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Sunday, February 25, 2007

White House Terror Response Exercise

The White House and DHS conducted an exercise on 24 Feb 2007. The lessons learned provide valuable insight into the capabilities of the United States government to respond.

You might be surprised to learn who is interested in these exercises, and how this information might be used.

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There is a group interested in the limitations of US government responses. People knowledgeable of the performance limitations of NSA surveillance, can engage in illegal activity without fear of detection.

If you're interested in how this information might be used, visit here. Some may want to consider the Cheney Memorandum, and his bad habit of doing things without adequately coordinating with Congress. [ Details ]

I would encourage the Speaker to review the lessons with legal counsel. Ref

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Ref Rehearsal

Ref: 9-11 occurred during an exercise . . .Tracking here

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___ Once the White House conducts this "exericse," who's going to review how the lessons learned are applied?

___ What's going to be done to monitor where the results of this study go?

___ What will be done to evaluate how the President or Vice President might use the known limitations to their advantage?