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Friday, February 23, 2007

Military Commanders and Pre-emption

Reed asks a good question: "Why do these military commanders go along with this crap?" [ Backup ]

Reed: You're welcome; New Present: Below the Marker

Ref Some commanders reported to be ready to resign if Iran attacked.

* * *

There is no good answer; they're on the slippery slope. Once they start, they can't pull out, because to stop now would be to admit the original decision was wrong. They stay with it.

A. Reed: "They are too smart not to know the real intentions."

Incorrect. Smart people would be able to distinguish between lawful and unlawful activity; and legal and illegal orders.

B. Reed: "Is it because they like war like Patton did?"

They believe pre-emption doctrine will prevent war. They've confused the idea of deterrence -- as a means to prevent war -- with the idea of pre-emption: Using "lesser war, waged now" to avoid bigger war later.

C. Reed: "Or is it because they think they won't get labeled by history as a fascist enabler like Rommel?"

They don't care about History. Their history is not relevant; and the history they're making isn't of concern. They think about now and their job.

D. Reed: "Because most of the honorable officers have left or were fired."

Yes. The good ones left; the one's left behind are abusive, not all that bright, and interested in promotion not independent thinking.

* * *

The question hinges on: Why are they making these choices?

It is easier to not think.

It takes time to wade though this propaganda.

It does not enter their consciousness that someone is betraying them.

It is easier to go along, than rock the boat.

They are tired of getting jabbed for daring to mention a problem.

The people they work for take feedback, reality, and comments as a personal attack; fail to see that the information is helpful; and lash out at others.

They refuse to stand up for themselves; when they finally do, they get beat down. They give up.

They incorrectly believe that someone else has their best interests at heart and that things will work out, regardless the absurdity, lack of solutions, and deteriorating situation. Positive hopes blossoms into fanatical delusional loyalty to fantasy and non-sense.

It is not comfortable telling the leadership that they are wrong; or that they are not doing what they should: Leaders can impose unwarranted, abusive punishment.

They fear personal consequences if they stand up for themselves.

They've been accused of treason for having questioned the legality of things.

They have been threatened with legal consequences for doing what they should do: Question the direction of this momentum.

They have learned too many times that to enforce the law in all cases can have adverse consequences: Those who reporting activity have been targeted. They don’t want the hassle.

The would rather put up with the "hassle" of imposing abuse on others than having abuse imposed on them.

The refuse to not participate, support, or continue what should not have started.

Choice: Self Esteem, Integrity

The short answer: They are choosing to avoid reality, not face facts, and confront things as a they are. It is an integrity and self-esteem issue. They get power, comfort and reassurance if they avoid facts.

The simple answer is that they are making choices to do this; but retroactively trying to find excuses that sound OK. It is not acceptable.

There is no good answer. The civilians have failed to provide the leadership, and not adjust.

War Crimes Choice: Their Active, Incorrect, Illegal Choice

They are choosing to assent to illegal warfare, and not fully asserting their oath, or doing their duty as the promised.

They have permitted their minds to be managed by people who have destructive, self-serving, and abusive interests and values.

Confusing [a] deterrence and prevention [passive]; with [b] active intervention.

Fail to see that "a war to bring peace and avoid war" is still a war.

* * *

Choice: Legal Ignorance

Do not realize that civilians may be issuing illegal orders.

They get paid a lot of money to be silent bout illegal activity; but have not read executive orders to understand that illegal activity may not be lawfully classified.

They've assumed this is lawful; and that we're at war; any issue of the legality or illegality isn't debatable in their mind, but assumed as lawful.

They do not realize that judicial officers, by enforcing illegal orders, can be prosecuted. They believe that the Congress and Courts, if they refuse to stop, or approve the actions, must mean that it is OK.

Legal counsels to the military commanders are not providing good information on the legality of the activity; they're merely focusing on charges. If the commanders stay out of trouble -- and avoid getting any charges -- they believe they're doing the right thing. However, lack of immediate punishment does not mean that they will necessarily avoid all punishment in the longer run.

* * *

Choice: Not Seeing Through Legal Charade

They were brainwashed during 9-11 to believe that the US was under attack; but didn't question the leap from Afghanistan to Iraq.

They have a narrow technical background, and are not versed in the laws of war.

They've been taught to implement orders and lead, not to question illegal orders.

They haven't studied the 5100.77 laws of war program; discussed the issues with outside counsel; and decided to remove themselves from illegal activity, unlawful planning, and known effort to expand illegal warfare.

They have failed to realize that the first steps have led them to where they find themselves: War crimes, 5100.77 problems, and unlawful warfare.

* * *

Choice: Lack of Enforcement

They look at their planning as theoretical, and only part of the big picture. They assume that there will be no real consequences on them.

Choice: Invalid Signaling Systems

They have the (incorrect) view that anything that Congress refuses to stop is permitted.

They have seen people sufferer consequences if they dare challenge the momentum; they remain quiet, assuming that if there is a real problem it would be stopped by "someone else."

* * *

Choice: Supporting The Cover-up

They hope that if the US expands illegal warfare, that there won't be enough time to dig deep. They hope to spread the problem overseas.

* * *

Choice: Illusory American Halo

They view the US as doing no wrong; all people who have another view are wrong, un-American, and out of touch.

They refuse to understand what is going on with the similarities between Japan in WWII and US in 2007 -- illegal aggressive warfare.

* * *

Their attitude is: Don't rock the boat, and get out when eligible for retirement.

They view themselves as being entitled to enjoy the power, regardless whether it is or is not legal.

Choice: Rationalizing Illegal Activity

They view the transgressions of the US government as minor relative to the foreign threat; or the perceived consequences for rocking the boat are higher than the slight discomfort they think they'll feel if they do something that crosses the line.

* * *

They see troops being court martialed for refusing to obey illegal orders.

They see their troops following them and do not are contradict the leadership.

* * *

The commanders are stunned, not knowing what to do when the civilian leaders have refused to end this.

Too many officers have been promoted who have supported the illegal activity; officer who have questioned the war rimes have been fired, demoted, targeted, smeared, abused, harassed, questioned, demeaned, accused of being crazy.

* * *

Choice: Elitism

They're in a cult.

They believe public commentary -- from people outside the military -- is from people who "just don't understand."

Refusal to accept that they may be wrong, have to change, or they are making the wrong (illegal) choices.

They (choose to) fail to understand the similarly between their actions and Nazi Germany.

Too busy (choosing not to take time) to consider the similarities between the US and Japan-Germany.

They believe propaganda: They listen to the President's speeches and refuse to take action that would contradict the President.

* * *

They are stunned at what is happening.

Would rather fit in, hoping they can change things.

Hoping civilians change things.

View the foreign threat as real; and justify attacks on that threat despite no imminence.

Don't think they have options.

Think if they get another job it will be the same.

They believe the propaganda. Ex: There is a threat which justifies “new measures”

They have bought into the idea of the "mushroom cloud" as the potential threat; and say anything the US does Short of that is justified to keep that mushroom cloud away.

Don’t have time, not interested in digging deeper.

They have reservations but are not acting on them.

Despite their oath to support the Constitution, they haven't connected [a] their reservation about the illegal activity with [b] their duty to resign.

They’ve attempted to resign but have been blocked. dissuaded, or have no backup plan.

They're more loyal to their troops that to lawful warfare.

They think by staying they can make a difference and avoid the bad things.

They fail to see that the US is a fascist nation engaging in illegal aggressive war.

They fail to see the connection between what they are doing and illegal warfare.

Nobody is going to stop them.

They haven’t had any consequences, so why stop.

They have hidden the illegal activity behind classification and have been assured nobody will find out, or link them to the activity.

The possibility that these are war crimes has not entered their mind.

They fail to understand that there is no statute of limitations on war crimes.

They looking at things as hypothetical, training, or contingencies, and not looking at the real illegal issues if they really did something.

The JAGS aren’t speaking out

The pressure on them to cooperate is high, and they do not see themselves doing anything else.

They are focusing on the “noble calling” of their idealized activity, without looking at the legal consequences of what they're really doing.

They believe that if Congress and the Courts haven’ stopped the President, that he President must be right.

They view this -- a decision to do nothing, go along, and support this illegal activity -- as a minor infraction relative to the consequences of them doing nothing or refusing to cooperate.

They look at the world as it’s either us or them, better we attack first; let God sort them out.

They view the enemy as being irrational and all action taken – regardless its legality – is justified; They do not think the enemy can be reasoned with .

* * *

Choice: Poor Training, Discipline

They are paid to act, not think about the details or whether there is a legal reason or justification for what is happening. They are starting from the incorrect premise -- that the US can do no wrong -- rather than independently looking at the evidence then comparing it with the known Geneva standards.

Choice: Insufficient Wakeup Call

It doesn't occur to them that the legal experts are also complicity with the illegal activity.

Despite the abuse of power, lies, betrayal, and illegal activity of Iraq, they haven’t learned their lesson. They require a problem to be a foregone conclusion.

Choice: Irresponsible, Convoluted Thinking

Their thinking is warped.

They get no (perceived) rewards for thinking independently.

They (incorrectly) think this will below over and nobody will notice.

They do not realize a war crimes investigation has started.

They have not had personal consequences for this misconduct; so they continue.

They don't think they can do anything to stop it, so they continue.

They believe if they refuse the consequences will be higher than if they go along.

Choice: Failure To See Their Role and Power

Lack of confidence in their decision to independently act, think, and make independent judgments.

Lack of confidence that there is a solution.

Resigned that to believe that they can't do anything.

They've never written a poem that was recited around the globe as a vision of what was possible and what could be done.

They never had an idea that, despite opposition, was a solution to a big problem.

They've never seen their idea germinate into a world movement.

They fail to see that one person can make a difference.

They don't read this blog.

They have no concept what a solution might be.

Choice: Failure To Apply Historical Lessons

They fail so see the connection between [a] history, [b] what they learned, and [c] what is going on.

They're not thinking or applying their education; nor are they willing to ask questions, and learn new things about the law.

They have no legal education on how to analyze this information; nor compare it with standards; nor do they have the confidence to review case law and independently conclude that the majority of their peers are wrong.

They cannot imagine the possibility that the US might be like Japan and Germany of WWII: they only focus on the standards of laving, not the legal issues and think, "This isn't a depression, so we can't have a problem."

Choice: Momentum of Inaction

The problem has been going on for so long that to say something now would raise questions why they didn’t say something earlier.

Many are involved and it is not comfortable for them to be alone in opposing the majority who are complicit with war crimes.

They didn't speak out earlier, fearing they'd be called a lefty; now that the right has taken control they're still waiting for someone else to speak out.

Choice: Perceived Adverse Consequences Appear Larger Than Real Consequences

Those who have been reporting illegal activity have been targeted; those who have been engaging in illegal activity have been getting medals.

It's easier to not rock the boat than stand the chance that someone stupid might yell at you; so say nothing and make it through another day.

Choice: Integrity

They believe sometimes we all have to cross the line; and that now is not the time to fall on their sword. They know it's wrong; they just don't realize how wrong it is, and that a solution isn't falling on their sword but removing themselves from illegal activity.

Choice: Denial

They've been trained to believe, "It's not as bad as you think." When it's bad, they're not ready to see the big picture.

They’ve learned not to make waves; incorrectly believing that to raise concerns on these issues is “wasting people’s time.” A problem confronted is not solved, but it spreads like cancer.

They’re used to giving lip service to people who are raising questions; they fail to see that the concerns are valid, and cannot be shoved aside with hand waving, threats, or by sweeping it under the rug. That dirty rug eventually has to be cleaned, but they'll let someone else do that.

When they realized what as happening, they screamed, and left.

They're stunned at what is happening, uncertain what to do.

They're lazy.

They're tired, would rather relax watching television, or spend time with their family.

It takes too much work to dig into scary things; and the truth might be uncomfortable.

Choice: Financial

They are comfortable with their jobs; and not inclined to move.

They believe if they hang on for a while that it will be over.

They look at it as doing a job, and if they didn't do it, someone else would. Might as well be them who saves the world from the evil ones. They haven’t looked in the mirror to realize what they’ve become.

They're too busy with their job, family life, and just getting through the day to consider reviewing someone else's work, much less scrutinize the work flows of the Department of Defense relative to the Geneva Standards.

If they quit, they'll not have a way to pay for their children's education; they would rather keep doing what is familiar that risk getting a job with a contractor whether they have t do the same thing.

They need "just a few more years' until they have the experience and education they need for the next thing.

No confidence that they can get a job outside the military.

They don’t leave early enough; and believe they can’t leave now. But then it just gets worse.

They fail to make a decision to end association with what is enabling this.