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Sunday, February 25, 2007

US Fabricated Court Evidence To Commit War Crimes Against Civilians

Abraxas allegedly complicit with fabricated prisoner interrogation transcripts: Guantanamo Evidence Problems: Incorrect Translations, Fabricated Evidence

Using internal FBI documents, defense counsel has asked US District Judge A. Joe Fish to declassify transcripts to permit a comparison. Fabricated evidence was used to target American civilians for NSA monitoring and support illegal warfare.

The DOJ translation program is managed in part through the FBI small business division. Walt Meslar and JoAnn M. Casteel of the Department of Justice are assigned to oversee the DOJ Translation related contracts.

It is unclear how many Boeing aircraft were scheduled to support rendition using information FBI translators fabricated; or what other information exists in Eastern European detention centers shedding light on the scope of fabricated evidence.

Item 6A here shows the DoJ computer file codes needed for war crimes prosecutors to subpoena the data from the DOJ to find out which firms have provided this materially false information to the judicial system.

The summaries of classified data were fabrications. The American government officials and contractors, believing the illegal activity would remain classified, used the shield of secrecy to create fabrications. The President blocked DoJ OPR from reviewing problems.

The data links to all procurement codes on DoD and FBI contracts linked to Guantanamo and the contractor interrogations. The information is useful for Congressional Staff counsel to review which Appropriations Program Element codes require Congressional oversight.

Ref: How were the capured 9-11 documents fabricated; and who needs interrogations when the documents get ignored?

Ref (Fabricated) Translations from Arabic to Hebrew: How is Isreal complicit with the war crimes?

* * *

The American public knows the FBI analysts and contractors have misled the courts. This contemptible action raises serious questions about the basis for their contract award fees, who oversees the FBI translation process.

The record shows that the same FBI translation companies also have contracts with the American government to place personnel in classified location. It remains unclear how the US government can be confident their agents are safe given the bungling of these DoJ contractors.

The American government has been caught providing fabricated evidence to Federal District Court. FBI translators have proven themselves worthless.

Defense counsel in another case unconnected with Guantanamo have revealed stunning documents: Proof the United States government has recklessly provided to federal courts evidence which the US Attorneys, FBI, and translators knew or should have known were fabrications.

The original transcripts did not match the summaries. Quotes were fabricated. Comments have misconstrued. There are errors in the translations. The information is no more reliable that the unreliable information America has about Iran.

___ Who created these fabrications?

___ What was going through the minds of the FBI contractors who signed the transcipts saying they were true records?

___ Who is knowingly allowing this incorrect, misleading, and useless information to corrupt the American justice system?

___ Who provided the translations to the FBI?

___ What was the process to translate the information; present it to an attorney for review; summarize that data; then verify the original transcript traced to the summary?

___ What broke down?

___ What procedures were not being followed?

___ What procedures were in effect to permit this recklessness?

___ How much money were contractors for the FBI paid to provide this worthless service?

___ Who in the United States legal community knowingly and recklessly is avoiding legally required action, hoping to "avoid embarassing" the President, by not investigating these war crimes?

* * *

Something has gone terribly wrong with the American government. People have lied to the courts. Documents have been fabricated. Evidence is unreal.

People are being abused on the basis of illusions.

These are disturbing developments which International war crimes prosecutors need to examine in detail.

___ How long has the Congress known about this unreliable information?

___ When Members of Congress learned that prisoners were being abused and detained on the back of fabricated evidence, did they timely review the problem to prevent additional abuses?

___ What does the FBI leadership have to say for itself?

___ What is the track record of the FBI leadership in responding to complaints about DoJ Personnel who have not done their jobs correctly?

___ Is there any evidence that FBI management, when presented with a problem, have ignored the complaint, but promoted FBI personnel who were unprofessional, reckless, and did not comprehend the rules of evidence?
* * *

It appears the quotes were designed to inflame juries, corrupt the American justice system, and deny fair trials. It remains nothing to Americans to do the same to those they have prejudged without offering them a chance to challenge their detention, much less see the evidence.

It is wrong for Congress to allow this evidence to be used, much less permit abuse. America's combat losses believe the contention that abusive interrogations produce valuable information for military leaders. These transcripts show Americans are willing to lie to the courts to justify war crimes against innocent civilians.

* * *

It is stunning that FBI translators have provided incorrect information to the court.

We can only wonder what kind of translation problem exist in Guantanamo where files have not been reviewed. The government contents the information is classified.

The public knows that US government data can be fabricated. The courts need to have full access to the original Guantanamo interrogation. Defense counsel needs to have access to the original record.

The United States' records confirm the fabrication. It remains unclear what other evidence in the Guantanamo files will confirm other illegal US government activity.

* * *

America cannot credibly call itself just when it refuses to let prisoners challenge their punishment. Some countries, unable to justify the punishment of detention, will let prisoners free.

Americans do the opposite. They fabricated evidence, detain people as punishment, but claim the evidence cannot be challenged.

Americans know the truth: The evidence can be fabricated, and the US government does not want fair trials because it will expose the recklessness of the Americans.

* * *

There are too many discrepancies in the American intelligence files to believe the Guantanamo prisoners will be treated fairly.

There is a remedy. As evidence mounts that the Americans have fabricated evidence, there is a way for defense counsel to get access to the evidence.

Classified Information Procedures Act can be updated permitting defense counsel access to information.