] -- See Also: [ ]

B. Barry McManus has been associated with

Human Resource Leadership Forum
354 Washington Street Suite 223
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

Phone: (781) 239-0044
Fax: (781) 431-8118

31. According to a public e-mail sent to Michele King 862 - 2199 mcmking@MIT.EDU Wed Feb 11 11:00:35 2004 MIT has a Course 6 [EECS]& Course 14 [Economics, Mechanical Engineering]. Please discuss the reasons for not including, excluding other MIT courses in the Abraxis targeting of MIT graduates. Please include the documentation in these courses; and provide the basis for posting this information, how the e-mail was sent, and which specific communications occurred to post this information publicly. MIT Student Mary Williamson has participated in Course 6 and may be of interest to the US Attorney Office, Congress, and War Crimes Prosecutors to understand the nature of the Abraxis employee profile.

32. Course 14 includes the transactional DSM system. Please discuss the Abraxis method to integrate this degree with the SWIFT system, and the method Abraxis personnel used to ensure that the review of the economic data through BIS was subject to lawful warrants. Please discuss Abraxis reactions to Brussels concerns that the SWIFT system had been illegally accessed.

33. Course 14 includes (04.06.2004) Fallacies. Please discuss the logical fallacies that Abraxis personnel made when they asserted they were not subject to Geneva, the laws of war did not apply, and the legal review Abraxis General counsel did on working papers from the White House with Brad Berenson's name. The Quest CEO refused to participate with the unlawful NSA monitoring. Abraxis had the legal duty to refuse to participate with alleged war crimes. Please discuss why the Congress, or the war crimes tribunal should consider these excuses as credible.

34. In-Q-Tel is an open laboratory the CIA uses to develop software. Please identify the MIT graduates of Course 14 which are or have participated in In-Q-Tel. Discuss the funding flows between In-Q-Tel, Abraxis, Paratek Microwave; and D&T reviews of these financial transactions.

35. The NARUS STA 6400 system is used by AT&T. Please discuss how Paratek Microwave devices interface with AT&T systems.

36. Please discuss the financial relationships between Abraxis, Polaris Venture Partners, Novak Biddle Venture Partners, Morgenthaler, Investor AB and ABS Ventures.

37. Please identify the Abraxis personnel who attended the National Intelligence Conference and Exposition.

38. In your review of e-mails please note the following names: Stan Bedlington,

39. Identify which program element Abraxis falls under in the CIA Budget: Ref.

40. Discuss the Abraxis relationship with Aero Contractors Ltd.

41. Discuss the name SANFORD, MARSHALL C who has traveled to Central Asia.

42. Please discuss the Abraxis relationship with the CIA's Agency Collaborative Environment Program. Include the memoranda of agreement, administrative support, and tasking rosters shared between the CIA and Abraxis.

43. Intel Link was established in 1994. It includes guidelines, procedures, operational plans, and other legal requirements and policies of interest to the intelligence community. Please discuss the times, methods, and how Abraxis gained direct or indirect access to the Intel Link system, through the Intelink Management Office, and associated with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

44. CIA has gone through a number of organizational changes. In the Abraxis response, please include the times, method of notification, and other documents, e-mail and messages when the Abraxis-associated entity at the CIA changed its name from "Directorate of Administration" to "Directorate of Support" or "DS". Include all copies of messages Abraxis still has on file related to the name change.

45. BAE Systems reports its personnel have online blogs. Please discuss the online blogging Abraxis personnel engage to discuss status, online information, news reports, and decisions to purchase insurance in the event of war crimes prosecution.

46. Pages 84 through 86 of the President's "Military Commissions Act of 2006" includes Congressional language to provide legal assistance to those who may be the targets of this investigation or required to appear as a defendant before The Hague, war crimes tribunal, or other international body. Please discuss the Abraxis decision to seek White House assistance where private insurance would be insufficient. In your response, include the online blogging comments which SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE or other contractors may have called to your attention. Include the time the link was posted to the blog, the IP number, and a brief commentary for its relevancy to Abraxas missions.

47. It has been well known that the CIA General Counsels have not traditionally experts in intelligence gathering. Given this known gap in the CIA General Counsel's background, what provisions, if any, did Abraxis make to ensure its operations were lawful.

48. Kyle "Dusty" Foggo is reported to have been chief of logistics in Germany, well positioned to provide assistance to Abraxis to coordinate the alleged war crimes in Eastern Europe. Please discuss the communication, planning, and consultation Abraxis personnel had directly or indirectly through intermediaries with Mr. Foggo or others associated with the Directorate of Support in Germany.

49. Please discuss the communications, planning, coordination, and other information which was transmitted directly or indirectly between Abraxis to Mitchell Wade, Brent R. Wilkes and/or Archer Logistics.

50. Please discuss the Abraxis interface with Stephanie Danes Smith. Include in your response the times Abraxis personnel have directly or indirectly spoken with, e-mailed, communicated, received e-mail, fax, or other communications.

51. Fort McCoy is associated with the Directorate of Support. Please discuss the travel reimbursement arrangements between Abraxis to Ft. McCoy.

52. Describe the types of arraignments between Abraxis and Dr. D. Calvin Andrus in the Directorate of Support.

53. Bundesnachrichtendienst is or was the name of German intelligence. In December 2005, Khalid El-Masri filed suit against the CIA for unlawful rendition. What information does Abraxas have that relates to the activity the President has publicly commented on. Which specific Abraxas action offer was involved in providing training to the CIA personnel, interrogators, or others who interacted directly or indirectly through intermediaries with Khalid El-Masri while he was allegedly illegally abused, detained, and denied his rights. In your response, outline the specific communications with the West German intelligence and other European officials related to the planning, implementation, and resolution of Khalid El-Masri alleged illegal detention and subsequent release. What information does Abraxas have related to the release location for Khalid El-Masri; how was this country selected; and which personnel did Abraxas know or should have known were involved in the capture, detention, and release of Khalid El-Masri.

54. Robert Seldon Lady was at one time associated with the CIA Directorate of Support. Please discuss the Abraxas interaction with Mr. Lady and include in your response the nature of the interaction, types of exchanges, and any notes, e-mails, faxes, working papers, and other information which the war crimes prosecutors may find interesting or useful to support adjudication of these alleged war crimes.

55. Please provide in your response the NSA intercepts related to the following [ 기동 정보 역량 확대 ,지원관리국 ] Identify the Abraxas overlaps with those characters.

56. Besides being common Army Contractors known to the both DoD and Army General Counsels' Offices, and being located in Virginia, whose officers have contributed to the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign, discuss the relationship between Abraxas Corp and Athena Innovative Solutions, formerly MZM Inc.

57. Please provide all memoranda, trip reports, and presentations provided to the ASIS International Conference, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM, in support of this presentation (23rd Annual Government/Industry Conference on Global Terrorism):

Reconnaissance to Operation: Identifying the Terrorist Operational Cycle - One of the most important lessons learned from the major terrorist attacks of the last five years is the thoroughness and care taken by terrorist organizations to properly and effectively scout the target. Hear from representatives from two of the most advanced terrorist surveillance detection projects currently being researched to learn about how your organization can protect itself.

Dr. Kevin O'Brien
Senior Policy Analyst

Fred Turco
Senior Advisor
Abraxas Corporation

58. Please discuss the funds transfers between Morgan Stanley, Globe Nine, and Abraxas. [9/13/2004 $1.5 Billion Private Equity Fund]; GlobeSecNine 901 North Stuart St., Suite 200 Arlington, VA 22203 703-294-9991

60. The following personnel are linked with GlobeNine, affiliated with the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. Please discuss the use of military personnel ranks in this public disclosure under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act:
- General Al Gray, 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, and former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;
- Jack Lawn, former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration under both Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and former COO of the New York Yankees;
- Lt. General Greg Newbold, former Director of Operations, Joint Chiefs of Staff; and
- Ambassador David C. Miller, Jr., responsible for counter-terrorism at the National Security Council under President George H.W. Bush.
- General Brent Scowcroft is Chairman of the GlobeSecNine Advisory Board, a group that also includes:
-- Bob Damon, President of Korn/Ferry North America; and
-- Fred Turco, one of the founders of the Counter-Terrorism Center at the CIA and a highly-decorated senior intelligence officer.

61. Please discuss the Abraxas support, involvement, documentation, and other memoranda provided to the Defense Science Board and other communication between 2001 and 2006 related to the alleged illegal war crimes in Eastern Europe. [ Ref ]

62. Please describe the relationship between Abraxas Corp and the Abraxis PLC [ Wesley Husted, Chief Financial Officer; United Kingdom House 180 Oxford Street
London W1D 1NN United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 7255 5518 Fax: +44 207 6360334 ], and include in the response all intercepts GCHQ can provide related to the alleged illegal war crimes in Eastern Europe.

63. Robert Grenier was allegedly fired for opposing various efforts. Please discuss Abraxas personnel involvement in Robert Grenier removal, their views, how Abraxas personnel views did or did not clash with Robert Grenier, and any other details that may shed light on the issues Robert Grenier opposed. Besides water boarding, which methods was Grenier aware were illegally being used in violation of Geneva; how were Abraxas personnel instrumental in carrying this allegedly illegal activity into effect; and to what extent were Abraxas personnel and their involvement in allegedly illegal activities and war crimes instrumental in CIA personnel securing private insurance.

64. Abraxas is allegedly associated with InScope Headquarters Office 1851 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 105, Reston, VA 20191. Please describe the nature of the technical support Inscope provided to Abraxas in supporting alleged positioning of CIA personnel in Eastern Europe, and what method InScope provided to support technical interchange, and data exchange through the Intel Link system with Abraxas and the NSA, CIA and Joint Staff.

64. The Abraxas Wembley, UK help desk has the following hardware and software -- Hardware : compaq / HP; Software : Windows XP / Pro, MS Office, Internet Explorer, Lotus Notes, Symantec, Backup Exec, Active Directory over multiple sites. Please identify the specific contracts used to acquire this alleged support for war crimes planning, implementation, and support.

65. Brad Juneau registered the website on 11-sep-2002; Updated 20-jun-2006 Expires 11-sep-2015, through godaddy. NS3.SECURESERVER.NET NS4.SECURESERVER.NET

The information below is available through many locations and is no longer protected, nor does anyone have claim that the information cannot be shared:

brad juneau
6845 elm street
suite 310
mclean, Virginia 22101
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 11-Sep-02
Expires on: 11-Sep-15
Last Updated on: 05-Dec-05

Administrative Contact:
juneau, brad
6845 elm street
suite 310
mclean, Virginia 22101
United States
7038218930 Fax -- 7038218511

Technical Contact:
juneau, brad
6845 elm street
suite 310
mclean, Virginia 22101
United States
7038218930 Fax -- 7038218511

Domain servers in listed order:

Registry Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK
Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited
Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited

65. -- Abraxas Computer Information Security Services


67. Abraxas lists itself as Law Enforcement Liaison. Please comment on the appropriateness of having a firm that places CIA agents in anonymous positions, while at the same time having interface with law enforcement. What is done to ensure private information Abraxas obtains is not provided to inappropriate personnel. Discuss the Abraxas role with Amdocs, Verizon, and others involved in the NSA domestic phone billing system.

68. Abraxas does not have a unique IP, but shares its IP with over 1300 companies. Ref Item 18, and is with

69. The Abraxis web server is microsoft-iis/5.0 ; and Microsoft-IIS/6.0 .

70. Abraxas uses NextSTAT; and webstats to monitor who has accessed their site. Their account number is 64238. [ ] and their cookie number is [ ASPSESSIONIDQADTDQCS=IHEGDABAMNHJAEJOIOAEFJIC ] [ path=/ ]

71. McManus has been associated with the HRLF.

Human Resource Leadership Forum
354 Washington Street Suite 223
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
Phone: (781) 239-0044
Fax: (781) 431-8118

Industry: Organizations, Membership Organizations

The Human Resources Leadership Forum (HRLF) is the organization for senior-level HR professionals in New England who want to learn and broaden their strategic and practical knowledge. Half-day programs focus in-depth on strategic and leading-edge HR issues presented by speakers who are internationally renowned authors, academics, practitioners, and global thought leaders. HRLF was founded in 1985 and remains an all-volunteer membership organization.

Thomas Finnerty, Board Member
Trudy Hanes, Board Member
Mary Knudson, Board Member

1. The Human Resources Leadership Forum (HRLF) is the organization for senior-level HR professionals in New England who want to learn and broaden their strategic and practical knowledge. Half-day programs focus in-depth on strategic and leading-edge HR issues presented by speakers who are internationally renowned authors, academics, practitioners, and global thought leaders. HRLF was founded in 1985 and remains an all-volunteer membership organization.

2. Who are HRLF's members? HRLF's 350-plus members are advanced practitioners representing multiple public and private corporations, academia, and consultancies. Because the senior-level membership represents a cross-section of industries, HRLF members can count on peer-to-peer conversations to provide relevant perspectives on the program and applications of the topic. On average, members remain with HRLF for nine years.

3. What does HRLF offer its members? HRLF provides high value to its members with an emphasis on thought-provoking programs and speakers and a unique opportunity for members to network with advanced HR practitioners from throughout New England . Annual dues of just $600 enable members to attend all meetings and give them access to nationally-recognized speakers, a members-only online membership directory, and on-going communication from the Board. HRLF enables members to build a community of senior HR leaders through multiple networking opportunities and small-group discussion meetings. Members-only committees provide another way for people to get to know each other as do ad hoc support programs put in place during unusual circumstances such as periods of high unemployment.

4. Is HRLF part of a national organization? HRLF is an affiliate member of the Human Resources Planning Society (HRPS), which gives HRLF members several additional benefits, including reduced registration fees at the HRPS conference and monthly teleconferences, access to online research reports about HR best practices and trends, free admission to programs sponsored by other HRPS affiliates across North America, and access to speaker presentations and other information from all HRPS affiliates.

5. How do I get involved in HRLF? There are HRLF committees that rely on the contributions of member volunteers. You'll find a list of these committees, their objectives, and members online. Simply call the chair of the committee of interest, and he or she will tell you when the next meeting is to be held.

6. When are dues payable? Dues are invoiced in the fall with payment expected by the end of that calendar year. For people who join after July 1st, dues are at a reduced rate.

7. How many meetings are held each year and at what location? HRLF holds at least six half-day meetings annually. With members from Boston and Cambridge and points north, south and west, the HRLF Board attempts to schedule meetings at different hotels along the Route 128/95 beltway as well as in the city.

8. Why would someone join HRLF rather than another HR organization in the area? People join HRLF to find a community of other senior leaders in HR, to advance their professional development, and interact with people facing the same issues and concerns. The seniority of members is unique to HRLF. While other HR organizations might focus on specific industries, more tactical program topics, or entry-level and mid-level training needs of HR people, HRLF is dedicated to meeting the advanced needs of senior HR leaders.

9. What are the criteria for joining? HRLF members are advanced human resources professionals. From the perspective of company titles, this generally translates to people who are at the director level or above.

HRLF - Human Resource Leadership Forum

The Human Resource Management Group is an established association of senior HR professionals dedicated to advancing the state of research and practice in human resource management and providing a focus for improving organizational development and business strategy.

72. Please discuss the interaction with Barry McManus and Paige Palmer while with the Human Resource Leadership Forum; and the relationship between Abraxas, Aspen Institute, and the Vice President's Office and Scooter Libby. [See Fitzgerald Affidavit, Grand Jury Indictment].

A. HRLF Board of Directors

Page Palmer, Treasurer of HRLF, is the former Senior Vice President of Corporate Human Resources at John Hancock Life Insurance Company in Boston, Massachusetts. As director of the corporate function, she was responsible for setting both the policy and tenor for personnel practices throughout the John Hancock Financial Services complex, providing direction and support to the human resource functions in the business units and subsidiaries, affecting close to 5,000 employees. Under her responsibility were units focused on training, employee relations, recruiting, compensation, benefits and work/life programs. She managed a staff of 140 with an operating budget of $12 million.

During her 30 years with John Hancock, Ms. Palmer held various positions in the benefits and pension fields. She was Vice President of Corporate Compensation and Benefits, where she had overall responsibility for the design, communication and administration of the compensation, benefit and work/life programs provided to Hancock employees. Ms. Palmer has numerous professional and community affiliations. She is a member of the Boston Club and is the Treasurer of the Human Resource Leadership Forum. She is a member of the Academy of Women Achievers of the YWCA of New York City in recognition of outstanding professional accomplishment.

Ms. Palmer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College. She attended the Executive Program at the University of Michigan in 1986 and the Aspen Institute Executive Seminar in 1997.

B. John Hancock Financial Services Investor Relations

BOSTON, January 3, 2000 -- The John Hancock Board of Directors has elected Barbara L. Luddy, Retail Sector, and Page Palmer, Human Resources, as senior vice presidents, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Stephen L. Brown announced.

Ms. Palmer, currently vice president in Human Resources, joined John Hancock in 1974 and was promoted to underwriting manager in Group Pension Customer Services in 1980. She was elected second vice president of Corporate Compensation and Benefits in 1990, where she designed, communicated and administered the company's benefit plans. She was elected vice president of Human Resources in 1991. Ms. Palmer is a graduate of Smith College, where she earned her B.A. degree.

C. HRLF Board of Directors

Page Palmer, Treasurer of HRLF, is the former Senior Vice President of Corporate Human Resources at John Hancock Life Insurance Company in Boston, Massachusetts. As director of the corporate function, she was responsible for setting both the policy and tenor for personnel practices throughout the John Hancock Financial Services complex, providing direction and support to the human resource functions in the business units and subsidiaries, affecting close to 5,000 employees. Under her responsibility were units focused on training, employee relations, recruiting, compensation, benefits and work/life programs. She managed a staff of 140 with an operating budget of $12 million.

During her 30 years with John Hancock, Ms. Palmer held various positions in the benefits and pension fields. She was Vice President of Corporate Compensation and Benefits, where she had overall responsibility for the design, communication and administration of the compensation, benefit and work/life programs provided to Hancock employees. Ms. Palmer has numerous professional and community affiliations. She is a member of the Boston Club and is the Treasurer of the Human Resource Leadership Forum. She is a member of the Academy of Women Achievers of the YWCA of New York City in recognition of outstanding professional accomplishment.

Ms. Palmer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College. She attended the Executive Program at the University of Michigan in 1986 and the Aspen Institute Executive Seminar in 1997.

74. Please discuss the Abraxas source of revenues to include a breakdown by percent from source, amount from the CIA, percent from DoD contacts, and percept from private equity placements.

75. Please discuss the relationship, similarity, or differences between Abraxas Corp located in McLean, and another firm by the same name in Texas. Is the firm the same, or is the method this information was loaded in error, and there is no relationship between the two firms.

Organization: ABRAXAS CORP
BUSINESS PHONE: (817) 498-8500
FORT WORTH, TX 76180-4035

76. Verizon General Counsel William P. Barr, formerly with the CIA legislative liaison [Asst. Legislative Counsel], overlapped with current Abraxas employees assigned to the CIA. Please discuss the ongoing discussions, if any, between Abraxas, Verizon, and the CIA on information related to the (flawed) legal view that telephones are not people, and that equipment does not have the right to privacy or a 4th Amendment RIGHT to require a warrant. Ref William P. Barr has overlap with Frederick A. Turco who was assigned to the Agency at the same time; In the 1970s Barr was an analyst, and Turco was assigned to India and Pakistan.

77. and are listed. Please discuss the relationship between Abraxas Corp and Abraxas Europe, and the potential neutrality issues implicated in using Switzerland as a country to allegedly support illegal violations of Geneva.

78. Sandia Labs under DOE also has a connection to Abraxas through the Advanced Concepts Group; indirectly associated with the Office of Advanced Systems and Concepts under OSD. Like Red Flag at Nellis, one case study involves using red hat and black hat teams to simulate attacks on the CIA and NSA resources worldwide. [integrated simulation science, CCS-5 ] Sandia and LANL are also linked with the NSA Cryptography, and MIT personnel. Please discuss the flow of personnel, information, and NSA cryptography information between NSA, Abraxas, and the Sandia/LANL Labs. Include a summary of all technical papers, conferences, and other documents jointly shared to support the illegal abuse of prisoners of war in violation of Geneva. How was it ensured that NSA-intercepted information, used to target civilians, was not deliberately cloaked by friendly forces, and was not actually from the Sandia Labs or others involved in the domestic training exercises and other stress testing?

79. Central to the war fighting doctrine is the notion of joint tactics, techniques, and, procedures, or JTTP, related to OSD, DOJ, and DHS. The Attorney General would have us believe that the issues of Geneva are unclear, yet Hamdan specifies these detailed requirements. Please discuss the methods, arguments, and other points the Verizon General Counsel William P. Barr provided to the JTTP related to domestic surveillance; and how Abraxas viewed these documents on the Intel Link system.

80. JTTP writing process, as reported by the Army is a 21 month process. Abraxas-affiliated CIA personnel, would have to travel from the CIA-related positions, attend the Army school, learn the JTTP, and then re-enter their covered operation overseas. Discuss how Abraxas ensured that CIA employees were trained on the JTTP process, attended the Army training on writing JTTP, and how these JTTP-manuals were reviewed by Abraxas after placement on the Intel Link system.

81. It is of concern when OSD and NSA under the Secretary of Defense develop JTTP which permits illegal capture of private information without warrants. SecDef under 5100.77 program has a requirement to ensure Geneva. Please discuss the concerns Abraxas personnel had with the JTTPs which outlined data capture policies, how these concerns were reconciled through discussions with Verizon General counsel, and what concerns were raised about the issues associated with using illegally captured data to support force planning, CIA placement, and use of non-lawful methods to interrogate prisoners who had not been charged with any crime.

82. Abraxas allegedly ensures that CIA personnel are well positioned to support war fighters in any combat theater using unconventional, non-uniformed forces. CIA has also been authorized to detain and arrest American civilians. Is it OSD policy that the continental United States, and American civilians are located in a combat zone defined as the "Joint Rear Area Operations"? What involvement does Abraxas have in placing CIA personnel inside American firms stateside, in public institutions and corporations where the primary language is English? How does the Abraxas placement system related to the DOJ under cover informant program; what methods are used to ensure that an Abraxas-placed agent is not interacting with a DoJ informant paid to provide incorrect information? What method is used to screen data to ensure the information is from a bonafide foreign source, and not back channeled from the second hand in the information pipeline?

83. In a general sense Memorandums of Agreement and Joint Tactics, Technique, and Procedures are but two methods procedures are formalized and placed on the Intel Link system. Please discuss the Abraxas efforts where personnel act as a technical advisor to the documents, and provide system analysis to ensure their final work product integrates with the Intel Link system architecture, and conceptually within the existing MOAs and JTTP documents on Intel Link.

84. The NARUS STA 6400 system has various IEEE specs detailing how NAVY personnel can splice the cables underwater. DoD Army Manuals specify the means by which laser systems are incorporated into land warfare. [ ] Abraxas, when it places CIA personnel, do not necessarily place those personnel in exclusive civilian positions or in embassies. The placements can include the armed services. All military personnel are required to take an oath to the US Constitution. The SECDEf has a 5100.77 laws of war program. Please discuss the Abraxas efforts to ensure CIA personnel are trained on using these communications devices, are adequately trained to perform Optical Fiber-related maintenance, and can adequately perform training which AT&T, NAVY and Army have provided for underwater operations. What method does Abraxas use to ensure that the CIA personnel can pass for a member of the armed services, while still maintaining primary loyalty to the CIA, not the DoD? How does Abraxas place CIA personnel in the military, but evade the UCMJ requirements which attached to the oath of office under 5 USC 3331.

85. The current Fort Hoot Chief of Staff was assigned to the Army's 5th Signal Command. Abraxas has links worldwide including 20 languages. The strategic languages include Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. Please discuss the relationship Abraxas has with 5th Signal Command in Germany, and how the illegally captured NSA information was funneled through 5th Signal Command to the detention centers in Eastern Europe. What interaction did Abraxas have with the Fort Hood Chief of Staff while he was assigned to Army's 5th Signal Command?

86. The Joint Information Operations Planning Course (JIOPC) (757) 443-6336/DSN 646-6336 is a one-week/four-day resident Flag Officer-support program. The purpose of this course is to provide indoctrination, and ensure that Joint Information Operations support war fighters. There are various manuals which war fighters can review [17 Oct-10Nov 05 JIOPC P-06-1; 16 Jan-10 Feb 06 JIOPC P-06-2]. Please discuss the Abraxas access to these manuals on the Intel Link system; the method Abraxas used to ensure its operations were lawful, consistent with the Constitution; and the planned illegal activities and violations of the war crimes statute in Eastern Europe did not generate a written Title 28-exception report to Congress. [Other courses include C4I Staff and Operations Course (JC4ISOC); Joint Information Operations Orientation Course (JIOOC); Joint Information Operations Planning Course (JIOPC)]

87. Abraxas prides itself on providing online support training. Please discuss the use of the Danish, Dutch, and German website information [ de.abraxas-medien ] at the Virginia Technical college [ ] related to the National Defense University Training [ edu.ndu.jfsc ]. Please provide a copy of the course syllabus Abraxas uses to ensure personnel assigned, managed, and placed are adequately trained on constitutional and Geneva requirements as promulgated under the 5100.77 Laws of War program. Please provide a copy of the specific check sheets, rosters, training reviews or other paper, electronically written, typed, hand written, voice transcribed, laser- audio- or digitally- recorded, or technical methods used to ensure personnel assigned have the requisite qualifications, training, and meet other indoctrination requirements to credibly pass as a member of the armed forces during their overseas assignment.

88. Please provide information on the XENON Foundation which is associated with both Sandia and Abraxas.

89. [ Vision Fest: A Vision of the Analytical Environment of the Future ] is linked with Mitre, Abraxas, Sandia, and the Advanced Concepts Group. Please discuss the MITRE-related cloaking (OSIS) which Abraxas uses to hide when it is accessing pubic sites, or masking how it accesses the internet through Alexandria, VA.

90. Abraxas is also allegedly in a position to review the effectiveness of their CIA-placements. One factor is whether personnel are or are not sufficiently trained to pass under that cover. One such program has been publicly reported as being the energy community. Nuclear Material at security categories I - IV is something of interest to LANL, Sandia, and other energy experts. Please discuss the problems with providing information as it related to Iraq; and discuss the subsequent problems Abraxas had in filling positions once the IAEA demonstrated that Iran did not have a boanfide nuclear program. Please provide a list of all Abraxas contacts where the awarded fee was less than in the original contract. Ref What performance awards does Abraxas get by providing desired intelligence -- which could be fabricated -- that support the President’s illegal objectives of Geneva violations, illegal war, unlawful invasion, and pre-textual excuses to invade countries like Iran or Iraq who do not pose an imminent threat. Is there an award fee system, fee arrangement, or other financial bonus Abraxas is provided if, in exchange for not firing a CIA agent Abraxas provides desirable information which could be fabricated or not reliable?

91. One important training consideration before placing CIA personnel in energy related fields is that they have sufficient technical expertise. This involves more than education and familiarity with foreign weapons development. Training and preparation includes study of available resources under US and allied control. How were initial IAEA-related intelligence-gathering/observation plans tested against American nuclear forces; what method was used to validate the observed indicators were related to bonafide nuclear weapons related efforts; who were contrary explanations and invalid conclusions compared to the Iranian and Iraqi efforts; how did Abraxas ensure that the assigned-personnel were sufficiently trained on American nuclear capabilities as a baseline to credibly pass as energy experts, but still have the background in non-enemy forces to provide informed judgments on their observations and incoming HUMINT information while in their assignment?

92. Please provide Abraxas-source documents related to the removal-transfer of PETER NANOS from LANL, and his subsequent assignment to DTRA. Provide e-mails, messages, or other documents related to NANOS departure, and subsequent communications related to the Advanced Concepts Group plans and communications with DTRA, Sandia, LANL, Mitre, OSD, NSA, DHS and CIA.

93. NSA in the Descriptive Summaries through Telcordia is able to provide funding for Verizon to conduct various Optical Fiber certification. Ref Within those NSA-DOD budget documents are specific Executive Orders which prohibit classification of illegal activities. All DoD-related requirements that interfaces with any Verizon equipment must be certified at the Verizon-approved centers. Telcordia is able to provide this testing to meet Verizon testing specifications. FALGOUT and SPEAR of Abraxas interfaced with ABACHI of Telcordia [ (732)758-3238 ]. Telcordia and Abraxas are also jointly known to the MIT ER personnel providing student placement [jparrill@MIT.EDU Mon Feb 9 14:19:59 2004]. The Conference was the [ Department of Homeland Security EAGLE Pre-Proposal Conference ]. Please describe the communications between Abraxis, Verizon, and Telcordia as they narrowly related to the optical training provided CIA agents before being placed in their overseas assignments. What methods were used to provide this training; how were the CIA agents educated on the Telcordia, Verizon, NARUS STA system; and what was their understanding of the technical details related to installing, accessing, and downloading information from and to the Intel Link system using this knowledge. Please share any e-mail, notes, working papers, conference trip reports, slide presentations, evening dinner party recollections, side discussions, or other data which Abraxas, Verizon, Telcordia have shared as it relates to transmission of data that was used to render, detain, abuse, and commit alleged war crimes against prisoners in violation of the laws of war and Geneva Conventions. The notes should include Abraxas discussions which took place with DoJ and other intelligence personnel who have participated in the Potomac Golf Association. Please include in your response a detailed list of all contact with the PGA after December 2000 to today's date. Please discuss how Abraxas was able to allegedly discuss/plan/support these illegal violations of Geneva in Eastern Europe, but remain in compliance with Executive Orders, and still comply with the Award Fee requirements that all activity and funds are related to lawful activity, as required under Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution. In short, Abraxas needs to explain why it remains entitled to retain all or all award fees, contract amounts or any thing else of financial consideration related to arguably alleged illegal war crimes violations.

94. The CIA agents and contactors involved in the alleged Geneva violations in Eastern Europe required substantial support. To provide a full back-story, Abraxas allegedly had to coordinate with other firms to establish credentials, and provide appropriate responses. Please discuss the names of firms, documents provided, and other information and data transfers that Abraxas allegedly relied upon to place CIA agents so that they could engage in illegal Geneva Violations. Discuss the changes in policies and reviews, if any, Abraxas allegedly did once placed-CIA agents were known to be associated with alleged war crimes. Discuss what methods Abraxas used to ensure that placed-agents were appropriately supported; and that supporting firms understood the legal or illegal objectives of the CIA and contractor activities.

95. Open media indicates CIA and DOD have lost track of various intelligence agents and contractors. It remains to be explained how they are being paid. To support a full back-story, commercial firms are used, and can independently operate ensuring there is no financial link between the entity and the US government. DoD is given the authority to establish commercial entities to support NSA, CIA, and other intelligence gathering operations. However, these entities are not protected, but are allegedly related to supporting illegal war crimes. It is not unexpected that commercial entities have been established that are openly hostile to the United States, and run independent commercial operations which support these anti-American policies and programs. Please discuss the linkage between the DoD, CIA personnel, CIA contractors, and the DoD-CIA commercial entities. Please discuss the method the US Government uses to ensure that the hostile-public actions of these covertly-placed entities are separated from bonafide hostile acts. What information from the DoD-CIA-placed entities was used by the US government as a basis or pretext to illegally violate Geneva. Regardless the veracity for that information, what was the reason Abraxas chose to allegedly provide support to operations that it knew, or should have known, were not lawful, illegal, and contrary to the Geneva Conventions.

96. Abraxas is publicly reported to have a commercial-contractual relationship with DHS. The DHS Program Offices are not a single entity, but includes a myriad of activities devoted to multiple programs. Under the DHS, there is the DHS Inspector General which may share and compare notes with the CIA IG and Government Accountability Office. Please provide an index of all GAO, CIA IG, and DHS IG reports related to the DHS-Abraxas arrangements. The index should include title, date, and subject of the report. Discuss the average response time for Abraxas inputs to the various DHS and CIA program offices on Congressional questions. Please include all versions of the program office personnel management lists to include program office structure, key personnel, office symbol, phone number, mailing address, Intel Link identifying information, and CIA-DHS electronic addresses. Include the addresses used to send information using non-government communications and contactor-supplied electronic note systems.

97. SAS99 is a statement on accounting standard used to evaluate fraud and assess the appropriate level of audit scope. One indicator is illegal activity. Please discuss how the DHS IG and CIA IG did or did not increase audit scope at Abraxas once the alleged CIA violations of Geneva were disclosed. Is there sufficient documentation of the SAS99 review within Deloitte & Touche when they issued their opinion on Abraxas revenue growth?

98. SAS70 is an audit standard to guide auditors when reviewing internal controls. There are two snapshots: One is a point in time; and a second is a time period. Please discuss how the SAS 70 assessments changed at Abraxas once the President formally announced in 2006 the existence of the CIA detention centers. Please discuss the reasons other indicators of illegal activity were or were not reviewed; and how the internal knowledge of the alleged illegal activity within CIA-DHS IG did or did not affect the direction of investigations. What was the DHS and CIA IG plan to review the alleged war crimes; and what provisions, if any, did DHS-CIA IG make to account for the lack of investigations into the Geneva violations?

99. The National Intelligence Council has the goal of overseeing the National Intelligence Estimate. How did Abraxas factor the NIE into is planning for supporting allegedly illegal war crimes in Eastern Europe?

100. A Brier Score is a comparison between the actual and predicted values. Please discuss how the MITRE estimates of risks, and their coordination with Sandia/LANL, did or did not get factored into the Abraxas estimates. Specifically, once it was known that the Iraqis did not have WMD, how did the Brier Scores change with respect to the risk of civil war, backlash against the United States. Please discuss how the decision points changed; and the associated programs used to respond to the unfolding backlash against American interests once the Geneva violations were disclosed. Please discuss how the estimates factored into lessons from the Teguba report and other lessons from the Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and Afghan Box car incidents. Please include in your discussion an assessments of how the Brier Scores were or were not tracking to available resources; and to what extent, if any, the internal judgments were or were not matched by credible plans and resources. Please discuss in your response an assessment of the effectiveness of this scoring system in the responsiveness of Abraxas to these changing needs. Please discuss the sensitiveity analysis Abraxas coordinated with CIA-DHS SETA, including MITRE in developing models to predict which types of agent-placement-backstories would or would not explain away the Geneva violations.

101. STRATCOM when it conduct targeting exercises uses various simulation software. These are well known to MITRE, which in some cases develops the software. One input to the planning process is information related to targets. In Iran, the centrigue effort has been delayed, and is well below the original Iranian plans; also the nuclear power plant efforst have been delayed. Prior to targeting Abraxas ensures that CIA personnel are placed in various positions in the target country. Please discuss the nexus: How Abraxas placement increases when there is no evidence; how Abraxas justified to personnel their mission of placing CIA agents, but there was no evidence to be found; and the problem of providing support for alleged war crimes in Europe, but there being no intelligence to glean.

102. Putting aside the legal asurdity of debating toture, as a public demonstration of the uitlity of using torture, the Preident discussed the alleged foiled attempts. Howevr, these foiled attempts have been discredited. The supposed LA Building attacks were faricated, as were the UK Flight Attacks in the Summer of 2006. Abraxas is paid to place agents to gather inforamtion. What feedback has Abraxas received from placed agents on the need for palcement, or the difficulty in creating backstories when there does not appear to be a legimate need for that effort. What is Abraxas view on creating backstories for agents when those agents are not needed, there is no real threat, and there is no bonafide threat to be discovered. What efficiencies has Abraxas discussed with CIA, DHS, or DoD management to better tailor agent placement to real threats, as opposed to politically-driven objectives. Once it was known that the CIA agents and contractors in Europe were allegedly involved in illegal war crimes, how did this change the discussion between Abraxas personnel and their counterparts in industry and government in terms of: Need to place agent, complexity of teh backstory, alternative methods to gather information, or the alternatives to usingn cover-stories, or using overt methods like diplomatic sight visits and economic cooperation.

103. The core issue is that where there is no threat, there is no need to increase above plan the placement of CIA agents. Indeed, it is a separate matter where the threat is manufactured, self-made, or as a result of a failed policy. Please discuss how Abraxas learned, provided, supported, or created the CIA-placement goals. Did Abraxas have inputs to the Office of Special Plans on which information was or was not bonafide? How did Abraxas have inputs to the agency personnel who oversaw the contact award? Were there situations where Abraxas provided briefing copies to the government, then changed the presentation based on government-driven objectives, not Abraxas performance. Please discuss the software scheduling tools, training, and other administrative support Abraxas personnel used when ensuring their planned placements and back stories were or were not meeting the schedule targets. Please discuss any technical issues, program delays, or unexpected agent-placement problems which Abraxas is aware which affected the ability to place an agent. Once illegal activities were disclosed at the CIA detention centers, how did the Abraxas placement program change: What new milestones were shifted; what opportunities did this create; how were positions that were not filled, or otherwise could not be given a timely back-story resolved more effectively? How did this adjustment affect Abraxas award fees or other financial awards? Please discuss the CIA SETA contractor inputs to the Award Fee, and how Abraxas responsiveness and agility did or did not factor into the Award Fee consideration by the Fee Determining Official. How did aware fee discussions change in tone, substance, and form once Geneva violations were discussed, disclosed, or known. Were Abraxas personnel concerned the alleged illegal activity could result in fines, litigation, or loss of preivous awards? If so, how was this risk factored into the CEO plans, and business plans bewteen 2001 and 2006, and decisions to enter other markets, seek other experties, hire legal staff, or acquire other sources of revenue.

104. CIA cover stories are robust, but they are not so complicated that they cannot be remembered. To successfully create a backstory, Abraxas allegedly has to work with various firms to provide public confirmation, and if needed false documentation to corroborate the false cover. To create a backstory, the backstory has to be sufficiently different from the actual CIA mission, activity, and operation so that there is no discovery of the real CIA activity. To place someone undercover, that cover has to be different from what the CIA agents and contractors were actually doing. Successfully placing someone, creating a false backstory, allegedly requires Abraxas to know what information cannot be disclosed. To ensure the backstory did not give any hint of the real CIA operation, Abraxas allegedly would have to know the nature of the real, illegal activity the CIA agents were engaged. To place someone undercover, Abraxas allegedly would have to know what the CIA agent was really doing to ensure the cover story did not disclose the real undercover activity. Consider the issues of the CIA agents in Italy, which the Italian prosecutors have identified as being complicit in the abduction of an Italian national. Please discuss the support Abraxas gave to the contractors, intermediaries, firms, and other entities to place personnel in Italy so that they could attempt to kidnap person without detection. Describe the communication, planning, task review, support, knowledge, details, subsequent agreements read to creating a credibly back story for a CIA agent involved in the illegal rendition-kidnapping in Italy, and the ability to engage in alleged unlawful Geneva violations. What was Abraxas told about rendition, illegal detentions, and the relationship the individuals had with prisoner handling; and how was this information used to ensure the backstory did not overlap with the actual activity related to the alleged violations of Geneva? Please disuses the software used, the method to compare the backstory to the real operations; how the schedule to place CIA agents was or was not met; CIA contract award fees were or were not reviewed; which internal audits using SAS 70 were used to ensure the back stories created were at all times unrelated to the real operations. Please describe the process to review actual activities, where this information came from; and how the approved backstory was shown to be unrelated to the real activities and alleged Geneva violations.